A Surprise Proposal On The Beach With A Brian Gavin Diamond

It was September 2012 when we first spoke with Kent. We were reminded of his proposal story recently because we are creating a set of custom diamond earrings for his now wife and we felt that we just had to share it. He was originally referred to Brian Gavin Diamonds by a previous customer who had also purchased a diamond from us.

Kent was searching for the perfect diamond for an engagement ring setting he had already purchased elsewhere. Within a few weeks Jamie and Kent found a match – a gorgeous 1.006 ct Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows Round Diamond. He sent us the ring, we set the diamond and shipped it back. About a week later we received this email from him.

Jamie, It has taken me some time but I finally wanted to get back to you to share how the engagement between my new fiancée (Phuong) and I went this last weekend. The ring was absolutely BEAUTIFUL and it's just unbelievable all the compliments she has gotten and how I catch her staring at it non-stop every day. What I've also noticed is the diamond's ability to shine is almost any lighting. The most impressing thing about it is that in low-light environments, it seems to catch all the light that is available and reflects it blindingly on anyone who looks that way. When you see it shining back at you from across the table, you can tell immediately that it's something special unlike any ordinarily cut diamond! I've attached some photos from the proposal as well as a brief story of how it all happened. The proposal itself took place on a patio right on the bay in San Diego – conveniently on a night where the moon was full and the tide was high. It made for some beautiful photos – though we haven't taken any yet of just the ring itself. THANK YOU again for helping to make our moment amazing and unforgettable – especially with a beautiful diamond to remember it all forever with! Sincerely, Kent & Phuong

The Story:

Phuong and I got engaged on Saturday, September 29 at the Paradise Point Resort & Spa in San Diego, CA, where we were celebrating our 5 year anniversary! In the afternoon, we "bumped" into John Yao from SimplyTwo Photography, who helped shoot a couple of photos on the beach. Phuong figured it was all just a huge coincidence and then we headed out to dinner. Meanwhile, some of our fantastic friends decorated the room with candles, rose petals, and photos throughout our relationship. We returned to the room where I surprised her there with the decorated room. I ultimately popped the question under the full moon out on the patio looking out over the bay… and she said yes! Phuong was caught completely in surprise and our friends, who were in hiding all around nearby, popped out to congratulate us and celebrate!

Photos of the ring and an engagement photos can be seen below. We can’t wait to share the custom diamond earrings we are creating for them now, too!

Customer Proposes on the Beach With a Brian Gavin Diamond Engagement Ring

Richard called us in May when he was just beginning his search for a diamond engagement ring. He was originally focusing his search on cushion or round cut diamonds, but when his girlfriend tried on an oval shaped diamond engagement ring she was sold on the way it looked on her finger. Over the next few months, Catherine worked with Richard to find the perfect stone. In August a beautiful 1ct oval diamond was set in our Classic Tiffany Style Half Round 18K White Gold Ring (modified to have 4 prongs instead of 6) and shipped to him. Below is his reaction to the ring and the story surrounding his sweet proposal.

Catherine, Wow! The ring is absolutely perfect!!!!! We were at our favorite beach yesterday.  We went for a nice long swim, out into the deep water, for about 30 minutes. It was lovely. A beautiful day. Bright blue sky, mid 80's.  We swam back to the beach, and walked back up the sand to our umbrella and blanket. I handed her a beach towel. As she took it, and unrolled it to dry off, the ring box fell out. She didn't know what it was at first, and kind of stood there, dumbfounded. "Aren't you gonna pick it up? It's for you!" I said as I knelt down in the sand. I could see the realization of what was actually happening slowly wash over her face and twinkle in her eyes. She picked up the ring box, and started to laugh and cry a little bit. She was so happy and shocked that it was happening in this way, on our favorite beach, on such a lovely day, just the two of us. "Will you marry me?" I asked. "Of course!" She opened the ring box, and she was totally blown away by how lovely the ring is. It's light performance is incredible. It was sparkling like ten stars in the bright sun on that beach.  She kept looking at it all the rest of the day, and smiling, laughing. We had a nice conversation about our future together, and plans to start a family.  It was absolutely terrific! In fact, just now she texted me (I'm at work): I LOVE THIS RING!!! She really loves the oval shape, which is very flattering on her finger. She has always worn a kind-of oval shaped ring that her grandmother (who raised her for most of her childhood, but who has since passed away) gave her, and she loves that ring, so I thought the oval diamond would kind of echo that shape of that ring.  Anyway, the solitaire setting is so classic, delicate and pretty; and it really shows off the diamond so well. The size is perfect, fits her perfectly. And the diamond is just awesome. Fireworks! In nearly every kind of light. Even from the side, it looks so lovely and bright. The color is just astounding.  She is half Ethiopian and half German, and the stone just looks so great against her darker skin tone. So I just want to say thank you for your help in finding this diamond. You obviously listened to me, and found the very stone and ring I was looking for. I could tell when you sent me the photo that the diamond was a keeper. And now that I am seeing it in person, I am just so happy with this purchase. Thank you again for your great service. I really appreciate it!!!!Once I finish paying off my med school loans, perhaps I'll be back for another diamond!! Sincerely, Richard

The Brian Gavin Diamond glamour shots can be seen below.

Customer Proposes During Sailing Trip With A Brian Gavin Diamond Engagement Ring

Ben emailed us in July about helping him find the perfect diamond engagement ring for his girlfriend. After a few short conversations with us he had chosen a 1.732ct Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrow Diamond and our Novela setting in platinum. Ben was ready to propose ASAP and did not want to waste any time.

Hi Jamie, I found the right diamond! I just placed a new order. Thanks so much for your help! You guys are awesome! I understand your production time is 3 weeks, but if there's anything you can do to deliver the ring by Friday, August 8th, I'd really appreciate it! We're leaving on vacation the next morning… her parents are flying up from St. Louis and chartering a sailboat out of Newport (her Dad is a captain) and we're meeting up with her cousin and her cousin's husband and sailing to Nantucket, Block Island, Cuttyhunk, and Martha's Vineyard. I think I'll be able to find a good time to propose ;) And I bet I'll get some good pictures of the ring to send you, if it makes it in time! Thanks again for all your help! Best, Ben

Of course, we got busy on the ring and shipped it to him just in time. Ben followed up with us again after he had proposed and sent these beautiful photos of their engagement along with this heartfelt thank you.

Hi Jamie, I just wanted to say thank you so much for helping me pick the perfect ring. I proposed on a sailing trip with her family, at sunset, on the top of Lookout Hill on Cuttyhunk Island, and she said yes! She totally loves the ring. Everyone is stunned at how sparkly it is, and she is getting tons of compliments. And of course, I'm getting compliments for being the most romantic boyfriend and picking the best ring. I have to hand it to Brian Gavin Diamonds… the ring is exquisite and the attention to detail really elevates it to work of art. I honestly don't think it could be any better. I wanted to send you these pictures of the ring, and one of us on the sailboat. Thanks to you and everyone at Brian Gavin Diamonds for making our dreams come true! Very Best, Ben & Laura

The photos Ben sent us of his engagement day and his BGD glamour shots of the ring can be seen below.

Customer Delighted by Gorgeous Brian Gavin Blue Diamond Engagement Ring

When Ryan emailed us in July, he told us that he had stumbled upon Brian Gavin Diamonds after doing diamond research online. His girlfriend had tried on some rings at a brick and mortar store and she liked the sparkle of the diamond she saw. After Ryan started his research, it was clear to him that Brian Gavin Diamonds offered a superior diamond at a great value.

Good Morning Katie, Thanks for reaching out to me. I have recently been looking to purchase an engagement ring.  My girlfriend really likes the diamonds that have great sparkle to them. She tried on a ring from another store and really liked the sparkle it had compared to the other diamonds. Upon learning how they make their diamond sparkle so much it sparked my curiosity to see what else was out there with that kind of sparkle.  I also thought I could possibly find a better diamond for the price. While looking I absolutely fell in love with your hearts and arrows round diamond line because of the fire, brilliance, and scintillation it has compared to the others I saw.  I also appreciate the quality of diamonds you guys have. Since I am brand new to this, I open to any opinions or suggestions you have with the choosing/buying process. Thank you, Ryan

Katie went to work searching for the perfect diamond and setting for him. Ultimately, he chose a beautiful Brian Gavin Blue Diamond and our Classic Truth Sleek Micro Pave in platinum for his bride-to-be. His response to the ring and our customer service made our day.

Hi Katie, Life has been a whirlwind ever since I received the ring a couple of weeks ago but I wanted to take this time out to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for helping me. I honestly can’t begin to express how amazing you were throughout this whole process for me. Once I discovered Brian Gavin’s beautiful selection of diamonds I knew I would make my purchase from him. Since it was my first time to ever purchase anything of this magnitude (especially from the internet) I fell very blessed to have you as my ring expert. You reached out to me immediately after I registered with BGD and your insight and suggestions towards my selections gave me comfort that I’ve never experienced with strangers.  It felt like you genuinely cared about me making the best selection for my wife.  Cancelling an order, switching from H&A to Blue, selecting the band, and trying to get the ring before a certain date seemed like a huge headache that I was giving you but you were always super kind and courteous in reassuring me that everything was possible.  The ring was everything you describe and more. I am still in shock and awe of it. We have gotten so many compliments on it and it makes me proud to tell people where it’s from and the great customer service I experienced through the whole process.  Sorry to write you a novel about my amazing experience with you and BGD ,lol,  but I just wanted to express my immense gratitude towards you. (Below are just a couple of snapshots of my wife Danyel and I in Las Vegas for our wedding) Wishing you the best, Ryan

Photos of the couple in Vegas and the gorgeous ring are below.

Another Amazing Diamond Recut by Brian Gavin!

In April, Greg emailed us about a diamond recut project that he had in mind. He had originally purchased a three stone diamond engagement ring from a different diamond e-tailer years earlier, before he had heard about Brian Gavin. We were not able to recut the side stones due to their small size, however, the center stone was a perfect candidate for a recut. He sent us the ring and we got to work. When the project was complete, we sent him photos of the finished product.

WOW!!!!!!!!!! Catherine, based on the before and after images of the diamond coupled with the fact only .03cts were lost in the recut, this is incredible! The carat weight lost and resulting size is an almost imperceptible difference while the net result of the stone's symmetry and new ability to reflect more light is on a scale magnitudes higher.  Not to mention I’m still above the 1.5ct magical mark with weight to spare! Now the final test is to see how it performs in person. I’m almost certain the difference will be seen and felt.

The before and after shots of the diamond recut can be seen below.

But while Greg was waiting for his new and improved diamond to arrive, another stone caught his eye on the Brian Gavin Diamond website. It was a gorgeous 2.245ct Brian Gavin Blue that he planned to set in a Classic Tiffany Style Half Round setting for his wife. Just like before, his reaction was priceless.

Hi Catherine, My wife was completely mesmerized by the ring! She couldn’t believe it was actually hers. She loves the classic look. It’s a welcome change from her previous setting. She said with the ring on she feels like she has some sort of super power with all the sparkles beaming everywhere. We had the opportunity to go out to dinner that evening and the diamond in that classic Tiffany style half round was on fire! To see her so pleased with it makes me extremely happy. Oh, and I didn’t want to leave out the setting. The setting is absolute perfection. I can’t find any fault with it. I’ve enjoyed the total BGD experience and want to thank you Catherine for your excellent customer service. You have been extremely helpful and patient in assisting me throughout the process. Any and all future jewelry needs I have, BGD will be at the top of my list. I have an appraisal scheduled for next Tuesday. I’ll just drop you a quick note to let you know how that turned out. Thanks! Greg

Greg has yet to decide what he will do with his recut diamond – he could save it for a future piece or even sell it for more than he originally paid for it.

Photos of the beautiful solitaire can be seen below.

Getting To Know the Brian Gavin Team: Denise

This blog is the second in a monthly series – Getting To Know The BGD Team – where we will be highlighting our amazing team members. These are the folks that you talk to when you call us on the phone and who keep the wheels turning behind the scenes here at Brian Gavin Diamonds.


What do you do at BGD and what is the best part of your job?

My job title is Senior Diamond Consultant.  I’ve been with Brian for over 12 years.

Best part of my job is meeting awesome people from all over the world, helping them with their special purchase and being a little part of this memorable time in their lives.  It is absolutely rewarding and heartwarming to help all of our customers. They are fabulous and why I love my job.

What is your favorite BGD piece?

Besides everything that we make …. The Diamond Band named after me!  The Denise.  It is absolutely beautiful and a unique work of art.

Do you have a secret superpower?

Well not necessarily “superpower” but I do also speak Spanish and I know a lot about sports especially Football which does come in handy since we mainly have male customers. I even have my own Fantasy Football League named the “Diamond League.”

Denise's Dogs - Babie Gurl and Babie Bella

What kind of pet(s) do you have?

I have two beautiful dogs.  A Pomeranian named Babie Gurl and a Terrier Mix named Babie Bella.  They are my life.

Where do you plan to go on your next vacation?

Going back to fabulous Puerto Rico.  La Isla De Encanta.

What’s your favorite room in your house?

The Game Room where I have all my Houston Texans and Dallas Cowboys stuff.

Did you miss our first post in this series? Here's a link to Jamie!

Brian Gavin Creates Gorgeous Diamond Engagement Ring For Canadian Customer

Kevin contacted us via live chat at the end of May when he was looking for an engagement ring for his girlfriend, Holly. He had his heart set on a Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows Diamond in the 1.5 ct. range as well as a setting similar to our Six Prong Fishtail Pave. Although he liked this setting, he was open to something different. Catherine, one of our Diamond Consultants, suggested the Truth Micro Pave Eternity in Platinum. He thought it was gorgeous but he wanted to make a few modifications to it, including adding a surprise stone on the inside of the band. Once he had made his decisions we made the ring and shipped it to him just in time for his proposal on July 5th.

Hi Catherine, Just wanted to know I received the ring and it's beautiful. Thank you for all your help during this process.  I hope she likes it. Cheers, Kevin

Catherine checked in on him a few days later to see how the proposal went. Kevin and Holly were thrilled as you can see on their faces in the photo they sent us!

Hi Catherine, The proposal went very well!  Holly and I are now happily engaged! She absolutely loves the ring and wanted me to pass on her thanks to you for helping me choose such a wonderful engagement ring. Thanks for all of your help Catherine. I'll send more photos once we get our wedding pictures done. Cheers, Kevin

Custom Diamond Hoop Earrings by Brian Gavin

As you know, we do a lot of diamond engagement rings here at Brian Gavin Diamonds. However, that is not all we do! Today we are excited to share these custom diamond hoop earrings we created for one of our loyal customers. Tabitha originally emailed us about this project in April. After some back and forth conversations, we completed her beautiful 18K yellow gold earrings with accent bezel set Brian Gavin Signature hearts and arrows melee, and e-mailed her photos of the finished product. Her reaction was priceless.

Hi Jamie, Looks like I got the shots too!!  WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWW! I will be wearing these THE SECOND I OPEN THE BOX!!!!!

We were also thrilled to come across a post that Tabitha had written on a diamond and jewelry forum about us along with her gorgeous photos. Here is what she said:

Tiffany Inspired 18k YG Custom Handforged BGD Hoops ……with a twist! Decided I wanted to add classic gold hoop earrings to my beginning collection for my birthday. I went to Tiffany’s and saw their gold hoop earrings but did not like the size, the mm width or the lack of security with the latch in the ears, so I had them custom made by the vendor who makes those oh so delicate bezels, BGD!    The earrings are very delicate and are not heavy at all in the ears. The latch is secure and that little sparkle is so sweet on the ears!  I LOVE them!    They did a wonderful job!    As always, Brian and Jamie were wonderful to work with during the process. Jamie answered all of my many questions and always has such a wonderful attitude in email and in conversation! I definitely recommend working with her. She is just a wonderful and very patient person!

Photos of the beautiful earrings can be seen below.

Recently Married Couple Updates Us After The Purchase Of Their Brian Gavin Diamond Jewelry

Last October, Ben contacted us via live chat about finding the perfect diamond and setting for his fiancée-to-be. He had done his homework and knew what he was looking for. With Lesley’s assistance, Ben chose a magnificent 2.175 ct. Brian Gavin Signature cushion cut diamond and our Novela platinum setting. The two were engaged a short time later. They returned for the purchase of the Novela Matching Band.

From time to time we like to check in with our customers. Lesley knew that Ben and Veronica were to be married in June of this year so she sent them an email to ask about the wedding. She received an email back from Veronica along with gorgeous photos of their destination wedding.

Dear Lesley, Thank you for reaching out to us and congratulating us on our marriage! Ben and I had a small destination wedding at Daniel, a Michelin 3-star restaurant in New York City. We've finally received photographs from our big day, and I've attached a few to share, including one very lovely photo of my ring while I was getting ready. I am still ecstatic about the ring that Ben picked out for me and I continue to receive compliments on how beautiful it is. Thank you so much for helping my husband select an exceptional diamond – we really appreciate the outstanding service that you provided us throughout the entire process! Sincerely, Veronica

The photos from the wedding and rings can be seen below.

The Carisa Diamond Engagement Ring by Brian Gavin – An Update From Carisa!

In October of last year we shared with you the sweet story and proposal behind our Carisa Diamond Engagement Ring by Brian Gavin. So when we received an update from Carisa herself via a message on Facebook, we were thrilled! The happy couple was married on June 7th in Tom’s hometown of Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada.

Just wanted to write and say we got MARRIED!!! June 7th, 2014. It was everything we dreamed and more. Thanks again for my amazing engagement ring, named after me and featuring our engagement story on your page. Tom and Carisa

She also included some gorgeous photos of their wedding day for us to enjoy.

Are you a Brian Gavin Diamond's customer with beautiful pictures of your jewelry and a great story you don't mind sharing? We want you to be featured on our blog! Give us a shout!