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Precious Peridot: The Birthstone of August

Those born in August might just have the rest of the world green with envy. August babies are lucky enough to call beautiful peridot their birthstone. Not to be confused with the deep and dark-hued emerald, the light green peridot stone carries an air of earthy elegance. While peridot is popularly seen in modern day […]

The History and Popularity of Peridot

Don’t be caught not wearing green on Saint Patrick’s Day! The best way to accessorize during this festive holiday is with peridot jewelry. Compared to another green gemstone, peridot is a lighter green than emerald, which has a much deeper hue. Oftentimes, it’s called the “Evening Emerald” because when it is under artificial light, the […]

Customized Diamond and Gemstone Eternity Bands Honor Brian Gavin’s Customer’s Two Sons…

Our customer Alex ordered 2 matching platinum Grace eternity bands for his wife for Christmas. One with alternating diamond melee and alexandrite for his son William born in June 2010 and one with alternating diamond melee and peridot for his son John born in August 2012. All diamond melee was F/G VS Brian Gavin Signature […]