Engagement Ring Trends of 2019

For those of you wanting to propose in the new year but are overwhelmed with all of the possible engagement ring choices, look no further. These are some of our favorite wedding ring trends that you'll see more of in 2019.

Halo Setting

Halos will be a popular setting this year, and we can see why! Diamond halo rings are perfect for giving the most sparkle for your dollar while also pairing well with any shaped diamond. Halos are a beautiful feature for any modern engagement ring and will surely have your fiancé feeling and looking like a princess.

Anita Halo

The Katie Halo

Katie Halo

Colored Gems

Influenced by the one and only Princess Diana, gemstone engagement rings, like sapphire and emerald, have been on the rise in recent years with no intention of stopping. With its vintage flair and vibrant colors, there is no doubt that you will continue to see this trend going into the new year.

Cushion London Blue Topaz

Round Emerald

Round Emerald

Rose Gold

This precious pink metal rose to fame in the 1920s due to its unique and feminine color. Many women are bringing back this timeless, vintage style and to reincorporate into stunning engagement rings. Now, this is something we can definitely get behind!





Three Stone

Why settle for one diamond when you can have three? The three stone setting is symbolic for a couple’s past, present, and future. It is also unique because you can pair any combination of diamond cut and size. So, if you're like Megan Markle and enjoy three times the bling, this ring is for you!

Three Stone Trellis

Three Stone Trellis



For more beautiful rings, visit our website to see our entire collection.

Celebrating National Proposal Day with Brian Gavin Diamonds

At Brian Gavin Diamonds, we believe the moment you propose to the love of your life should be absolutely perfect. This beautiful event will be the moment you both remember for the rest of your lives! That’s why our experts willingly invest their time and energy into helping you find the perfect ring for your perfect person on your perfect day.

And for many of you, this means creating a custom engagement ring that effortlessly matches your True Love’s personality and style.

In honor of National Proposal Day on March 20th, we wanted to highlight some of our favorite custom-built engagement rings from over the past year. While this isn’t an exhaustive list of all the rings we loved, it definitely represents the level of detailed handiwork our artisans put into every custom creation for our customers’ special days

Interested in working with Brian Gavin Diamonds to build a one-of-a-kind ring for when you pop the question? Visit our Custom Engagement Ring center today, and then drop us a line when you’re ready to speak with one of our experts.

You can also choose from our extensive line of beautifully designed Engagement Rings, with selections that include solitaire, pave, side-stone, three-stone, and halo styles.

National Proposal Day: round-cut halo diamond

We’re especially in love with “The Allie,” a round-cut diamond surrounded by a delicate diamond halo and set on a knife-edge platinum band.

Whether you have a custom design in mind or fall in love with one of our curated rings, you can trust Brian Gavin Diamonds to help you create the perfect proposal story you and your partner will share for the rest of your lives.

A Love Worth Waiting For: Robert And Monica

When it comes to love, we believe everyone has a soulmate – that special, perfect someone who’s somewhere in this crazy world looking for them. No matter how long it takes for your paths to cross, you instantly recognize the moment a person is meant for you. It feels like all the pieces start to fall into place, and all the time you spent waiting will finally feel worth it.

For Robert, that’s exactly what he felt when he met Monica for the first time.

“We knew each other through a mutual friend for years, but neither of us thought of crossing the line because of our friendship.” – Robert

As the couple spent more time together and grew closer, Robert knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Monica. But as a merchant mariner at sea, it was a difficult task to see diamonds in-person. So, he reached out to our stellar team at Brian Gavin Diamonds and enlisted our help in finding the perfect ring for the woman he has waited for his entire life.

“Although I was uneasy about buying a diamond online, Jamie was patient and reassuring about the entire process. Jamie answered MANY emails and guaranteed me that the diamond would be magnificent and stunning.” – Robert

After many ongoing conversations with Jamie and our diamond experts, Robert decided on a breathtaking custom engagement ring that best reflected his future fiancée’s personality and preferences. With a beautiful split shank with diamonds surrounding the band, we’re not surprised that Monica said yes to Robert and their new life together!

“The ring is beautiful and did not disappoint. The Brain Gavin team went above and beyond.” – Robert

As Robert arrived home from his most recent 120-day tour on a ship at sea, Jamie made sure the ring was shipped to Robert & Monica’s house in Las Vegas, NV. The very next day, Robert & Monica went down to the Colorado River – right below the Hoover Dam – and started taking pictures. After ten attempts to set the camera timer and run out into the river where Monica was standing, Robert had the timing down to ask the all-important question.

After a joyful “Yes” in the middle of a river, Monica stood beaming, star-struck by the beauty of the ring Robert had designed just for her.


What Your Diamond Shape Says About You

Engagement rings may symbolize love, matrimony and a forever spent with the love of your life, but there is a lot more to this little stone than you may realize. It has been discovered that there is a special link between the type of diamond cut a woman wears and her own unique personality traits. Here are five of our favorite diamond shapes and what their hidden meaning may say about you!

The Round Diamond

Round cut diamonds are one of the most popular cuts to date. A wearer of this stone is said to be traditional and classy. Whether in an elaborate or simple setting, there is one thing we know for certain, the round diamond is a timeless symbol of the utmost sophistication.

Katie Halo

Katie Halo

Princess Diamond

The princess cut is also another popular stone, but with a modern twist! Our favorite aspect of this shape is that it can be placed in a variety of settings, making each ring unique to its owner. This style ring can be seen on flirtatious and bold personalities.

Truth Micro Pave Princess

Truth Micro Pave Princess

Cushion Diamond

The cushion cut diamond is a historic and vintage piece of jewelry. This shape came into style when women began to embrace individualism in fashion. A wearer of this ring cherishes its antique history and is known to be elegant and romantic.



Pear Diamond

The pear shape’s unique style is not only an icon of beauty but also exudes confidence. Many women who rock this ring are known to be daring, full of life, and adventurous.

pear diamond

Emerald Diamond  

The emerald diamond is an old-fashioned shape with a contemporary flair. Known for its effortless beauty and precision, this ring can be found on someone who is bold, strong, and marches to their own drum in life.

Emerald and Baguette

Emerald and Baguette

A Love Meant To Be: Andrew And Emily

Andrew and Emily’s story began when these two lovebirds met through an internship at their church. The early days of their relationship were straight out of a modern-day fairy tale. They started off as friends, but, as time went by, they started spending more time together at and outside of work.

For the sake of their incredible friendship, the couple initially put their feelings aside, but as they grew closer, it became hard to deny the chemistry that crackled between them. Everything changed on an unforgettable ski trip to Breckenridge, CO, as Andrew realized he would regret not asking out the girl of his dreams!

The couple’s first few months of dating were challenging due to their long-distance relationship. They made it work by creating a series of “destination dates” wherein they met for a long weekend in different cities. For Andrew, this chapter of their lives gave him the inspiration he needed to plan a beautiful proposal: they would relive their past adventures while creating new ones.

To pop the question, Andrew planned a date for Emily over New Year’s Day. Spanning two days, the couple would make 10 special stops, and Andrew crafted a letter for Emily to read at each location. Knowing his future fiancée might catch on to his plan, Andrew attempted to throw Emily off by telling her he wouldn’t have a ring in time and that it would be the last time they could go out for a while since he had to prepare for his CPA exam.

  It worked! Emily had no idea it would be the day she always remembered.  

With the help of Emily’s family, Andrew’s future fiancé started off her morning by “running an errand” to the church, only to find her first letter waiting. It explained she was about to embark on a walk down memory lane, reliving some of their best times together.

The next stop was a lake house where the couple had their first conversation and the start of their friendship. Upon arrival, Andrew surprised her with a romantic dinner, and the two talked for hours.

Before ending their night, Andrew took Emily to Mozart’s Coffee Roasters, the site of their first date. There, she found a letter with a quiz about the order and location of their first five dates – their “destination dates” when they lived in different cities. Once Emily filled it out, Andrew sent her a text with a picture: two plane tickets to Denver, Emily’s favorite city and where Andrew knew Emily was The One.

Tickets in hand, the couple raced home to pack everything up for our early flight the next morning, just in time for New Years, Emily’s favorite holiday.

When the couple arrived in Denver, they spent their day at some of Emily’s favorite places before heading to Breckenridge for the final surprise. The couple ended their day with a walk around Blue River Plaza, a beautifully lit area of Breckenridge, where Andrew read the final letter. By the end of the letter, Andrew got down on knee to ask if Emily would spend the rest of her life with him. Of course, she said yes!

To express his love for Emily, Andrew decided on a Kristin Split Shank Halo setting with a Round Brian Gavin Blue center stone. This dazzling custom split shank halo diamond engagement ring features a 1.25 carat Brian Gavin Signature diamond melee that shines brightly, even from afar! The couple was blown away by the detailed work that went into making this ring sparkle and how the melee diamonds on the sides shined so vibrantly.

At the moment, Andrew and Emily are in the exciting process of wedding planning, and we wish nothing but the best for this couple!

Our team at Brian Gavin Diamonds know better than most people about the hesitation and pressure of finding the perfect engagement ring for a significant other. With a vast variety of diamonds to choose from, our team of expert diamond consultants guides customers through the process to ensure they can find a ring their future life partner will love.

If you’re looking to buy a special jewelry piece for a loved one, start your search at Brian Gavin Diamonds.

Four Tips To Successfully Engrave Your Ring

How many wedding comedies feature some sort of ring engraving blunder? A few probably come to mind, and although it’s funny in film, you might not want to be the butt of a joke when it comes to the big purchase you make for your special day. If you choose to get your ring engraved with Brian Gavin Diamonds, we will make sure the text, font, and size are perfect. In an effort to protect your wallet and future spouse’s patience, we’re offering four tips that we keep in mind to ensure your engraving comes out the way you imagined.

engraved ring
Ring Size

Before we jump into the nitty-gritty, you need to know the ring’s width. If the ring you want to engrave is too slim, most engravers won’t be able to work on it. Be sure to get a ring no less than 3mm wide, but keep in mind that a width of 5-7mm will yield the best results.

There might not be much room because some rings have a karat stamp, so it’s important to discuss with your jeweler about the engraving’s placement. Also, please make sure the ring fits! If the ring doesn’t fit right, the engraving has to be redone.

Length of Text

If you expect to write a full sentence, you might need to rethink. In general, it’s best to stick to a few words or a phrase. Some engravers can do a full sentence, but it will most likely come out too small to see.

bgd engravings
Font Choice

It’s generally recommended to go with a clear, crisp and simple font. If you have an intricate or script-centered font in mind, be wary the curly tails and swirling lines that might it difficult to read. The last thing you want is for your loved one to be puzzled over what you were trying to say. However, we do all of our engravings individually, so we are able to work with you on a font that will make your message come out come out beautifully.

What to Engrave

Whether it’s humorous, congratulatory, or romantic, figuring out what to say is perhaps the most important thing. Make sure you write out legibly exactly what you want the jeweler to engrave, so there are no miscommunications or discrepancies.

Some ideas include:
  • Always
  • Forever
  • Our love is eternal
  • I thee wed
  • Amore mio (My love, Italian)
Engravings are a wonderful way to personalize your jewelry for a loved one. It’s the perfect way to say I love you in your own personal way and can be something only the two of you know about. Brian Gavin Diamonds takes pride in customizing jewelry for its customers and making sure each piece purchased is special and represents something greater than a price tag. Find your next engraved piece, visit our website.  

A Gondola Proposal

At Brian Gavin Diamonds, we truly believe life is better when you find that one perfect partner who will be with you throughout all of life’s ups and downs. Gian Franco was lucky enough to find his special person, so he decided to make the commitment of a lifetime last winter and propose to his best friend.

Once he decided he wanted to spend forever with his girlfriend, his next step was to visit Brian Gavin Diamonds. He knew our expert team could help him choose the perfect engagement ring that could encapsulate their love.

“I probably got in touch with the entire team throughout my time looking for a diamond and setting. They were all super helpful and a joy to work with.” – Franco


After many detailed conversations with our team about his future fiancée and what she would love in a ring, Gian Franco chose the Legera Pave Six Prong ring in 18K rose gold to help pop the question. This particular ring is a variation on the popular Brian Gavin Diamonds’ Novela ring.


“My ring turned out to be incredibly beautiful. Special shout outs to Emily, Jamie, and Lesley. Thank you so much for all your help!”- Franco

Legera Pave Six Prong

The Legera is an illusion trim solitaire with 4 beads per stone. This arrangement makes the diamond melee truly “pop” on the ring, making it a perfect choice for people who want to up the sparkle factor of their jewelry!

Engagement Ring

When the ring arrived, Gian was thrilled with how beautiful it looked, so he quickly got to work planning the perfect proposal for his sweetheart. Living in San Diego, Gian Franco went with the great idea for a romantic date night on the water – start off with a gondola ride and follow it with a quiet dinner on the Coronado Bay.

And of course, she said YES!

“It was perfect!”-Franco


Love Is In The Air Giveaway

Ready to celebrate love? As you plan a memorable Valentine’s Day surprise for your partner, don’t miss the opportunity to score some sparkle! This month, we’re launching the Love Is In The Air Photo Contest. Share a photo of your Brian Gavin Diamonds jewelry along with why you love your partner for a chance to win a $250 gift certificate. One lucky winner will treat themselves to new bling!

Love Is In The Air Giveaway

 Entering is simple:

  • Snap a photo of your Brian Gavin Diamonds jewelry to post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (accounts must be public to qualify)
  • Caption your photo with why you love your significant other with the hashtag #BGDLove
  • Post as many entries as you’d like between February 1st and February 28th, 11:59 p.m. CST.

We can’t wait to read why your partner is one of a kind!

The Ultimate Valentine's Day Gift Guide

For many couples, Valentine’s Day is a special occasion to show your person just how much you care. While it doesn’t have to cost a fortune, it is important to make your Valentine feel just as special as she makes you feel. No matter what stage a relationship is in, purchasing the perfect gift can be daunting. If Cupid’s arrow hasn’t quite sparked that “perfect” gift idea yet, there’s no need to worry. We’ve put together a list of Valentine’s Day gifts fit for any type of relationship.

Infinity Ring

To show your Valentine that you’re in this relationship for the long-run, Nambe’s Infinity Ring is the perfect symbol. The swooping X-shape is a playful take on this popular symbol that signifies a forever lasting love. On-trend and versatile, this ring is a great everyday accessory that can be added to any jewelry collection.

Fiorella 3 Stone

For those significant others who can’t wait to welcome the spring time, our Fiorella 3 Stone is a fashionable three stone ring with a flowery touch. If your partner likes adding subtle touches to her outfits, she’ll fall in love with this piece. It’s available in white, rose, or yellow gold, so she can have her favorite metal or all three!

Classic Martini Earrings

When it comes to simplicity, diamond studs are a great way to accessorize without making too bold of a statement. A great example of this would be our popular Classic Martini Earrings. Your Valentine can dress them up with a white blouse and pencil skirt or go for a more casual look with jeans and a tee. Either way, she’ll be ready to take on the world with these beauties.


Pendant necklaces are a favorite accessory for women who like simple jewelry pieces with the right amount of sparkle factor to wow a crowd. The Barbara Bezel Pendant is terrific for everyday wear and also makes a great gift for your special someone.

Round Cab Light Amethyst

Finishing off our Valentine’s Day gift guide is this beautiful Round Cab Light Amethyst ring. If your sweetheart likes making a bold statement with pops of color, this ring is a must-have! We guarantee this piece is a showstopper that will leave people asking about it.

Whatever stage of your relationship you’re in and however you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day, we hope you and your Valentine share a beautiful day together! If you’d like to shop these or other gorgeous jewelry pieces, visit the Brian Gavin Diamonds website.

Our Favorite Brian Gavin Diamonds Pearls

Long known as the “Queen of Gems,” pearls have been worn by women for centuries. This timeless stone can date back as far as ancient China and Rome. Commonly worn by royals, pearls have made a name for itself as a stone of utmost class and prestige, and we can see why!

Here are some of our favorite Brian Gavin Diamonds’ pearls that will make the perfect winter accessory and have you feeling like Queen Elizabeth herself.

Marquise Ring Mother of Pearl

If you are looking to make a statement this season, check out the Marquise Ring Mother of Pearl. With its contemporary shape, this pearl ring will add a modern flair to any outfit.

Pearls No 12

These pearl studs are a classic staple you will definitely want to add to your jewelry box.

Pearl Drops

Looking for a little bit more sparkle? Our Pearl Drops take glamorous to the next level.

Pearls No 18

This trendy pearl rope necklace can be styled in a variety of ways, making it the perfect go-to necklace for every wardrobe.

Check out our collection of unique pearls that would make a perfect addition to anyone's jewelry collection. Visit our website to see it all.