The Jennifer Ring Meets Its Match

After nearly five years of dating and traveling around the world, Lars knew his girlfriend Jennifer was the person he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. Without a doubt in his mind, he set his sights on finding the perfect engagement ring. With a distant memory of Jenn stating her taste for a hearts-and-arrows-cut diamond, Lars began researching online to find the perfect ring for his bride-to-be.

Jennifer and Lars Wedding

“After looking online, I kept seeing great reviews of the hearts and arrows cut from Brian Gavin and about how the cut reflects the light in such a way that it gives it that extra sparkle,” Lars said.

“As I was browsing through the different settings, I found one that caught my eye. I clicked on it to give it a closer look. Then, that's when I noticed the name of the setting… Jennifer. That sealed the deal,” Lars continued.

Brian Gavin Diamonds’ Jennifer engagement ring, a sparkling sign that Lars had found the right place, features a lovely twist setting with approximately .25 carats worth of hearts and arrow diamond melee and a stunning .808 carat D VS1 Brian Gavin Diamonds round stone.

Brian Gavin Diamonds Jennifer Engagement Ring

With the engagement ring picked out, the last piece to fall into place was arranging the picture-perfect proposal. With Jenn’s birthday party quickly approaching, Lars thought it would be an amazing opportunity to tell close family and friends about their engagement.

“They would all be arriving in the evening, but the proposal itself I wanted to be a special moment that just the two of us shared. So earlier that day, we went to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. On a bridge in the gardens, I dropped down to one knee… and she said ‘yes’!”

Jennifer and Lars Proposal

Jenn was ecstatic and bursting with joy at the love she felt for Lars and the engagement ring he chose for her.

“[It’s] the most beautiful, elegant, sparkly thing I cherish, and I wouldn't trade it for the world – a true symbol of our love!” Jennifer exclaimed.

The happy couple spent the evening sharing news of their engagement with guests at Jennifer’s birthday party – making it an evening to remember and the “Best. Birthday. EVER!”


Jenn and Lars’ wedding was something out of a fairytale book. It was a beautiful celebration attended by friends and family. Even the couple’s puppy, Dexter, had a spotlight moment walking down the aisle dressed in wedding attire! She even selected the matching Jennifer platinum wedding band to complete the set.

Jennifer Wedding Band
Jennifer and Lars' Wedding

Traveling around the world had always been an important feature of their relationship, so it was no surprise when the couple whisked away to Fiji on their romantic honeymoon.


“We chose Fiji because it's always been a bucket list destination! It's known for beautiful, clear water, amazing diving and snorkeling, and beautiful beaches. It had all of the romance, views and friendly people that we read about! IT WAS AMAZING!” Jennifer said.

Jennifer and Lars Wedding

One thing is for sure, Jennifer and Lars are a match made in heaven. Our team was so honored to help make this couple’s wedding dreams come true. We wish the beautiful couple a lifetime of happiness for many years to come!

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