2017 Men's Wedding Band Trends

When you think “Brian Gavin Diamonds,” sparkling engagement rings may be the first things to come to mind. Though a bride’s engagement ring is a commonly sought out treasure, we also dazzle our customers with distinct and noteworthy wedding bands. Furrer Jacot, the newest designer to join the BGD family, includes sleek and sophisticated styles that are perfect for any groom.

With 18 different styles to choose from, there is a promising piece for the most discerning tastes. Just like the surging popularity of varied engagement rings, men’s bands have unique styles that are trending. Here are a few of our favorite trends found in the Furrer Jacot line:


Duo-tone Furrer Jacot Ring

Duo-tone Furrer Jacot Ring

The Duo-tone style ring is a great choice for grooms wanting a classic band with subtly mixed metal elements. This wedding band style is available in five different metal finishes: palladium, platinum, 18K yellow gold, 18K rose gold and 18K white gold. A traditional take on a modern trend, this ring makes an excellent counterpart to any engagement ring.

The Masterpiece

Interlocking Weave Furrer Jacot Ring

Interlocking Weave Furrer Jacot Ring

The Interlocking Weave style has a unique design element that is truly different from most traditional men’s wedding bands. Mighty and mechanical, the weaved motif lends a nod to the structure of artist M.C. Escher and cubism of Pablo Picasso. The band adds just the right amount of flair to display a fun personality, without stealing the attention away from the bride’s sparkling diamond. This ring is for the edgy and imaginative at heart.


Screw Adorned Furrer Jacot Ring

Screw Adorned Furrer Jacot Ring

Hardware embellished and Screw Adorned styles are perfect for the hardworking groom who may be tough on the outside but has a tremendous heart. This signature style features carbon fiber inlays that rave masculinity and sportiveness. This wedding band, unlike most others in the collection, makes a bold statement with the combination of strength and elegance.


Carbon Fiber Smooth Furrer Jacot Ring

Carbon Fiber Smooth Furrer Jacot Ring

Carbon fiber wedding bands have a larger area made up with a carbon fiber inlay. Carbon fiber has been an industrial design favorite for decades, with various uses across many industries. Prized for its stronger than steel capabilities and lightweight, the smooth dark material was made for high impact bands.

Mini-faceted Men’s Band

Mini-Faceted Men's Band

Mini-Faceted Men's Band

The Mini-faceted band has small hammered facets surrounding the band. Both charming and gallant, the hammered band’s scintillating shine doesn’t take away from its traditional appeal. No matter the finish, this style ring draws the light in beautifully due to the hammered detailing and makes a great choice for that big day.

If one thing is certain, there is no wrong choice when selecting from the Furrer Jacot collection. To see more of the remarkable Furrer Jacot collection, visit the Brian Gavin Diamonds website.

4 Gorgeous BGD Proposals

At Brian Gavin Diamonds, we’ve had the pleasure of seeing some spectacular proposals. From land to sea, even up in the air, our customers have agreed to tie the knot in astonishing ways.

Having the person want to spend their entire life with you is an incredible thing. For such an important question, it’s natural for couples to want to make their proposal a truly special moment. When it comes to popping the question, our customers know how to set the mood and pick the perfect destination.

Ski lifts, airplanes, tropical beaches, unique landmarks and adventurous hikes—you name the place, and we bet we have a customer who proposed there. We’ve gathered a few of our favorite creative ways to propose, as demonstrated by our brilliant customers.

Big Heart in the Big Apple

Cara and Joshua's Proposal

Cara and Joshua's Proposal


Joshua proposed to his long-time girlfriend Cara in the beautiful city of New York during the holiday season. He reserved an elegant room at NoMo SoHo with large glass windows overlooking the skyline. The pristine whites juxtaposed next to the city’s hustle and bustle merged beautifully. How could she ever resist?

Learn about Cara's classic style knife-edge platinum band with a 1.426 J VS2 Brian Gavin Diamonds Signature round diamond and read their full story here.

The Notebook-esque Storybook

Hannah and Josh's Proposal

Photo by: Pennie Lauren Photography

Josh and Hannah’s lake proposal was a Nicholas Sparks novel brought to life. Like all great love stories, the guy definitely won over the girl. Josh counted down to his 1,000th day of dating Hannah and planned to make it a memorable one. Our team worked with Josh to select a Brian Gavin Diamonds Signature Hearts and Arrows diamond for his proposal. The two took a romantic cruise on in a ski boat at sunset and eventually popped the after dancing to Little Mermaid’s “Kiss the Girl.” Hannah’s reaction was priceless. Read how it went down in her words here.

Love That Lifts You Up

Jessie Said "Yes!"

Jessie Said "Yes!"


Love is commonly expressed as the feeling of being lifted or flying high—for Richard and Jessie that is very true. Richard scheduled for the couple to take flight over Whitsunday Island in Queensland. During the private helicopter ride, the couple soared over the Great Barrier Reef. When Richard and Jessie touched the ground, they landed for a picnic. He proposed on beautiful Whitehaven Beach—if you can’t guess, she without a doubt said “yes.”

Check out Jessie's ring here and read about their proposal story on our blog.

Hand-Crafted Adventures

Matt and Katie's Unique Ring Box

Matt's Handcrafted ring Box


Matt planned a romantic outdoor proposal, complete with a 100-foot waterfall behind him as he got down on one knee. One of the most interesting and creative things about Matt’s proposal to Katie was the ring box he made from scratch. He harvested lumber to handcraft an incredible tree trunk ring box with a handmade padding insert and carved the initials “M+K” into it. Between the gorgeous setting, magnificent box and dazzling diamond ring, Katie’s answer was an obvious “yes.”

Learn more about Katie's Classic Truth Sleek Micro Pave ring.

Thank you to our amazing customers who choose Brian Gavin Diamonds to be part of their breathtaking love stories. We are grateful to work with each of you and love to watch as your dreams become a reality.

Kerry’s Stunning BGD Custom Creation

Jewelry making is an artisan craft that’s engrained in our history. From the time human beings started wearing clothing and flirted with the idea of accessorizing, jewels were crafted and worn for show. Time has passed, tools have become more advanced, and jewelry design has come a long way. At Brian Gavin Diamonds, we love pushing the boundaries in jewelry making and bringing unique concepts to life. With over 30 years of experience designing intricate custom jewelry, our team specializes in creating the finest and most extravagant pieces.

Kerry's Ring
Kerry's Ring in the Sunlight

Our customer Kerry envisioned a dazzling and different custom ring style and sought out Brian Gavin Diamonds to see her vision come to life. When she contacted us, we responded ready and excited for the challenge.

Customer Sketch

She worked with our design team to draw up the initial renderings of the ring. Her heart was set on a half eternity band featuring marquise and princess cut diamonds. Kerry sent numerous photos of bands with design elements she wanted her ring to emulate, but ultimately came up with a ring design unlike any other!

Kerry's Custom Ring

The design process entails many decisions to ensure the end result is nothing less than perfection. Kerry fell in love with the 18K rose gold metal type for her special-tailored ring, but juggled back and forth between different diamond settings and prongs. Our designer showed her the aesthetic differences of the rings with prong set diamonds and bezel set diamonds. After seeing both ring styles, she chose to have the diamonds bezel set and moved forward.

Cad Design Without Ridges

The last piece of the puzzle was to decide the finish of the band. Our design team showed Kerry a mock-up of a rose gold band with ridges and without. After a bit of thought, Kerry finally decided on a smooth finish to complete her dreamy creation.

With Kerry’s stamp of approval, our team went to work on transforming the renderings into an extraordinarily ornate ring. Kerry received the beautiful creation just in time to celebrate her and her husband’s 15th wedding anniversary.

Our team really enjoyed bringing Kerry’s ring to life. There’s nothing better than truly getting to see the magic start from a single idea and end in a beautiful reality. For more custom ring design inspiration, visit BrianGavinDiamonds.com.

Chelsea and Taylor’s Engagement: They Called It Puppy Love

Chelsea came home from work one sunny, August afternoon to find long-time boyfriend, Taylor waiting for her. After 11 years together, Chelsea thought it was a bit strange for Taylor to arrive home from work before her, but didn’t think too far into it. When she opened the door to greet him and their two puppies, she noticed Taylor was already in the backyard giving the dogs plenty of attention.

Chelsea and Taylor

Chelsea made her way to the back door and soon joined Taylor and her sweet little fur babies.

“When I went outside, Pumba – my first born – came running up to me with his collar on,” Chelsea described. When the pup finally reached her, she noticed a new charm hanging from Pumba’s collar. The shiny charm was engraved with an important message: “He wants to know if you’ll say yes.” It was in that moment that Taylor got down on one knee to propose.

Pumba's Dog Tag
Chelsea and Taylor's Puppy

“Of course I said yes, but I was in complete shock,” Chelsea exclaimed. “The fact that he included my dogs who mean so much to me just proved how much Taylor loves me.”

Taylor placed the sparkling BGD engagement ring on Chelsea’s finger, and she beamed with excitement and love!

To Chelsea, her ring is “perfection.” “It’s literally everything I’ve ever wanted,” she confirmed. Taylor worked with the Brian Gavin Diamonds team to choose a stunning Fishtail Pave Platinum Band with a Truth Head.

Chelsea was no stranger to Brian Gavin Diamonds or her ring. “I had been stalking Brian Gavin's website for engagement rings since my best friend, Darla, got her beautiful ring from there,” she admitted. “I was constantly texting and emailing Darla about the diamond and setting I loved. I made sure she knew exactly what I wanted so she could tell Taylor when he was ready to propose,” said Chelsea.

Chelsea and Taylor

“I went to the Brian Gavin Diamonds website because I knew that Chelsea was in love with their selection. I really liked the amount of detail on the website and how I could tell what it was going to look like in the picture posted online,” said Taylor. Getting to pick out the perfect piece from Brian Gavin Diamonds – with the help of Chelsea’s best friend Darla – made proposing that much more special,” he continued.

Chelsea is ready to walk down the aisle and we couldn’t be more excited. “Taylor and I first said we loved each other after six months of dating. We were so young and had so much growing up to do,” she said. It’s been 11 years now and the two are eager to celebrate their love with their closest friends and family—especially the dogs!

The Brian Gavin Diamonds team could not be more thrilled for Chelsea and Taylor. We are thankful that our team has had the opportunity to be a part of such an adorable proposal. Puppy love has never been more perfect.

Visit here to see more stunning engagement rings similar to Chelsea’s, or read about other magical engagement stories on the Brian Gavin Diamonds blog.


Down Set Sparkle Football Favorites

For the last two months, we've celebrated the kickoff to football season with our Down Set Sparkle contest. We asked you to show off your game day gear (with a little extra dazzle) for the opportunity to score a $500 gift certificate.

Today's the last day to enter the contest, but we wanted to share a few of our absolute favorites to date:

@terriblylovely Cougars Bling

Houston Cougar fan, @terriblylovely, is proud to cheer on her team while wearing a little bling. Her beaded bracelets and gorgeous engagement ring exude school spirit and sparkle! Her Cougar red manicure and Shasta paw sign are a great finishing touch to complete her game day ensemble.

May's Seahawks Style

May (@mama3curlies) took to Twitter to post her love of all things Seahawks! That college navy, green and wolf gray definitely complement her mixed metal rings and bracelet. One thing’s for sure, this NFL-loving mom fully embraces football fashion and shares an awesome example of how to #DownSetSparkle!

Chelsea's BGD Ring

Chelsea’s (@schnieds09) fiancé brought her to a Michigan football game and we’re so glad he did! In the sea of Michigan Maize and Blue, her dazzling engagement ring leapt out among the crowd. That beautiful and glamorous stone is a TOUCHDOWN in our book.

Meredith's Buffalo Bills Spirit

Meredith (@merridithbrennan) took a trip to India but she didn’t let the distance interfere with her love for the Buffalo Bills! Though she physically was a world away from her favorite football team, she sported her game day colors with glimmering diamond ring to match.

We've had such an amazing time getting to see all of the gorgeous ways to pair sparkling pieces with game day attire. The #DownSetSparkle contest is nearing its end and we’ll soon pick a winner from all who submitted entries. To read more about the contest visit the Brian Gavin Diamonds Blog or visit with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

Erin and Joseph’s Engagement: A Forbidden City Proposal

Screen Shot 2016-10-30 at 4.35.53 PM

Erin was working at a youth volleyball developmental program in Colorado Springs. Joseph traveled the world as an assistant coach for the Olympic Volleyball team. Cupid sent arrows to these two lovebirds one day at what was supposed to be a ‘boring 3-day work event.’ Soon, a long distance love blossomed and fate intervened for a second time.

“We had been dating long-distance for about six months, seeing each other only once or twice every month,” Joseph described. “After a year of long-distance, I had an opportunity to coach in Germany. Erin, being at a crossroads in her career, took a leap of faith and moved to Europe with me. The love, friendship and teamwork was there—that’s when I knew we were meant to be together forever.”

La Fleur Ring

Joseph found himself searching online to find the ideal engagement ring for Erin. After visiting several different jewelers’ websites, he happened upon the Hearts and Arrows motif from Brian Gavin Diamonds. He ultimately chose a La Fleur Platinum engagement ring, a stunning diamond set in a 4-prong head with a platinum band.

“I liked the fact that I could input exactly the parameters I wanted and search the database,” Joseph explained. “It didn’t take me too long to find the perfect ring for Erin, and getting to see the diamond certificate sealed the deal.”

Screen Shot 2016-10-30 at 4.36.00 PM

The couple made their way to China to explore the beautiful, traditional landmarks of the country. They started in Beijing and planned to visit the Great Wall via the subway. Due to a Chinese holiday, the subway destination they anticipated getting off at was closed and they were forced to alter their excursion for the day. They decided to head to the Forbidden City, and were soon wandering around for hours.

“We went to a magnificent palace that was home to several Chinese dynasties,” Erin said. “We ventured onto a pathway of stairs lined with flowers leading up to the Gate of Supreme Harmony – a remarkable spot for tourists to take photos. Joe walked to find someone to take our picture in front of the gate. I didn’t think anything of it at the time.”

Erin had no idea that Joseph had something more than a photo in mind. He found a sweet couple to take their picture and made his way back up the steps to Erin.

“I began to pose for the picture and Joe did not. Rather, he put his hands on my shoulders and turned me toward him,” Erin gushed. “I think my heart skipped a beat. I knew something was happening but I was too nervous and excited to really believe the man of my dreams could be asking me to marry him at this moment!”

Screen Shot 2016-10-30 at 4.36.12 PM

Joseph, though pretty confident in what Erin’s answer would be, bent down on one knee.

“I had a very suave and romantic proposal speech planned, but to be honest, I can't even remember what I said now!” Joseph said. “I know that at least part of it was, ‘Will you marry me?’ and that her response was, ‘Yes, of course!’”

“I could see the happiness in his eyes as I looked up to him!” Erin described. “I took a closer look at my hand and I was so blown away by the clarity and beauty of the ring he picked out. It could not be more fitting for us. The way the light in the Forbidden City reflected off the diamond—there was no missing the gorgeous ‘Hearts and Arrows.’”

LaFleur 3

Erin bursts with happiness from the enchanting love she and Joseph have for one another. Every time she looks down at her ring, she is reminded of the amazing feeling to spend the rest of her life with the man of her dreams. We’re thrilled to have been a part of that magic moment!

View rings similar to Erin’s here, and find your perfect engagement ring with Brian Gavin Diamonds!


Danielle and Alan’s Angkor Wat Temple Proposal

Danielle knew her vacation to Southeast Asia with her long-time boyfriend Alan would be unforgettable, but she didn’t realize he was going to change their lives forever.

The stars aligned one warm, summer night when Danielle and Alan first laid eyes on each other. Danielle had been on a dragon boat team for over a year and Alan had just joined. Having an intimate conversation on a 20-person rowboat is no easy feat, so the two got to know each other better at a teammate’s birthday party. Just six years later, Alan found himself searching for the perfect engagement ring at Brian Gavin Diamonds.

Danielle and Alan

Alan decided on a Novela Patientia ring, adding glimmering emerald gemstones within the band. He even had their initials engraved on the inside of the band to ensure Danielle’s ring was one-of-a-kind!

Danielle's Ring
Emerald Cuts featured in Danielle's Custom Ring

With Danielle’s engagement ring ready to go, the couple packed their bags and whisked across the world.

“I wanted the proposal to be on our trip to Southeast Asia but I didn't know which stop I wanted it to be on,” Alan said. “Most of my planning went into worrying about concealing the ring during the trip and getting it through airport security.”

They started in Hong Kong, traveled to Thailand and Singapore and finished their excursions in Cambodia.

“I finally decided on the Angkor Wat temples of Cambodia as the backdrop of the proposal. We had a two-day tour set up for exploring the temple,” Alan continued.

The temple, though breathtakingly beautiful, was becoming more and more congested with the crowds of people who decided to take a trip to the traditional landmark that day. Alan and Danielle kept moving forward to different areas that were less crowded, but couldn’t escape the extreme humidity. Losing their way because of the layout of the temple and the unbearable heat, they were forced to start on their way out to find their driver.

Soon crowds cleared, humidity subsided and they found themselves on a hidden path just outside of the temple—Alan knew that was the moment! Alan bent down to “tie his shoe” and when Danielle turned to look back at him, she was beyond surprised to see him down on one knee.

danny and alan1
“My sweat was met with tears, then hugs and kisses,” Danielle said. “I guess he never technically asked, but I don’t care! It was the ultimate surprise and I’m so happy it was that way.” On their drive away from the temple, Danielle had a chance to examine her ring more closely. “(It’s) gorgeous, sparkly and such a match for me,” Danielle exclaimed.
dani and alan passports
We wish nothing but the best for Danielle and Alan, who radiate love and happiness. To see more engagement rings like Danielle’s, visit our online gallery.

Tony and Sarah Tie the Knot in BGD

It’s extremely rewarding to guide a customer in selecting the perfect diamond for a proposal. From the initial step of choosing the engagement ring stone all the way through to the moment when a couple says, “I do,” it is truly a magical process.

Eliza Platinum Ring

Tony sought out Brian Gavin Diamonds to help him find the perfect engagement ring for his girlfriend, Sarah. He was eager to find a “simple and elegant, but also interesting” ring that suited his bride-to-be. After a bit of back-and-forth between a custom BGD creation and a piece from one of Brian Gavin Diamonds’ Signature Collections, he ultimately decided on the Eliza engagement ring set in platinum. The Eliza ring is a stunning Sholdt setting featuring a criss-cross solitaire design.

When Tony bent down on one knee, Sarah was ecstatic to behold such a sophisticated engagement ring that she would get to call her own. The happy couple immediately began looking for wedding bands and Tony once again found himself working with our team.

With a better understanding of what to look for in a ring, Tony asked many questions to ensure Sarah’s wedding band was immaculate. Sarah and Tony thought the Sholdt Ivy wedding band set in platinum would best compliment the Eliza ring.

sholdt ivy band

“I just wanted to thank the BGD team for the help with Sarah’s engagement ring and wedding band,” Tony said. “[She] is absolutely over the moon with both rings.”

Eliza Platinum Ring
Ivy Wedding Band

Brian Gavin Diamonds could not be happier for Tony and Sarah, and we wish them many years of happiness and love.

To see engagement rings and wedding bands similar to Sarah’s rings, visit here.

#MyBGDTravels: A Summer in Review

The summer has been one wild ride! We had a blast getting to see your adventures to different places across the globe during our #MyBGDTravels Giveaway. The contest ran through August 31, with a different winner chosen every month in the summer. Of the many entries that were submitted, we randomly selected three winning customers who traveled across the world.

Our June winner, Sabrina, is no stranger to traveling. She’s spent days at vineyards, taken mountain hikes in Montana, and tried just about every trendy restaurant. Sabrina spent her summer wandering to different cities, all while dazzling wearing her BGD ring.

Sabrina's Stunning Ring (Photo @srozey)

Sabrina's Stunning Ring (Photo @srozey)


In July, Dani entered the #MyBGDTravels contest by posting an amazing photo at the Bayon Temple in Angkor Watt, just one month after her fiancé popped the question in the exact same spot. What a great chance to recreate that magic moment, showing off her gorgeous engagement ring!

Dani's Thailand Escape (Photo: @tinandtonic)

Dani's Thailand Escape (Photo: @tinandtonic)


Jennifer brought it home in August as she posted a photo of her stunning BGD Jennifer ring on a honeymoon trip to Fiji. She and husband, Lars, are frequent travelers and we couldn’t be more captivated with photos of all their dreamy destinations. To read more about their perfect proposal, visit here.

Jennifer and Lars' Fiji Honeymoon

Jennifer and Lars' Fiji Honeymoon


Miss your chance to enter the #MyBGDTravels Giveaway? No need to worry because Brian Gavin Diamonds is currently holding the #DownSetSparkle Giveaway. Similar to the summer giveaway, #DownSetSparkle offers plenty of opportunities to showcase your sparkling BGD creations. Here’s how to enter:

  • Snap a photo sporting your favorite football team, complete with any piece of gorgeous game day jewelry.
  • Post the photo on your Instagram, Twitter and/or Brian Gavin Diamond’s Facebook using #DownSetSparkle until October 31. Accounts must be public to qualify.
  • Follow Brian Gavin Diamonds on the platform you post your photo to.

We can’t wait to see you cheering on your favorite teams decked out in bedazzled game day gear! Good luck from the BGD team!

Eric and Rosie’s Iceland Proposal

Eric was waiting for the “right” moment to propose to long-time girlfriend, Rosie. He decided that a romantic getaway to Iceland was the perfect setting for the proposal he had planned, and he chose Brian Gavin Diamonds to help bring that magic moment to life.

Eric's Ring

Knowing that Rosie is truly one-of-a-kind, Eric sought out a unique ring for his bride-to-be. Opting for a ring just as special as her, he chose a custom three-stone engagement ring with brilliant Brian Gavin Blue® stones.

Eric's Ring
Eric's Ring

The ring was finished just in time for its debut moment in Iceland. The happy couple planned a trip full of excursions, but Eric didn’t want to leave the ring out of his sight in fear that the perfect moment would pass and he would be empty-handed. He kept the engagement ring nestled safely in his pocket at all times, just in case.

They embarked on a trip to see beautiful waterfalls and followed with a breathtaking glacier hike. They even explored an incredible sea cave—truly making the most of the adventurous vacation trip.

Eric and Rosie

“Going on a glacier with the ring in my pocket was very stressful,” Eric confessed.

Soon after, they both found themselves atop a cliff with an amazing view overlooking the ocean, complete with a rainbow in the sky… and that was when he knew.

Amid all the beautiful scenery, Eric focused only on Rosie as he dropped to one knee. Rosie was in utter shock, but without hesitation said yes. It was the perfect moment, and one they would both remember forever.

Rosie's BGD Custom Ring

After their very eventful day, the newly engaged couple traveled an hour back to their hotel. As they drove, Rosie was undeniably distracted. They enjoyed the remainder of their trip before returning to that proposal spot three days later. When they returned to the special spot, Rosie finally recognized the beautiful islands seen on the drive.

“She kept remarking how cool it was to see the islands on the left hand side, which was a little confusing because we had seen them,” Eric said. “She was saying things like, ‘Oh isn't that cool, we can see islands!’ That was when I realized that she just hadn't looked up from her ring on the entire drive [back to the hotel] the day of the proposal,” he joked.

“My fiancée loves the ring. I find her just looking at it randomly—she loves how it sparkles and how dainty the band is,” Eric said.

Eric and Rosie returned back home and are fully captivated in their happily engaged lives. We’re thrilled to have been such a wonderful memory in Eric and Rosie’s life together.

To learn more about our custom rings, visit our site.