William’s Magnificent Custom Eternity Band

Jewelry making is more than a business; it’s also an art. While Brian Gavin Diamonds offers a variety of chic ready-to-wear designs, we also pride ourselves on our exceptional custom jewelry design work. Our customer William approached us with quite the extravagant project—a truly ornate, custom eternity band for his wife. The band he envisioned was magnificent and like nothing we had seen before. Our head designer was up for the challenge, creating a band that not only fit the bill, but also exceeded William’s expectations.

Brian Gavin Diamonds Custom Eternity Band

William’s band, created in platinum/ruthenium, featured 200 dazzling diamond. They do say diamonds are a girl’s best friend—we certainly know they are a favorite of William’s wife. The diamonds ranged from .65 millimeters to 1.07 millimeters in size.

Brian Gavin Diamonds Custom Eternity Band

While the dreamy details are stunning, there’s more than meets the eye. Every custom ring that leaves our showroom is handcrafted with excellence. To achieve the look William intended, our head designer used a high-frequency laser pulse to polish areas that are usually inaccessible to standard finishing tools.

Brian Gavin Diamonds Custom Eternity Band
Brian Gavin Diamonds Custom Eternity Band

Our designer had his work cut out for him and even decided to experiment with the creation. He pushed the boundaries of casting and 3D printing. Notice the delicate and unique arches on the rim of the ring? Our designer used laser micro-welds to create the open-arched structure design, which would be near impossible to do with conventional soldering methods.

Brian Gavin Diamonds Custom Eternity Band

Our team sent William a set of glamour shots to get him excited about the ring. When the final product finally arrived in the mail, William and his wife were absolutely elated.

Brian Gavin Diamonds Custom Eternity Band

The Brian Gavin Diamonds team loved working on every facet of this intricate, custom creation. To learn more about our custom creations, visit our website.

Josh and Hannah's 1000th Day

Hannah and Josh's Proposal

Photos by: Pennie Lauren Photography

You might recognize customers Josh and Hannah from our National Proposal Day Giveaway, but this couple’s story is by far one of the most remarkable ones we’ve come across. Josh and Hannah started dating in January of 2013 after meeting at church and within a few short weeks Hannah was convinced Josh would be her husband. Her intuition was spot-on and it wasn’t long before Josh approached Brian Gavin Diamonds for the perfect Hearts and Arrows diamond to propose Hannah.

“Last October, we began approaching our ‘1000th day’ of dating,” Hannah said. “I marked our calendars on October 22 and deemed it ‘our 1000th day: the best day ever.” Little did Hannah know, Josh was in talks with our team and was planning their proposal—the best day ever. Our team worked with Josh to select a Brian Gavin Diamonds Signature Hearts and Arrows diamond.

Hannah and Josh's Proposal

Josh’s proposal was planned to a tee. He even made sure to get Hannah off work early with enough time to get dolled up for their date. The two drove to his grandfather's lake house, a place that didn’t strike any suspicions from Hannah. “Josh grew up on Lake Jordan and he’s a master skier,” she said. “I've always known that this lake house carries a special place in his heart, so being there for our date didn't come as much of a shock,” Hannah continued.

The starry eyed couple boarded a ski boat, all the while a photographer was hiding out across the water. After several minutes on smooth waters, Hannah began to detect a change in Josh’s collected demeanor.

Several minutes into the ride, she began to notice Josh acting different. “Once arriving at his intended spot of perfection, Josh dropped the anchor, turned on my favorite childhood song (Kiss the Girl– the Little Mermaid), and asked me to dance,” said Hannah.

Hannah and Josh's Proposal

Hannah’s reaction was beautiful and is best described in her own words:

“My heart started to beat a little faster and my legs felt a little bit weaker. You know the moment when you think all of your dreams are finally coming true, but you're still a bit of a realist, so you don't let yourself get too excited just yet because being disappointed would be too hard? That was me.

As if he couldn't hardly stand it any longer, Joshua got down on his knee, looked at me in my now very tearful eyes and said, ‘I've been your boyfriend for 1,000 days, and now I want to be your boyfriend for the rest of your life. Hannah, will you marry me?’

My mouth said, ‘YES!’ and my heart said "DUH,’ ‘FINALLY’ and ‘OH MY WORD’ all at the same time.

Once we arrived back to dock, Josh surprised me by having all of our family and friends waiting and cheering on our arrival.

October 22, 2015, you really were the best day ever. JKO, I'll love you for the rest of my life.”


Hannah and Josh's Proposal

We are so honored to have worked with Josh and are so thrilled to hear the entire love story from Hannah’s perspective.

To fall in love with more proposals, visit our recent blog on National Proposal Day entries here.

Photos by Penni Lauren Photography

How One Customer Symbolically Celebrated a 5-Year Journey

BGD Renata Nightingale Ring

When staring at a dazzling diamond, it’s often forgotten that the stones we’ve come to love have had quite a journey. In fact, diamonds are created under pressure and then cut to precision. Our gem of a customer, Renata, is a true example that hard work helps people, like diamonds, develop strength and sparkle. As a returning Brian Gavin Diamonds customer, Renata came to us with an idea to celebrate a major milestone in her life that took her years to accomplish. She wanted to signify the milestone with a piece of jewelry that was both symbolic and stunning.

BGD Renata Nightingale Ring
Renata has persevered through her fair share of obstacles. She came to the United States 20 years ago without speaking a word of English, but had strong aspirations to enter the medical field. Her academic pursuit included traditional college, medical school, a challenging residency and finally anesthesiology training. She leapt over the many hurdles to become a cardiothoracic anesthesiologist and her inspiring journey was certainly worth the effort.
BGD Renata Nightingale Ring

“It's been exactly five years since I’ve been an anesthesiologist and I’m responsible for training other residents,” Renata says. “Every day patients put their lives in my hands and it’s a privilege few have,” she continues.

BGD Renata Nightingale Ring

With such a significant accomplishment and contribution to society, it was only right for Renata to find a meaningful token to remind her of the last five years. “I wanted to buy this 5-stone ring for myself to signify a journey in my life,” she says. Our team helped Renata create a magnificent Nightingale platinum band adorned with five 0.3 H VS2 Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows Round diamonds.

Once she received her sparkling stunner, Renata sent us a special note:

“I just wanted to tell you that I have received the ring yesterday. I have not seen anything like that before. It's a beauty. The diamond sparkle is amazing and blinding. I am never buying jewelry again from regular stores. They look so dull and lifeless in comparison to the quality of diamonds from BGD.

Thank you for your help with selecting the stones—I love the ring. I wear it while helping others who undergo open heart surgery.”

We are touched that the ring we created for Renata is continuing to literally touch the lives of others each and every day—she’s a true inspiration! We are so happy to have put together such an emblematic piece of jewelry for her and look forward to working together in her bright future.

At Brian Gavin Diamonds, we have a sweet spot for custom jewelry. In fact, almost 95% of the jewelry and engagement rings in our catalog began as custom-designed pieces. If you’re thinking about signifying a special moment with a wearable reminder of your personal journey, we’d love to help your vision and story come to life. Visit our website to learn more about our custom work.

Justin’s Rain or Shine Proposal

When is the right time to get on one knee? As the saying goes, “when you know, you know.” We can certainly say the same sentiment applies to our customer Justin. Justin first reached out to Brian Gavin Diamonds in February to inquire about a ring for his long-time girlfriend.

crossed solitaire

Our team was beyond excited to help Justin select a perfect, unique ring. Justin selected a crossed solitaire platinum band, an interesting split shank creation. The gorgeous ring’s four prongs held onto an incredible Brian Gavin Blue diamond—the final piece to the puzzle that would lead to Justin’s future.

split shank solitaire

After shipping Justin’s ring, we received a rather speechless response. “I just opened the box for the first time. Stunning doesn't even begin to describe it,” Justin said—there were plenty of “wows” in his email and we couldn’t help but smile. The next time we heard from Justin, he sent us the below update to let us know he had a new fiancé to call his own.

Justin Park 1

“Good morning!

I took Beyonce's advice and finally put a ring on it!

I must say, I thought the ring looked amazing in the boxbut on my fiance's finger, it's that much more crazy beautiful

We LOVE the subtle blue that comes out in the sunStunningCompliments from everyone and everywhere.

The proposal was Easter Sunday morning, whilst on an early morning walk at a nearby park in the rainRain or shine, I had to commit! You guys have earned my utmost respect and gained a repeat customerThank you so much for playing a huge/sparkly part of one of our biggest and most cherished moments.”



Justin BGD engagement ring - split shank

We’re so happy to have worked with Justin and wish these two love birds a lifetime of happiness. Fall in love with Brian Gavin Diamonds’ split shank engagement rings and Brian Gavin Blue on briangavindiamonds.com.

National Proposal Day Contest Highlights

Oftentimes, the most memorable moment of a person’s life is the day they decide to make someone a permanent part of it. Proposals are the prelude to one of the most significant life events a person can experience: their wedding day.  No matter where you were or how it happened, proposals are always the special start to a path together. Engagement rings are wonderful, but it’s the stories behind them that make them magical.

To celebrate National Proposal Day, we asked our fans to share their exciting and meaningful proposal stories and photos on social media and through our online entry form for a chance to win a $1,000 gift certificate to Brian Gavin Diamonds.

Our fan, Leah, was randomly selected as our grand prize winner on April 17 after submitting the below story and photo:

National Proposal Day Contest Winners

“I'm a teacher. My fiancé is a pilot truck driver and is always on the road. He came home Monday evening and was leaving again Tuesday afternoon. Tuesday morning at school, I received a text from him asking if I was in class. Next thing I know I am being paged. I go out to the office and there he is in the hallway. I gave him a hug and a kiss. I thought it was sweet he came to see me before he left town again. Then he said, "I have a question for you," and he got down on one knee right there in the hallway in front of my students. I was stunned. Of course I said yes!” –Leah

Leah may have taken the winning title, but we saw some truly incredible entries. Each had us laughing, crying, smiling, and all the in-betweens. We received an incredible response to the giveaway. Out of our 428 entries, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorites:

Brian Gavin Diamonds National Proposal Day Entry

“At the end of the trail, we reached the Fire Wave, a special place where layers of different sediment created stark contrasting red and white striped wave structures. In the middle of the Fire Wave was a beautiful dome where the tip was beginning to light up with the morning sun. We thought it would be neat to sit at the top to watch the sunrise. Just as the sun lit up the whole Fire Wave, Ben proposed to me, saying the sweetest words…. which I can't recall since I was in shock! It was a perfect, peaceful moment shared by just the two of us amidst 150 million years of natural beauty.” – Teresa

Brian Gavin Diamonds National Proposal Day Entry

“Epic Geocache Find (I thought were just having a day of geocaching, until I found a ring in one of the caches!)”

Brian Gavin Diamonds National Proposal Day Entry

“While on a Safari in Zimbabwe I had a dinner for us set up in the bush next to a watering hole. While sipping champagne under the stars I asked the big question with the silhouette of thirsty elephants and the laughter of hyenas in the distance.”

BGD National Proposal Day Entry

“We decided to hike the Oneonta Gorge, about 30 miles outside of Portland. We made it to a clearing in the gorge where you can see the waterfall. We asked our fellow hiker if he could take a picture and as soon as he did, Mike proposed. I couldn't believe it, such a beautiful place and so private and in tune with nature! I'll never forget it and I'm so grateful for the hiker (Jared) to capture the biggest surprise of my life.” – Nikki

National Proposal Day Entry

“Darrell and I took off to Disney California Adventure after a long day of work.  I went with the intent of riding the Hollywood Tower of Terror, one of my favorite rides. When we got off the ride, I immediately walked toward the monitors that display pictures of riders.  I found ours and saw what I thought to be Darrell giving me a thumbs up; I couldn't clearly make it out since I couldn't see very well with the monitors being too far 

When I still gave no reaction, I felt a tap on my shoulder, followed by Darrell spinning me around and that's when it happened.  Darrell dropped down to one knee, ring in hand and asked me to marry him.  Dazed and elated, I said yes.  When we went to purchase the photo of us, that's when I realized what "silly" face he was making:  Darrell had held up the ring to propose to me upon the first drop.” – Lyda

Thank you to everyone who participated. We’ve loved learning about your special and unique proposals—wishing you all the best in marriage!

Aaron and Quimi’s Picturesque Proposal

Quimi and Aaron's Proposal

A larger than life love story calls for a grand proposal and our customer Aaron achieved just that. With rich crimson accents and sweeping views, it’s hard to find a landscape quite as breathtaking as Utah's Zion National Park. The spot was the ideal place for Aaron to get on one knee and make the largest gesture of his life to his girlfriend Quimi, but first he needed a ring.

Trellis for Princess Cuts 18K Rose Gold - Brian Gavin Diamonds

Aaron came to Brian Gavin Diamonds for a gorgeous three-stone Trellis Princess cut ring in rose gold. Our team met with Aaron and helped him select a fitting, dazzling creation for his soon-to-be fiancé. “After visiting several other jewelry stores, I knew immediately when I saw the engagement rings of Brian that this is exactly what I wanted to get my future wife,” Aaron says. “The craftsmanship is superb and the brilliance of the diamonds are outstanding! I've never seen something shine and sparkle so much before.”

Trellis for Princess Cuts 18K Rose Gold

We loved getting to know Aaron and identifying the ideal ring to make him swoon almost as much as Quimi would when he asked for her hand in marriage. “From picking out the engagement ring to selecting the diamonds for the ring, the entire process couldn't have been easier,” Aaron says. “Everyone paid attention to the smallest of details and made me feel like I was their only customer,” he continues.

Quimi and Aaron at the Grand Canyon

We shipped the ring to Las Vegas where Aaron and Quimi would begin their journey. During that life changing trip, Aaron would take Quimi and his brother to Zion National Park where they would conquer the Angel’s Landing hike from 5,790 feet above and stop at a picturesque overlook. At the overlook, Aaron planned to pop the question. To Quimi’s enjoyment, we engraved the latitude and longitude of the proposal at Aaron’s request. She said “yes” without hesitation.

Close-up of Quimi's Engagement Ring

“We are so excited for what's to come. A special thank you to @briangavindiamonds and @brianthecutter for the beautiful ring & unforgettable experience,” Quimi posts on Instagram.

We are so elated to watch Quimi and Aaron say, “I do.”

Do you have an outstanding, prize-worthy proposal? Enter our National Proposal Day Contest by April 15 to win a $1,000 gift certificate to Brian Gavin Diamonds. Find details on how to enter here. Good luck!

Walker and Catherine’s Vintage-Style Custom Ring

They say everything’s bigger in Texas, even the proposals. Our customer Walker planned a beautiful proposal to his girlfriend Catherine at Big Bend National Park in West Texas engagement. Walker first contacted Brian Gavin Diamonds in January with a plan to create a custom ring and that’s where the dazzling adventure began.

Brian Gavin Diamonds 'Summer' Setting

Our team helped Walker find a beautiful 0.905 F VS1 Brian Gavin Signature cushion cut diamond. The gorgeous cushion cut diamond, complete with Brian Gavin’s masterful Hearts and Arrows, sat nestled between two F/G VS pear shape side stones. We worked with Walker to create a Summer setting as elegant as ever, featuring an open basket setting. Walker asked for a vintage look and we delivered an antique-style stunner by hand engraving an ornate design.

The couple’s four-day backpacking trip to the desert of Texas was a gorgeous journey they’ll always remember. Walker asked Catherine for her hand in marriage as they overlooked the vast landscape. Catherine’s BGD ring sparkled in the night sky when she said “yes.” “[The ring] turned out more magnificent than I could have even imagined,” Walker says.

Catherine's Beautiful 'Summer' Ring

After the vacation was over, the compliments continued. “She absolutely loves the ring, and everyone that sees it can't stop talking about how unique and beautiful it is,” Walker says. “I couldn’t be happier with my experience working with y’all.”

Walker and Catherine

One of the best things about working in the jewelry business is being part of a couple’s beautiful journey to tie the knot and proclaim their love. We are so thrilled for Walker and Catherine’s upcoming nuptials.

If you fell in love with their one-of-a-kind engagement ring, you can learn more about our custom engagement rings here.

Richard & Jessie’s Helicopter Proposal

Jessie and Richard's Proposal

Love is commonly expressed as the feeling of being lifted or flying high—for Richard and Jessie, that is absolutely true. Richard flew over Queensland, Australia, with his girlfriend Jessie on what she thought was just an adventurous sight seeing venture. Jessie had no idea that as soon as she lifted off the ground her life would change.

Minnie Ring Brian Gavin Diamonds

Sholdt Minnie Ring


Richard contacted us last summer in need of assistance in finding the perfect ring to propose with. Our team helped Richard select a sparkling 1.192 J VS2 Brian Gavin Blue diamond to set in a palladium Sholdt “Minnie” setting. The four-prong solitaire setting beautifully held the Hearts and Arrows diamond Richard planned to propose to Jessie with.

Side View of the Minnie Setting

Side View of the Minnie Setting


The proposal was flawless and meticulously planned. Richard scheduled for the couple to take a ride over Whitsunday Island in Queensland. During the 45-minute private helicopter ride, the couple soared over Heart Reef, a heart shaped reef in the Great Barrier Reef. When Richard and Jessie touched ground, they landed for a picnic, complete with champagne. He proposed on gorgeous Whitehaven Beach—if you can’t guess, she without a doubt said “yes.”

Richard and Jessie

Richard and Jessie


We fell in love with Richard and Jessie’s romantic proposal and can’t wait to work together on wedding bands.

Jessie and her New Brian Gavin Diamonds Ring

Jessie and Her BGD Ring


Do you have an outstanding, prize-worthy proposal? Enter our National Proposal Day Contest by April to win a $1,000 gift certificate. Find details on how to enter here. Good luck!


Best Friends That Sparkle

There’s nothing that dazzles quite as much as the friends we surround ourselves with. Last month, we celebrated the spirit of friendship with our Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend Contest. Our fans were asked to share a photo of their friends on social media along with a memory, quote or reason why that person makes their life sparkle.

Our fan, Kimmie W., was randomly selected as our grand prize winner on March 2 after posting a photo of her and her best friends in Vegas with the #BGDBesties hashtag. She scored the ultimate prize pack to be shared with her besties, including $1,000 worth of Brian Gavin Diamonds; $300 to Minted; $300 from Rose Nerds; luxe skincare items from Boots Beauty USA; $100 in gift cards to Mostly Chocolate; and a $50 gift card to be spent on wine/champage.

Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend Winner


Kimmie may be our grand prize winner, but we are so thankful for each participant who shared their story of friendship. We were moved by so many stories of fun nights, quirky moments, hardships, heartfelt smiles and meaningful milestones. We rounded up a few of our favorite entries below.


“I love this picture because at the time we all lived in different places; San Diego, Los Angeles, Washington DC, and Connecticut. My Biffles came out for a visit to San Diego where our captain (my fiancé) took us out sailing on the San Diego bay. It was a day filled with so much laughter and love! No matter the distance between us and the time passed, when we get together it's like we've never missed a beat. I'm so excited for all of these ladies to be bridesmaids in my August wedding. I wouldn't be the person I am today without them. I love my #BGDBesties” -@aniamarksetgo


“My best friend Maggie is always there to make great moments even better. She makes me laugh, encourages me, and makes me feel loved. She is a great friend and I'm lucky to know her! She's the girl who was there to hike my dress up in the lady's room on my big day.” -@mjhgrams


“My daughter is my bestie. She helped me through my battle with breast cancer. I am now cancer free. Together we help raise funds and awareness so that one day a cure will be found!” -@disneymom917

“These girls are my heroes when life gets tough! Life was meant for good friends and great adventures!” -@ChelleNorthcut


My favorite memory. This man proposing 🍾 photo by @hayalexandraphoto #BGDBesties

A photo posted by Shae (@shae1yn) on


“My favorite memory. This man proposing.” -@shae1yn

Thank you to everyone who participated. Stay tuned for our special, surprise contest launching March 20.

Anirban and Megha’s Wedding Day Sparkle

Outside of jewelry making, there’s nothing we love more than receiving a glowing compliment from our customers. We worked closely with Anirban to create a Legera pave platinum engagement ring with a Brian Gavin princess cut diamond for his soon-to-be bride, Megha.

Legera Pave Engagement Ring - Brian Gavin Diamonds

Legera Pave Engagement Ring

Legera Pave Engagement Ring - Brian Gavin Diamonds Side View

Brian Gavin Princess Cut Diamond

Our team, including Brian “the Cutter” Gavin, worked one-on-one with Anirban to ensure his new ring was perfect and his experience was a positive one.

We were so honored by the kind words Anirban had to say about his experience working with us:

I worked with Brian and his team on an engagement ring. Brian was very helpful from my first visit onwards. He asked what my budget was, and showed me diamonds and bands within my price range.

There was absolutely no pressure to upsell a diamond. Quite frankly, every diamond that he showed me looked absolutely stunning. I selected a diamond and setting and was given an estimate of two weeks to deliver the ring.

I received a call exactly two weeks later from Brian himself, telling me my ring is ready. I was very impressed with the ring, considering my modest budget. After I gave the ring to my fiancé, the compliments simply didn't stop. There definitely is a noticeable difference in the cut of the diamond that Brian sells, compared to other diamonds.

 I would definitely recommend that you check these folks out when you are out shopping for your diamond jewelry.

Anirban and Megha

Megha and Anirban

Anirban and Megha Engagement

Anirban and Megha Wearing Brian Gavin Diamonds Rings

Our relationship with Anirban has continued to grow and we’re currently working on a matching Legera pave wedding band in 18K white gold to complete Megha’s set.

We couldn’t be happier for Anirban and Megha! We wish them a lifetime of happiness in love.