Eric and Rosie’s Iceland Proposal

Eric was waiting for the “right” moment to propose to long-time girlfriend, Rosie. He decided that a romantic getaway to Iceland was the perfect setting for the proposal he had planned, and he chose Brian Gavin Diamonds to help bring that magic moment to life.

Eric's Ring

Knowing that Rosie is truly one-of-a-kind, Eric sought out a unique ring for his bride-to-be. Opting for a ring just as special as her, he chose a custom three-stone engagement ring with brilliant Brian Gavin Blue® stones.

Eric's Ring
Eric's Ring

The ring was finished just in time for its debut moment in Iceland. The happy couple planned a trip full of excursions, but Eric didn’t want to leave the ring out of his sight in fear that the perfect moment would pass and he would be empty-handed. He kept the engagement ring nestled safely in his pocket at all times, just in case.

They embarked on a trip to see beautiful waterfalls and followed with a breathtaking glacier hike. They even explored an incredible sea cave—truly making the most of the adventurous vacation trip.

Eric and Rosie

“Going on a glacier with the ring in my pocket was very stressful,” Eric confessed.

Soon after, they both found themselves atop a cliff with an amazing view overlooking the ocean, complete with a rainbow in the sky… and that was when he knew.

Amid all the beautiful scenery, Eric focused only on Rosie as he dropped to one knee. Rosie was in utter shock, but without hesitation said yes. It was the perfect moment, and one they would both remember forever.

Rosie's BGD Custom Ring

After their very eventful day, the newly engaged couple traveled an hour back to their hotel. As they drove, Rosie was undeniably distracted. They enjoyed the remainder of their trip before returning to that proposal spot three days later. When they returned to the special spot, Rosie finally recognized the beautiful islands seen on the drive.

“She kept remarking how cool it was to see the islands on the left hand side, which was a little confusing because we had seen them,” Eric said. “She was saying things like, ‘Oh isn't that cool, we can see islands!’ That was when I realized that she just hadn't looked up from her ring on the entire drive [back to the hotel] the day of the proposal,” he joked.

“My fiancée loves the ring. I find her just looking at it randomly—she loves how it sparkles and how dainty the band is,” Eric said.

Eric and Rosie returned back home and are fully captivated in their happily engaged lives. We’re thrilled to have been such a wonderful memory in Eric and Rosie’s life together.

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The Jennifer Ring Meets Its Match

After nearly five years of dating and traveling around the world, Lars knew his girlfriend Jennifer was the person he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. Without a doubt in his mind, he set his sights on finding the perfect engagement ring. With a distant memory of Jenn stating her taste for a hearts-and-arrows-cut diamond, Lars began researching online to find the perfect ring for his bride-to-be.

Jennifer and Lars Wedding

“After looking online, I kept seeing great reviews of the hearts and arrows cut from Brian Gavin and about how the cut reflects the light in such a way that it gives it that extra sparkle,” Lars said.

“As I was browsing through the different settings, I found one that caught my eye. I clicked on it to give it a closer look. Then, that's when I noticed the name of the setting… Jennifer. That sealed the deal,” Lars continued.

Brian Gavin Diamonds’ Jennifer engagement ring, a sparkling sign that Lars had found the right place, features a lovely twist setting with approximately .25 carats worth of hearts and arrow diamond melee and a stunning .808 carat D VS1 Brian Gavin Diamonds round stone.

Brian Gavin Diamonds Jennifer Engagement Ring

With the engagement ring picked out, the last piece to fall into place was arranging the picture-perfect proposal. With Jenn’s birthday party quickly approaching, Lars thought it would be an amazing opportunity to tell close family and friends about their engagement.

“They would all be arriving in the evening, but the proposal itself I wanted to be a special moment that just the two of us shared. So earlier that day, we went to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. On a bridge in the gardens, I dropped down to one knee… and she said ‘yes’!”

Jennifer and Lars Proposal

Jenn was ecstatic and bursting with joy at the love she felt for Lars and the engagement ring he chose for her.

“[It’s] the most beautiful, elegant, sparkly thing I cherish, and I wouldn't trade it for the world – a true symbol of our love!” Jennifer exclaimed.

The happy couple spent the evening sharing news of their engagement with guests at Jennifer’s birthday party – making it an evening to remember and the “Best. Birthday. EVER!”


Jenn and Lars’ wedding was something out of a fairytale book. It was a beautiful celebration attended by friends and family. Even the couple’s puppy, Dexter, had a spotlight moment walking down the aisle dressed in wedding attire! She even selected the matching Jennifer platinum wedding band to complete the set.

Jennifer Wedding Band
Jennifer and Lars' Wedding

Traveling around the world had always been an important feature of their relationship, so it was no surprise when the couple whisked away to Fiji on their romantic honeymoon.


“We chose Fiji because it's always been a bucket list destination! It's known for beautiful, clear water, amazing diving and snorkeling, and beautiful beaches. It had all of the romance, views and friendly people that we read about! IT WAS AMAZING!” Jennifer said.

Jennifer and Lars Wedding

One thing is for sure, Jennifer and Lars are a match made in heaven. Our team was so honored to help make this couple’s wedding dreams come true. We wish the beautiful couple a lifetime of happiness for many years to come!

To fall in love with pave sparklers like Jennifer’s, visit our gallery of engagement rings.

Wedding Inspiration at the Historic Bryan Museum

C. Baron Photography Bryan Museum Photo Shoot

Matrimony is a historical moment for any couple. Weddings stand as a monument for two paths becoming one.  With that being said, it makes sense to tie the knot in a venue equally as historic, right?

C. Baron Photography Bryan Museum Photo Shoot

At Brian Gavin Diamonds, we have the opportunity to work with outstanding wedding planners and photographers for meticulously styled bridal shoots. Our team was overjoyed to be a part of a spectacular wedding photo shoot in partnership with C. Baron Photography at the Bryan Museum in Galveston, Texas.  The historic location once served as a home for orphans—in its renewed state, it makes a stunning venue to say "I do."

C. Baron Photography Bryan Museum Photo Shoot

When C. Baron Photography approached us to borrow jewelry, we couldn't say no. It's always great to see how our pieces fit together in a beautiful story. We love how she styled our jewels at the lovely Bryan Museum, both on the bride and off.

C. Baron Photography Bryan Museum Photo Shoot

We think Sara, the model, looks absolutely stunning in our sparkle. Believe it or not, the bride is alongside her real-life family—how special is that?

Now, let's talk about the bling…

C. Baron Photography Bryan Museum Photo Shoot
C. Baron Photography Bryan Museum Photo Shoot

Brian Gavin Diamonds shared a pave engagement ring, his and hers wedding bands for the bride and groom. The bride also wore a BGD pearl bracelet, our pearls bracelet No. 23 with silver, and pearl drop earrings. Lets not forget the other guests. How stunning is this set of a cushion morganite ring, necklace, and stud earrings for a bridesmaid?

C. Baron Photography Bryan Museum Photo Shoot
C. Baron Photography Bryan Museum Photo Shoot
C. Baron Photography Bryan Museum Photo Shoot

Thank you to C. Baron Photography for shooting these breathtaking images of our jewels. We love having the opportunity to collaborate with amazing vendors. Get more information about the photography and shoot details on

If you’re interested in seeing any of the jewelry showcased in this Galveston photo shoot, head on over to our site for more sparking details!

C. Baron Photography Bryan Museum Photo Shoot
Special Thank You to the Vendors Involved: 
Peter Ochoa – Bryan Museum
Amy Brewington and Liz Conlin – A&E Weddings and Event Services
Jeri Powell – Darryl & Co
Mark Pirozzolo – A Finer Event
Nadine Moon – Who Made the Cake?
Amy Floyd – 3rd Floor Strings
Bridgette Wright – Lovebirds Vintage Rentals
Lisa Pelayo – LP Makeup and Beauty
David Massicott – Vintage Limousine Services
Connie Dryden – Island Flowers

Down, Set, Sparkle Giveaway

BGD Ready Set Sparkle Social

Add a little sparkle to your spirit this football season with our Down, Set, Sparkle Giveaway. Whether you’re a devoted football fan or just love a good tailgate, share a photo repping your favorite college football or NFL team while rocking your game day jewelry by October 31. Two lucky sports fans will win a $500 Brian Gavin Diamonds gift certificate and a jewelry roll.

Down Set Sparkle
Down Set Sparkle

To get you started, here are some photo ideas:

  • Your favorite football team hand symbol or gesture featuring the star player—a ring on your finger
  • A game day styled look featuring your team pride and jewelry to match
  • Your best game face and team jersey, adorned with your favorite jewels
  • A ring selfie at a sporting event or tailgate
Down Set Sparkle
Down Set Sparkle

How to Enter:

1)    Snap a photo rocking your team pride and game day jewelry.

2)    Post the photo on your InstagramTwitter and/or Brian Gavin Diamond’s Facebook page using giveaway hashtag #DownSetSparkle between August 26-October 31. Accounts must be public to qualify.

3)    Follow Brian Gavin Diamonds on the platform you post your photo to.

Good luck from all of us at Brian Gavin Diamonds!

*Complete Terms and Conditions can be found here.

Down Set Sparkle
Down Set Sparkle

#MyBGDTravels Contest Sparkles Through August

My BGD Travels August Edition

While your passport is the most important thing to bring on your travels this summer, did you happen to have some BGD sparkle on you while traversing the globe? This past June, we launched our second annual #MyBGDTravels fan photo contest, and we're loving all of the gorgeous submissions. With a winner every month, there’s a chance to snag one of three prize packages, which include a Brian Gavin Diamonds jewelry roll and a $500 gift card for some extra bling by Aug. 31.

We’ve seen it all – from lush, tropical snaps to adventurous mountain proposals. Our recently engaged customer, Dani, was our July #MyBGDTravels winner! Dani took this stunning snapshot at the Bayon Temple in Angkor Watt, one month after her fiancé Alan popped the question.

We're still looking for customers like you to share their travel photos with the #MyBGDTravels hashtag all August long. While we excitedly await submissions, we can't help but show some love to a few of our favorite entries so far. Hang ten! We love this shot Madeline took at the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City. 

  A photo posted by Madeline Cuadra (@madelinera3) on

This is definitely what we have in mind when we hear “vacation." You might remember Quimi's stunning proposal to Aaron at Zion National Park from our blog. It looks like this couple celebrated their engagement with a change of scenery and we're loving it!

Here’s a shot of Ame’s BGD engagement ring at Chicago's famous Bean. We don’t know what’s more reflective, the ring or the Bean!

  A photo posted by Ame (@accordingtoame) on

We even had a lovely couple decide to tie the knot at Islands of Adventure—something tells us their adventure was certainly the largest.

A photo posted by Wakata6 (@wakata6) on

Don't miss out on the chance to share your great adventures. Entering is simple:

  • Snap a photo of your Brian Gavin Diamonds jewelry during your summer travels.
  • Post the photo on your Instagram, Twitter and/or Brian Gavin Diamond’s Facebook using #MyBGDTravels until August 31. Accounts must be public to qualify.
  • Follow Brian Gavin Diamonds on the platform you post your photo to.
We can’t wait to see your BGD summer adventures. Good luck from all of us at Brian Gavin Diamonds!

Robyn's Diamond Bracelet

While our reputation at Brian Gavin Diamonds lies mainly in the area of engagement rings, we love providing our customers with all kinds of sparkle.

Diamonds by the Yard Bracelet

In May, we had the chance to create a stunning bracelet for our client, Robyn, who decided on a “Diamonds By The Yard” bracelet. Set in 18K white gold, Robyn had customized the spacing of her diamonds to perfectly fit her wrist. The dainty, yet stunning, piece of jewelry is perfect for an everyday look, that doesn’t ever go out of style.

If that beautiful ring in the photo caught your eye, she’s wearing a custom Brian Gavin Diamonds Semi Half Bezel Band engagement ring!

We love seeing repeat clients, knowing that we have created something they love. Our customer service and eye-catching jewelry is what makes them come back to find another piece just as special.


Following the delivery of her bracelet, we got an amazing email from Robyn:

Just a quick note to let you know I picked up the bracelet yesterday, and I LOVE it! It’s exactly what I had in mind, and the spacing of the diamonds is perfect. Please express my gratitude to the bench for such a great job, and a huge thanks to you for all your assistance with this project. This is a lovely piece that I will treasure always, and rest assured it will get lots of wear.

If you’re entranced by Robyn’s Diamonds By the Yard bracelet, head over to Brian Gavin Diamonds’ website to peruse our assortment of diamond jewelry concepts. And, if you’re caught up in the sparkle of her ring, you can click through our wide array of diamond engagement rings as well.

Emily's Earring Upgrade: From a Civic to a Cadillac

At Brian Gavin Diamonds, we handle everything from custom jewelry to client upgrades. We love seeing our customers come back after years, with requests for new stones or additions to their pieces. We see it as a testament to our outstanding quality and established trust.

Milgrain Bezel Earrings

Back in 2012, Emily ordered a pair of stunning milgrain bezel diamond earrings. After enjoying her pair for roughly four years, Emily decided to upgrade the diamonds and in her own words, go from “a Civic to a Cadillac.”

We especially loved hearing how Emily felt about her brilliant new studs: 

First of all, let's get this message started off with a MASSIVE thank you to you and the Brian Gavin Team for the incredible care and attention you have dedicated to making my experiences with BGD as amazing as can be. I am a dedicated customer for life, and am so pleased by the measure of service, professionalism with heart, attention to detail, and how informative the entire team is along every step of the transaction.

And oh my gosh, let's dive right in: THESE DIAMONDS. Wow. They are so full of character and life—stunningly beautiful in every way! Thank you so much for helping me place these spots of rainbow glimmer on my ears; they are gorgeous, and I will wear them every day with love and joy!

Thank you so much for making this yet another amazing, memorable BGD experience for me! I can't wait to save up for my next project! Sending all of you my gratitude and love! You're absolutely lovely!!!

Warmest wishes,


Milgrain Bezel Earrings

We’re incredibly pleased to know that we succeeded in wowing another one of our wonderful clients. If you’re eyeing Emily’s ear candy, click on over to check out these Handmade Milgrain Bezel Studs for yourself or a special someone!

Summer's Best Accessory: Cape Diamonds

Nothing says summer love like sparking yellow… diamonds! Brian Gavin Diamonds is so excited to follow up on our announcement of The Cape Series from February with a stunning photo shoot, in partnership with the fantastic Belle Soul Weddings.

Cape Diamond Ring

The term “Cape” is one that hits very close to home with Brian Gavin, as it originates from the British Cape in South Africa, the country where Brian was born and raised. Diamonds in this region have a beautiful light yellow color, which we classify today as M or Z-color on the grading scale.

We were floored when we got a hold of these gorgeous photos from Noel Perrone, styled by Belle Soul Weddings The outstanding styling and setting are the perfect backdrop to the similarly-magnificent Cape diamonds.

Cape Diamond Ring

The unique yellow color is understated but brilliant, the warmer hues beautifully incorporate the timeless imagery of summer. The yellow diamond is best when set in 18K rose gold or 18K yellow gold to accent the tones already present in the stone.

Cut with the same high standards that Brian utilizes for all of his Brian Gavin Signature Diamonds, the collection is offered in round hearts and arrows precision. The collection even features Brian Gavin Blue™ stones.

Cape Diamond Ring

Thank you, again, to Belle Soul for putting together such an amazing photo shoot! We’re honored to have been a part of such beautiful work. Visit our website if you’re interested in learning more about The Cape Series™ from Brian Gavin.


Photography by Noel Perrone 

Design/Styling/Florals by Belle Soul Weddings

Gown by Elaine Marie Bridal at Signature Bridal Salon

Hair and Make-up by Misty Rockwell

Ribbon by Adorn 

Doug and Julia's Maui Proposal

Julia's Ring in Maui

Having made a name as a premier online jeweler, most of our customers are surprised to find out that we have a Houston showroom where they can experience our brand in person. Brian had the pleasure of meeting our customer, Doug, for a consultation as he decided on a ring for his girlfriend.

Classic Style Half Round Solitaire Ring

Doug chose a Classic Style Half Round setting with a Signature Hearts and Arrows diamond for his soon-to-be bride, Julia.

Classic Style Half Round Solitaire

After we delivered the ring, Doug made sure to keep us in the loop with details of his big day.  He proposed on the top of a volcano in Maui, taking the cake as one of the most luxurious proposals we’ve come across yet! Did we mention that Doug even had the ring engraved? He sweetly designed the ring to feature the couple’s initials, the date and location of their engagement.

Classic Style Half Round Solitaire

Following his proposal, Doug made sure to share all of the dazzling details:

“I don’t think I ever formally told you guys how beautiful the ring turned out! It was EXACTLY what I had hoped for. Absolutely stunning, great work! Not to mention you guys were great to work with. Most importantly, Julia, who I can finally copy on these emails, is totally in love with it.”

Julia's Ring in Maui

Congratulations to Doug and Julia on a beautiful engagement and cheers to a lifetime of happiness! Stunned by Julia’s gorgeous ring? Head over to Brian Gavin Diamonds for some additional inspiration.


Ben’s Langkawi Island Proposal

Sometimes the perfect proposal is worth the wait. At least that’s how Ben felt as he planned a stunning engagement to his long-time girlfriend five months in the making! We were so honored to work with Ben and are even more thrilled to share his love story.

Classic Knife Edge Brian Gavin Diamonds

Ben approached us all the way from Hong Kong back in December, looking for the ideal ring to give his bride-to-be. Our senior diamond consultant, Jamie, worked with Ben to select a stunning Classic Style Knife Edge platinum band and Brian Gavin Signature Heart & Arrows 2.026 carat stone.

Classic Knife Edge Brian Gavin Diamonds

When the diamond arrived, Ben was amazed by its overwhelming sparkle factor. He held onto the ring until the perfect moment—a weekend getaway to Langkawi Island in May. Langkawi, situated off the mainland coast of northwestern Malaysia, is also known as the “Jewel of Kedah.” With a moniker like that, we couldn’t think of a better place for Ben to present our ring to his bride.

Classic Knife Edge Brian Gavin Diamonds

Check out the details in Ben’s email—he is filled with joy!

Hi Jamie,

Just wanted to share the news with you! After having waited for months until our getaway trip, I finally proposed last weekend on Langkawi Island.

The hotel helped me arrange a private dinner by the beach during sunset. It was spectacular. She absolutely loved the ring and we have been taking lots of pics! :) The ring is very gorgeous on her and it shines like crazy!

Thank you so much BGD team. You guys are the best!

Thank you!!


Engagement Candles

We were so thrilled to work with Ben and his fiancé during this beautiful moment in their lives. We look forward to seeing their love story unfold as they plan to tie the knot! To see other sparkling solitaires, visit us online at