Customer Proposes with a Customized Brian Gavin Ring Created for an Oval Shaped Diamond

Dylan contacted us via live chat in May with questions about purchasing a beautiful .70 ct Oval Brian Gavin Select Diamond and setting. We were happy to help and suggested our Classic Tiffany Style Knife Edge setting in Platinum but with a 4 Prong Novela Head to accommodate the oval shape of the diamond. We were even happier with his response upon receiving the ring!

Catherine, It's glorious!! Exceeded my expectations. The diamond appears as big as a 1ct oval we looked at. You were right, the bowtie is not visible at all and the brightness is amazing. Needless to say, Debra was jealous! I'm planning to propose this weekend or next, I'm going to the hotel to meet with a manager and discuss options on Thursday. I have a photographer that will be documenting the event and will definitely send you the photos :)

After the proposal, Dylan emailed us again to share the photos of their special day with us.

Unique Proposal at Chocolate Factory Ends with Beautiful Diamond Engagement Ring by Brian Gavin

This is such a unique proposal story that we have to share with you today. Bryan contacted us in September of 2013 when he had just begun his search for the perfect diamond engagement ring for his girlfriend, Amber. With the help of one of our a diamond consultants, Denise, he decided on a gorgeous 2.235 ctw. Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows diamond to be set in our Belle Halo Micro Pave setting in Platinum. He wrote to us, excited about the ring’s arrival.

So happy and can’t wait to see it.  Mostly can’t wait to give it to Amber!!

After the proposal he emailed us again to tell us how it happened.

Hi Denise, November was such a whirlwind month I totally forgot to email you and tell you how it all went.  Well she said yes and it was awesome.  I decided I didn’t want  to ask Amber in Hawaii (too cliché) so the day before we left I took her to a local chocolate factory here in Springfield (Askinosie Chocolate) where we had an amazing date when we first started dating.  I took her under the guise of having a tour and tasting (so yes I plied her with chocolate so she had to say yes).  At the end of the tour the guide brought out a bar of chocolate that I had secretly slipped a fake label inside asking her to marry me. Here’s a couple of pics, but the tour guide was so nervous (literally shaking) that they are a little blurry. Anyway, now I need to look at the wedding band and I think Amber is going to contact you about my band.  What band to you recommend that would fit with her ring (Belle Halo Micro Pave)?  Wedding is November 1. Thanks Denise.

He also shared some interesting information about the chocolate factory where he proposed to Amber, as well as a custom wrapper design for his wedding.

The chocolate company website is Askinosie Chocolate . The owner, Shawn Askinosie was an attorney from Springfield that I know.  He sells all over the country and has been a guest on Opera because of his direct/fair trade and “a stake in the outcome” deals with the coco bean growers around the world.  They are doing a wedding favor/gift bar for us.  The label is attached and the silhouette is taken from one of our professional engagement pics.  I attached it for you. I’ll send you one closer to the wedding when we get them from the factory.

Congratulations to Bryan and Amber! We can’t wait to help them with their wedding bands. Photos of the ring, proposal and candy wrapper can be seen below.

Customer Plans Surprise Proposal on Gorgeous Hilltop in Maine with a Brian Gavin Diamond Engagement Ring

Matthew wrote to us in May about purchasing a 1.227 ct Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows Diamond from us as well as our Sara platinum setting for an upcoming proposal. A few short days later we were working on the ring he purchased. Everything was on track when we received this email on May 29 from him.

Jamie, I am in a unique position where I am needing to go ahead and probably arrange the circumstances for my upcoming proposal.  This will involve booking a flight, accommodations, and a photographer covertly document the proceedings.  Based on my chosen photographers availability I am looking at the weekend of the 7th up in Acadia, Maine.  My plan would be to fly out Thursday of next week.   So my obvious question is can I be guaranteed to receive the ring by Wednesday?  What a fiasco if I set it up but then for one reason or another didn’t get the ring in time!!! Please get back to me as soon as possible. Thanks, Matthew

We shipped out the gorgeous ring the very next day. And as you can see from the photos the proposal was as beautiful just as Matthew had envisioned. This was his response to us when we checked in with him after the proposal.

Jamie, Thanks for asking.  Everything went perfectly, and she said yes!  She loved the ring too!  I’ve attached a couple pictures for your enjoyment. Best, Matthew

The engagement photos and the stunning ring can be seen below.

Brian Gavin Diamonds Customer Proposes to Girlfriend In the Philippines

Greg contacted us via Live Chat in April about needing our help picking out a Brian Gavin Diamond engagement ring for his girlfriend, Amie. Over the following months, we chatted back and forth with him until we found the perfect ring for Amie – the Legera Pave setting by Brian Gavin Diamonds with a gorgeous 1.1 carat Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows Round Diamond.

Hi Denise, yes I got the photos this morning, they look awesome and my friend dropped the ring to me just now. I'm so happy with it! Thanks for all your work on this. I did have a bit of a scare on Saturday morning because my friend called fedex at 9 and they said it wouldn't be there until 1:30 and it closed at 12.30. Luckily it arrived at around 9:15 as I was on the phone to them. I'll let you know what Amie thinks about the setting, I've got a feeling she'll like this one. The diamond looks bigger than I thought it would! Thanks again, Greg J. Sent from my iPhone

We were so thrilled when we learned that the proposal went off without a hitch. And of course when he sent us photos of the engagement day at the beach in the Philippines!

Hi Denise, Everything went well with the proposal! She was surprised and she really loves the ring. I showed her the other ring and she's decided to keep the one she has (thanks, nice pick). Thanks so much for all your help!! Greg J.

Photos of the ring and proposal are below for you to enjoy.

Loyal Australian Customer Purchases Brian Gavin Diamond Bracelet and Earrings For His Girlfriend

We have known Victor since 2010 and he has become one of our favorite loyal customers. We didn’t know that we (especially Denise!) would develop such a strong friendship with him when we first spoke with him. Most recently, he emailed us to ask about our gorgeous Pillow Diamond Tennis Bracelet for his girlfriend’s 30th birthday.

Hi Denise, Hope all is well in Houston, Texas! I’ve just come back from working in Jakarta, Indonesia. Wasn’t as fun as Houston! So it’s Danica’s 30th birthday on June 22nd. Typically, I’ve left everything to the last minute, as per usual. Wanting to get her a nice diamond bracelet and of course, I wouldn’t shop anywhere else other than via you and BGD. Being a special occasion for Danica I’m happy to be guided by your suggestions on the style. You’ve never steered me wrong! Lastly, I know that it’s 7 inch in length but with the clasps what size wrist will this bracelet be appropriate for? If you can let me know your feedback, I’m ready to go, so I’ll order immediately. Do you think there will be any problem getting it to me here in Australia prior to 22 June? Look forward to hearing from you! Cheers. Victor.

Denise suggested that although the bracelet he was considering was fabulous and gorgeous, our Three Prong Tennis Bracelet in 14K White Gold and possibly our Classic Martini Earrings to match may suite her better for everyday wearing. He agreed and we helped him to select the diamonds for the earrings with him. Victor’s reaction when he received them was exactly what we at Brian Gavin Diamonds love to hear!

Hey Denise, Just wanted to send a HUGE THANKS your way for organizing Danica’s 30th birthday present and to all the BGD team for ensuring the bracelet and earrings arrived on-time. Denise, she is going to love your suggestion for earrings and a bracelet!  Talk about spoilt!  I’ll be sure to let you know her reaction on Monday. As always the diamonds and overall quality is exceptional!  I’m soo excited about giving them to her.  It’s going to be difficult for me to hold out until her birthday on Sunday! Funnily enough, I was admiring the sparkle of her ring at lunch today and these extra items will look beautiful together! To Lesley, I also wanted to copy you in to let you know that Denise has always done a sensational job looking after me since we first spoke way back in 2010.  Her customer service, suggestions and the overall customer experience is seriously second to none!  That goes for all the whole BGD team and lucky for me in that I was able to meet you all when I was in Houston!  As soon as anybody asks me about diamonds I always send them your way and to Denise without hesitation! Thanks again for everything and send my regards to Brian and the team. Denise, we’ll speak soon! Cheers from Australia. Victor.

Photos of Victor with Danica and the lovely pieces are below.

Elaborate Scavenger Hunt Proposal Ends With Gorgeous Platinum Diamond Solitaire By Brian Gavin

Carlton called us last September about assisting him with the purchase of a diamond engagement ring for his girlfriend. With the help of our knowledgeable sales staff, he chose a gorgeous 1.26 carat Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows Round Diamond and a Classic Platinum Tiffany Style 6 Prong Solitaire setting for the special day. However, he had one more request from us…

Quick question, is there any way we can expedite the production time? Unfortunately, my mother is terminally ill, which is partly the reason I've been so quick in my decision making. Let me know if there is anything you can do. Thanks so much! CJ

We quickly got to work on the ring and sent it to him as fast as we possibly could. He and his new fiancée were thrilled and sent us the photos to prove it.

Just wanted to let you know that the proposal went great! I had an elaborate scavenger hunt planned and it went off without a hitch, ending with me proposing on the Ocean Beach Pier in San Diego. Check out the pics from the undercover photographers I hired: Masha’s Photography. Alyssa absolutely LOVED the ring. Both of us can't stop staring at it and she's even received a couple unprompted compliments from strangers. Thanks so much for all your help. You can always count on me for referrals. Cheers! CJ

Photos of the ring and emotional proposal are below.

Brian Gavin Diamonds Presents: Fireworks

Every year to celebrate our freedom and independence, we gather together to stare into the night sky and watch a pageantry of fireworks explode overhead.

Your pulse quickens as loud shrieks ring out. You hold your breath in the brief pause before, BOOM! A starburst of color blooms across the night sky. Your mouth hangs agape in awe. Your star struck by the howls of rockets launching, the cacophony of explosions and the dazzle of color.

It’s more than tradition. It’s magical to hear the sounds and watch the colors explode, then slowly fade away. But that’s the problem. They fade away.

So we decided to create a fireworks explosion as eternal as our love for America. Now you can experience 4th of July fireworks over and over again. And safely in your hand.

Brian Gavin Designs Custom Marquise Diamond Full Eternity Wedding Band to Match Engagement Ring

It was 2011 when we first spoke with David and Danielle about designing a Platinum and Marquise Split Shank Diamond Engagement Ring for them. The results of this piece were stunning and we were excited when they emailed us again in December 2013 about designing their wedding bands for their upcoming wedding. She requested a Custom Matching Marquise Diamond Full Eternity Wedding Band and he eventually selected a Men’s Flat Brushed Band.

Hey Jamie,we enjoyed working with Brian Gavin so much we are coming back for more. Our wedding is in may and we will be looking to order our weddings bands early in the new year. I believe David will be getting the White Gold Wyatt with the smashed finish but the reason I'm emailing today is for the matching band to my engagement ring…

An in-person consultation was then set up and the Brian Gavin Diamonds team got to work designing Danielle’s wedding band. We were thrilled with the results and she was, too!

Omg omgomgomg…. They're amazing. I squeeled when I saw them thank you for making the impossible possible :)

The two were married in May and they were so kind to share their photos with us for us to enjoy. Congratulations David and Danielle! We are honored you chose us to work with you on this joyous occasion.

Loyal Australian Customer Selects Brian Gavin to Create her Special Platinum Diamond and Sapphire Band…

Steph has been our customer and a loyal supporter for many years. When her father passed away in Australia a few months ago, he left her some money. His instructions were to spend it on something just for her that she would love.

We created a Custom Platinum Open Basket Band featuring 3 x .08ct F/G VS Brian Gavin Signature H&A diamond melee and 4 x 2.8mm Genuine Blue AAA Quality Diamond Cut Sapphires. We engraved DOD inside the band (Dear Ole Dad) which is what she always called him!  She was thrilled when she received it!

Dear Jamie, Lesley and Brian, Now that I have by beautiful ring on my hand, I just wanted to send a heartfelt thank you for helping create this very special piece. As I told Jamie, my dod (dear ole Dad) passed away a few months ago. Shortly after he died, my Mum told us that Dad had left me some money with strict instructions to spend it on something special that would make me happy. I have had my heart set on a diamond and sapphire band for ages, and I knew right away that it would make the perfect gift to me from my dod.  The ring is just spectacular; the way it sparkles takes my breath away. I will wear it with love and remember a special father, who is loved and missed everyday. Thank you so much for helping create such a special piece for me to remember my Dad by and I will cherish it always. Thanks again, Steph

CAD Video, Pictures of Steph’s new band and her Dod below:

Introducing Brian Gavin Diamonds Signature Advanced Selection

This week we have some important information to share with you. If you follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest you may have heard the news already (and if you aren’t following us there, why not?!).

We are very excited to announce the launch of our new Brian Gavin Diamonds Signature Advanced Selection. What does this mean? Well, it means that we are now the largest distributor of super-ideal, top light performance Hearts and Arrows diamonds on the Internet. We’ve done this by partnering with one of the world’s largest diamond cutting factories in order to offer our customers the opportunity to purchase them directly from us. In addition, when you purchase a diamond through this program the stone’s AGS 000 performance, color, clarity and minimum carat size are all guaranteed as usual. The Brian Gavin's lifetime upgrade and return policy also still applies. Want to know more about the specifics? Click here.

So, what’s not to love about this new program? Go ahead and start your search through our database of over 900 super-ideal cut diamonds – you won’t find them all online in any other one place!