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February’s Pride and Joy: Amethyst

As winter’s beauty transitions into spring, February remains one of the most captivating and romantic months of the year. One more thing to fall in love with in February is the amethyst birthstone. The deep purple amethyst is a Brian Gavin Diamonds favorite and carries a history as rich as its color. Ever feel a […]

New Year’s Eve Guide to Sparkle

Bust out the glitter, pop the champagne and prepare to countdown to a shimmering 2016. New Year’s Eve is undoubtedly a time to don your most dazzling jewels and double your sparkle factor. Just in time for the party, the Brian Gavin Diamonds team has gathered alluring accessories to ring in 2016. Light Yellow Round […]

Customer Orders a Brian Gavin Diamonds By The Yard Necklace for her Angel Pendant…

About 10 days ago we received the following e-mail: Hi Brian and Lesley, I am a long time member of Pricescope and I have been admiring BGD designs for some time now. Your work is absolutely incredible in every new picture I see! I've always been leery about buying diamonds online but I think I […]