From Lab Partners to Life Partners: Angelina & Stephen

Love may not be an element on the periodic table, but that didn't stop Stephen and Angelina from sparking a chemical bound in their college chemistry class. With abstruse conversations of atomic mass and charged electrons the lab partners found time to make a deeper connection, but who would have guessed they'd be life partners? As the same suggests, sometimes you find real 'chemistry' in science class.

After starting a relationship, Stephen knew Angelina would be the woman he'd get on one knee for with a glittering ring in hand. With Stephen’s hectic work schedule and travel, the search for the perfect ring for Angelina was somewhat chaotic.

Thankfully, Stephen landed on our website when searching for the highest quality diamonds with fluorescence. “I tend to overanalyze large purchases, and I was very particular about certain aspects of the ring and diamond, as I’m sure the folks at BGD can attest," Stephen described. "I have a terrible eye for diamonds, so the images and documentation provided by BGD were very helpful in appeasing my analytical side," he continued.

After choosing the perfect Brian Gavin Blue diamond, Stephen wanted to make Angelina's ring truly one-of-a-kind. "They had a stone that perfectly fit my requirements, and together we built a band and setting that perfectly fit the stone. The results were flawless," Stephen attested. He chose our popular Classic Style Half Round engagement ring setting and added a special inscription that would forever mark his love.

Stephen was a fan of the customization and our team's thorough updates. "For those jewelry buyers with very specific or discerning tastes and styles, it quickly becomes very important to work with one company that can do it all," Stephan said.

After five months of planning, Stephen surprised Angelina with an intimate proposal. Angelina had just gotten home from work excited to welcome Stephen home from his long business trip, but little did she know that despite his lack of sleep and hectic travel schedule, he had a special surprise up his sleeve…or in this case in his pocket.

Angelina painted the perfect picture for our team, she said:

I thought Stephen was in his office on a work call because the door was closed. I went to the bedroom to change and when I walked in he was standing in front of me smiling. I have a love for lights and Stephen had written out “Will You Marry Me” in Christmas lights on the wall and had hung white lights from the rest of the walls. One of my favorite foods is chocolate covered strawberries, and he had a box sitting on one of our nightstands. He also had several framed photos of us at various points in our relationship. Stephen had several candles lit (in my favorite scent, which is cinnamon). He had also framed all of the diamond information that he received from Brian Gavin so that he could explain what he had been up to the last few months as well as describe why he had picked out my specific stone.

Angelina was in complete shock! “All I could do was repeat, ‘Oh my God” and ‘Are you sure?’ but managed a screaming ‘Yes!’ in the midst of it all," she exclaimed.

Angelina’s first impression of her engagement ring meant a lot to Stephen—the sparkle left her speechless. Her favorite parts of the ring are the special engravement and the scintillating Brian Gavin Blue stone. “The diamond has fluorescence that is most noticeable in sunlight. It is such an awesome aspect to the ring, and I love that the diamond has kept that natural quality," she said.

Stephen and Angelia wed last fall, and we're honored to have been a part of their special day. We wish these two love birds a lifetime of happiness and chemistry. If you’d like to shop other gorgeous engagement ring styles like Angelina’s stunning diamond, visit the Brian Gavin Diamonds website.

To Forever in Paradise

Island sunsets and crisp ocean breezes set the tone for Cris and Krystle’s romance in the Caribbean. Before these wistful wayfarers packed their bags to turn miles into memories, they met in college years prior while studying at the University of Connecticut. Cris instantly had a crush on Krystle following their first time hanging out at the Filipino American Students Association.

Cris and Krystle BGD Engagement Photo 4

Fast forward nearly seven years and the two shared their first kiss together at a magical New Year’s Eve party. Since that intimate moment, the rest became history. In Krystle’s words, she “realized eventually we were weirdly perfect for each other.” One special moment at a party quickly evolved into meaningful adventures around the world.

When they first started dating, Krystle was deathly afraid of flying, but that didn’t stop Cris’ adventurous spirit from rubbing off on her. Before he knew it, Cris had convinced Krystle to join him for a destination wedding in Punta Cana, a gorgeous resort town in the Dominican Republic. The tropical trip was an absolute blast! So much so, that Krystle started researching which all-inclusive resort she’d want to visit for her 30 birthday.

Cris and Krystle BGD Engagement Photo 3

Before the loving couple jetted off to Punta Cana for Krystle’s birthday celebration, Cris heavily researched online for the perfect engagement ring. He ultimately landed on Brian Gavin Diamonds and our team worked together step-by-step to create Krystle’s dream engagement ring.

“My favorite part about working with the BGD team was that they made me feel like my proposal to Krystle had to be perfect, just like I wanted it to be,” Chris recalled. “They made me feel comfortable with the choices that fell within my budget. The prompt responses also made me feel very valued as a customer,” he continued.

Cris had taken careful notes on what Krystle would want in a ring and ultimately landed on a beautiful New Truth Solitaire Engagement Ring set in 18K rose gold with a Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows brilliant round diamond.

New Truth Solitaire BGD Engagement Ring set in 18K rose gold 3

With the ring safely packed away, Cris and Krystle jetted off to Punta Cana for her special day. Cris played it cool, not letting on to the hidden engagement ring that would confirm their future, but a mixture of excitement and nervousness set in on Krystle’s birthday.

Cris and Krystle BGD Engagement Photo 1

Despite Cris’ butterflies, Krystle didn’t catch on to his plans. “Right before it happened, our friend Geoff was posing us for pictures during the sunset, which wasn’t out of the ordinary since he’s always taking pictures. It wasn’t until we were back-to-back under a decorated canopy and I could notice our friends start to pull out their phones that I realized something was about to happen,” beamed Krystle. “Not only did Cris surprise me with the proposal, but he was able to keep it a secret from almost everyone else on the trip! It was definitely a moment to remember, surrounded by some of my closest friends,” she said.

Cris and Krystle BGD Engagement Photo 5

It was a sight to see, and thankfully Geoff (the couple’s close friend and creator of Take 220 Productions) captured every blissful second in photos and a beautiful video montage.

Cris’ diamond homework and beautifully planned proposal certainly left Krystle stunned. “I cannot get over the brilliance of my Brian Gavin diamond. The craftsmanship and care that goes into cutting a diamond to the exact measurements that will maximize its beauty are evident,” she marveled.

Cris and Krystle BGD Engagement Photo 2

We loved working with Cris and enjoyed crafting the ultimate birthday gift. We wish the happy couple many wonderful years to come. Visit our website to see other glamorous engagement ring styles and start your own love story.


Celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month with BGD

In honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage month, we’re reminiscing about some of the beautiful customer love stories and proposals we’ve had the opportunity of being a part of.

Temple of Love

Alan proposed to his lovely long-time girlfriend Danielle on a vacation getaway in Southeast Asia. The couple had been making their way throughout Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore and Cambodia where they visited the beautiful Angkor Wat temples. Rich in culture and history, this was the enchanted location Alan chose to ask Danielle to be his wife. He proposed with a dazzling Novela Patientia ring with glimmering emerald gemstones throughout the band.

Love is All You Need

Since he was 19 years old, Frank knew Sarah was the one that he wanted to spend forever with. Their paths crossed by chance years later when they serendipitously met again while both playing violin in the same orchestra. Frank chose a striking platinum Classic Style Half Round Solitaire engagement ring for Sarah. They’ve become inseparable and continue to live a life full of love for each other and the music they play.

Hong Kong Romance

Tom and Hanna planned a trip to visit her parents living in Hong Kong. She didn’t have a clue that Tom had already been planning to make their trip more memorable by proposing surrounded by friends and family. The Tapered Classic Style Half Round engagement ring setting was the perfect style to symbolize his love for Hanna. With ring in hand and their trip underway, Tom popped the question, grinning ear-to-ear as Hanna said yes!

The Unforgettable Birthday

Hung had a thrilling and adventurous birthday weekend arranged for his girlfriend. To add excitement to the festivities, he secretly planned to ask for her hand in marriage as the ideal close to an amazing weekend. Working closely with the BGD team, he perused the selection and came upon the Classic Style Knife Edge engagement ring style. Without a doubt in his mind, Hung knew he had found the most impeccable ring. It truly was the perfect ending to an unforgettable weekend!

California Dreams

Jack wanted to take his girlfriend to all the beautiful places they visited when they first met. They travelled to the Bay Area and explored Land’s End, the Legion of Honor, Golden Gate Park and finally the Palace of Fine Arts. At the Palace of Fine Arts, they sat on a blanket overlooking the majestic columns and flipped through a special photo album he created of their time together. He recited a beautiful poem as he bent down on one knee and extended the Tapered Classic Style Half Round out to her hand.

Proposal in Paradise

Colleen and Sean would often talk about spending their lives together. To celebrate the New Year, they visited the beautiful island of Kauai, a place close to their hearts because that’s where their families live. Sean wanted a custom platinum three stone, three halo setting with a vividly stunning Black by Brian Gavin center stone to profess his love for Colleen. The happy couple celebrated the New Year with a magical beach proposal. We are so thankful to have been a small part of these amazing customer love stories. For more engagement ring inspiration, visit our website.

Winter Wonderland Alaskan Proposal

Most high school sweethearts fall madly into “puppy love,” but Matthew knew from the moment he met Katelin in high school economics class that this would be more than “puppy love.” Katelin was the one for him, so Matthew started searching for that perfect ring to show his love and devotion. Two years earlier, Katelin had already tried on a ring at Tiffany and Co., but with such a hefty price tag, Matthew looked elsewhere. He turned to Brian Gavin Diamonds and the BGD team to find the perfect ring for Katelin to light up her face with joy. “I was nervous purchasing such an expensive ring online without being able to see it first hand, but the BGD team did such a remarkable job answering all my questions, and reassuring me on the ring selection.” Ultimately, Matthew chose the ever-stunning Classic Three Stone open basket platinum setting featuring a center diamond from Brian Gavin Diamonds’ Signature Collection as well as two surrounding diamonds from the Black by Brian Gavin Collection. “When I first saw it, I knew it was the perfect ring for her. Brian Gavin Diamonds blew the Tiffany and Co. rings completely out of the water. It’s the most incredible and brilliant ring I have ever seen!” With the perfect ring in hand, Matthew started brainstorming ideas to surprise her, he thought, “I knew I wanted something Alaskan! What’s better than a glacier proposal?” You can’t get any surprises past Katelin, so Matthew had to pull out all stops to surprise her for this special day. “The day of the proposal was pretty nerve-racking! I did not want anything to go wrong, to say the least, and knowing this was such a special day, I had to play it right. Fortunately, her father’s birthday was the same weekend, so we told her the helicopter glacier tour was all for his birthday and it would be a great opportunity to take family pictures.” After meticulously planning the special surprise with her parents for months (he even had her mom record the entire proposal), Matthew popped the question with a beautiful Alaskan glacier as the backdrop. “Needless to say, she cried tears of joy and said yes! Plus, she has a video and photos to reflect on it as much as she wants!” The entire BGD team wishes Matthew and Katelin a long life full of love and happiness. You may view similar spectacular creations like Katelin’s engagement ring by visiting the Brian Gavin Diamonds website.

Bring Old World Glamor with Brian Gavin Diamonds

For brides looking for the perfect balance of rustic chic and glamorous romance, Texas ranch weddings are an ideal choice to bring such a vision to life. With a hint of beautiful rose gold, this Texas wedding borrows elements of European inspiration and exudes old world glamor from beginning to end. Bring Old World Glamor to Texas - Brian Gavin Diamonds 6 In collaboration with Skylar Caitlin of Chancey Charm, we’ve chosen a few of our favorite details from this dazzling styled photo shoot to showcase another breathtakingly beautiful Texas wedding. The exquisite style of this photoshoot offers a gorgeous setting to showcase the sparkling treasures from our new 810 Collection. The rings in the collection are completely customizable with the choice of 18k rose gold, yellow gold, white gold or platinum and incorporate romantic design elements reminiscent of the of Art Deco and Art Nouveau eras. Bring Old World Glamor to Texas - Brian Gavin Diamonds 6 We can’t help but admire the beautiful details in the natural, soft floral arrangement. The blush and burgundy flowers add intrigue and depth to the color scheme of the photo shoot and perfectly complement the rose gold 810 Collection ring. Bring Old World Glamor to Texas - Brian Gavin Diamonds 6 Bring Old World Glamor to Texas - Brian Gavin Diamonds 6 Lastly, the unique outdoor elements featured in the shoot – from the rustic gate with its captivating arches to the weathered stone comprising the church – exude Texas countryside meets European glamor. A huge “thank you” to Chancey Charm and all of the partners who participated in the photo shoot for the opportunity to showcase the newly-released 810 Collection against such a gorgeous backdrop. To view more photos from the photo shoot, check out the feature on Style Me Pretty. Visit our website to view other stunning pieces from the 810 Collection and for more wedding inspiration! Bring Old World Glamor to Texas - Brian Gavin Diamonds 6 Credits: Photography by Davy Whitener Photography Floral by Bows and Arrows Décor by House of Hough Gown by Leanne Marshall Menswear by Menguin Hair and Makeup by Blushworthy  

Wedding Wishlist Giveaway Winners Tie the Knot in BGD

It’s commonly said that the best love stories are those that evolve from friendship. That’s certainly the case with Ayana and Vagner—our winners of last year’s Wedding Wishlist Giveaway, who received their very own fairytale wedding. Wedding Wishlist Giveaway Winners Tie the Knot in BGD It was a special moment when fate intervened one beautiful day and the couple met in the same youth group at their church. Vagner waited two years before mustering up the courage to ask Ayana on a true first date. With a stomach full of butterflies, Ayana accepted the invitation with absolutely no hesitation. “I truly couldn’t wait and even used a dry-erase marker to write a countdown on my bedroom mirror,” Ayana beamed, “At the end of our first date, he asked if I wanted to be his girlfriend. It was the perfect moment and everything felt so right. I said YES!” Ayana & Vagner - Brian Gavin Diamonds' Wedding Wishlist Giveaway Winners It wouldn’t be the last time Ayana would say “yes.” Enchanted months turned into unforgettable years. Their love grew stronger with every passing day. Knowing for quite some time that they’d both found the one, Vagner bent down to one knee and asked for Ayana’s hand in marriage in the fall of 2014. While planning her dream wedding, Ayana found Brian Gavin Diamonds online and fate stepped in at the exact right moment. We had just announced our Wedding Wishlist Giveaway, a prize package awarding a lucky couple with an incredible prize package and two BGD wedding bands. Ayana and Vagner didn’t waste a minute entering the giveaway. They waited anxiously to hear the results, knowing that this opportunity would make their wedding even more special. When the contest wrapped up, we were so excited to share that Ayana was our chosen winner. Ayana & Vagner - Brian Gavin Diamonds' Wedding Wishlist Giveaway Winners The couple was gifted with two complimentary Brian Gavin Diamonds wedding bands, an exotic honeymoon stay in Mexico, wedding planning must-haves from Tulle La La, an exceptional Redbeard Brand groom kit, and one-of-a-kind Nib and Pixel wedding invitations. Ayana worked with our team to choose two platinum Legera Pave Matching Bands, a stunning option to compliment her halo ring. Brian Gavin Diamonds Wedding Band “When my wedding bands arrived in the mail, I was honestly speechless,” Ayana described. “I had no idea how I’d find a wedding band to complement my engagement ring, and thanks to BGD’s generosity, I was able to get two simple bands that fit my ring beautifully.” Ayana and Vagner were married in January 2016 in a gorgeous ceremony surrounded by family and close friends. Vagner even serenaded his sweet bride with a special love song that he played on his guitar! Ayana & Vagner - Brian Gavin Diamonds' Wedding Wishlist Giveaway Winners We love providing opportunities for customers to have the wedding of their dreams, beyond the engagement ring. Our Wedding Wishlist Giveaway was an amazing chance to be a part of Ayana and Vagner’s happy ending and we’ll cherish it for the years to come. To stay updated on special contests and announcements, sign up for our newsletter.

Law of Attraction: Sabrina & Dana's Engagement

Sabrina and Dana were first introduced in an outing with a large group of mutual friends during their second year at Marquette University Law School. Dana was immediately hooked by Sabrina’s beauty and charm, so much so that he didn’t want the night to end before knowing exactly when he would be able to see her again.

Completely by “chance,” Dana surprised Sabrina the following morning by stopping by the table where she was studying in the library.

Sabrina & Dana's Wedding - Brian Gavin Diamonds

“I was floored by how thoughtful, well-spoken, handsome and sweet he was,” Sabrina beamed. “Within weeks, we were inseparable. In fact, we decided to travel to Europe together for Spring Break only six weeks after we met! We've been adventuring together ever since.”

Law school can be a hectic time with everyone around you striving toward the same goal. Their relationship withstood the pressures of law school and they graduated together, both receiving amazing job offers in different cities.

Sabrina & Dana's Wedding - Brian Gavin Diamonds

Dana knew he had to be wherever Sabrina was. Without hesitation, he dropped everything – leaving a job offer, friends, and his former home – and followed Sabrina to Minneapolis.

Dana looked to Brian Gavin Diamonds to find an immaculate engagement ring to symbolize his love for and devotion to Sabrina. He chose the stunning Valentine Micro Pave 1 engagement ring, complete with an 18K white gold finish. With the ring picked out, he began to plan an elaborate proposal to win Sabrina’s heart permanently.

BGD Valentine Micro Pave Engagement Ring in 18K White Gold - Brian Gavin Diamonds

“The day that he proposed seemed to me like any other day, in that we both went off to work and then planned to meet up at one of our favorite Minneapolis restaurants for drinks and an appetizer,” Sabrina described. “Little did I know that he was nervously carrying around my Brian Gavin diamond around in his pocket all day!”

Sabrina & Dana's Wedding - Brian Gavin Diamonds

Sabrina’s story had us swooning, so we’ll let you hear it in her own words:

That evening, we had a wonderful date and Dana managed to convince me to walk out on the historic Stone Arch Bridge in sub-zero degree temperatures to look at a very-rarely frozen waterfall over the Mississippi River.

As we walked out on the bridge, Dana suggested that he might have an early Valentine's gift for me if I was interested. We turned around to make our way back to the warmth of the car because the cold air was making it harder to concentrate. I took a few steps before I realized that he hadn't continued with me.

When I turned around, he was down on one knee and asked that I spend the rest of my life with him. Amid my complete and utter shock, I managed to say yes and forget how cold it was outside as we embraced. Tears of happiness trickled down my cheek and it was only when Dana realized the teardrops were starting to freeze that we hurried to celebrate indoors!

Sabrina's Brian Gavin Diamonds Valentine Micro Pave Engagement Ring

Just like she did with Dana, Sabrina experienced a rush of feelings and love at first sight. “The ring Dana chose for me is brilliant, beautiful and unique! I couldn't take my eyes off it,” she exclaimed.

“We had never spoken about wedding plans, much less ring styles, so I truly felt that my future husband was the one for me based on his selection of the perfect ring. I wouldn't have been able to identify a more perfect ring if I tried. The style is so classic and stunning,” she admitted.

Sabrina & Dana's Wedding - Brian Gavin Diamonds

Sabrina and Dana tied the knot with a glamorous, traditional ceremony in Salt Lake City, Utah. The day was bright and colorful amid the backdrop of the majestic Utah mountains, and the lucky couple was surrounded by their closest friends and family.

To see other gorgeous engagement ring styles like Sabrina’s stunning diamond, visit the Brian Gavin Diamonds website.


Trend Report: Vintage-Inspired Engagement Rings

Brian Gavin Diamonds offers a multitude of engagement ring styles, drawing inspiration from all eras. A noteworthy trend racing through the wedding scene is the romantic, vintage-inspired motif. Every bride, no matter how modern her wedding aesthetic, looks for a sense of tradition within a beautiful ceremony. Your “something old” can be “something new” with a vintage twist. We’ve selected some of our favorite vintage-inspired engagement rings to swoon the love of your life.

Trend Report: Vintage-Inspired Engagement Rings -  Brian Gavin Diamonds 810 Rose Gold Ring

810-02 Engagement Ring

Trend Report: Vintage-Inspired Engagement Rings -  Brian Gavin Diamonds 810 Rose Gold Ring

810-02 Engagement Ring

Say “I love you,” with this charming and romantic 18K rose gold 810-02 engagement ring. This stunning ring is a part of the exclusive Brian Gavin Diamonds 810 Collection that features pieces reminiscent of the Art Nouveau and Art Deco eras.

Trend Report: Vintage-Inspired Engagement Rings -  Brian Gavin Diamonds 810 Rose Gold Ring

810-03 Ring

Trend Report: Vintage-Inspired Engagement Rings -  Brian Gavin Diamonds 810 Rose Gold Ring

810-03 Ring

The 810 collection offers the gorgeous 810-03. This ring is the perfect way to symbolize your love forever.

Trend Report: Vintage-Inspired Engagement Rings -  Brian Gavin Diamonds Round Halo Ring

Round Square Halo Engagement Ring

Trend Report: Vintage-Inspired Engagement Rings -  Brian Gavin Diamonds Round Halo Ring

Round Square Halo Engagement Ring

Nothing says classic more than the 18K white gold Round Square Halo style engagement ring. The magnificent center stone is bezel set and surrounded by 0.65 ctw F/G VS Brian Gavin Signature melee diamonds in the halo that mirrors those that are 75 percent around the shank. The Round Square Halo cannot be mirrored by any other in our time.

Trend Report: Vintage-Inspired Engagement Rings -  Brian Gavin Diamonds Freya Ring

Freya Engagement Ring

Trend Report: Vintage-Inspired Engagement Rings -  Brian Gavin Diamonds Freya Ring

Freya Engagement Ring

The platinum Freya engagement ring focuses on minimalism with small flourishes. Soft sweeping lines lead to eye-popping diamonds that are cut for optimum sparkle and set into six prongs. Fashion may be fickle, but this elegant design will always be in style.

Trend Report: Vintage-Inspired Engagement Rings -  Brian Gavin Diamonds Lace and Sapphire Engagement Ring

Lace with Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

Trend Report: Vintage-Inspired Engagement Rings -  Brian Gavin Diamonds Lace and Sapphire Ring

Lace with Blue Sapphire Band

The delicate Lace with Blue Sapphire engagement ring with the matching band sings antique-era at first glance. The wedding band adds elegance with its intricate pattern. Your bride will always have her “something blue” as time goes on.

Trend Report: Vintage-Inspired Engagement Rings -  Brian Gavin Diamonds Livia Ring

Livia Ring

Trend Report: Vintage-Inspired Engagement Rings -  Brian Gavin Diamonds Livia Ring

Livia Ring

The Livia ring in 18K yellow gold is a lavish treasure that takes notes from a timeless era. The beautiful marquise diamonds and detailed millgrain edges give this stunner a glamorous touch.

Trend Report: Vintage-Inspired Engagement Rings -  Brian Gavin Diamonds Kayla Ring

Kayla Ring

Trend Report: Vintage-Inspired Engagement Rings -  Brian Gavin Diamonds Kayla Ring

Kayla Ring

The platinum Kayla ring is a magnificent three-row half eternity twist style setting featuring 0.60 ctw F/G VS Brian Gavin Signature hearts and arrows diamonds melee with an elegant six-prong head. With an extravagant twist on an interesting band, this engagement ring emits love and devotion through its traditional hints.

They say history repeats itself. That proves true with engagement ring styles. Vintage-inspired jewels are an incredible and timeless trend that will continue for decades. For other dazzling engagement rings, check out the selection on our website.

Engagement Rings to Love: National Proposal Day Inspiration

There is plenty of reason to celebrate March 20. Not only is it the first day of spring, but it’s also National Proposal Day!

Many think this day is just a popular way to execute elaborate proposals, but we see things in a different light. Think of National Proposal Day as the acceptable day for you to nudge your significant other in the direction of what style engagement ring you’d adore.

In the spirit of National Proposal Day, we’ve chosen a few of our favorite engagement ring styles that offer all kinds of inspiration to pop the question!

Romantic Rose Gold

810 Ring

A striking addition to our selection of engagement rings, the 18K Rose Gold 810 ring is a part of the newly released 810 Collection. The sparkling assortment of engagement rings features solitaire and halo styles with dazzling antique details. This beauty is sure to make any bride-to-be speechless!

Luminous Halos

Platinum Kristin Split Shank Halo Engagement Ring

Platinum Kristin Wedding Band

Every bride dreams of an amazing engagement ring that has just the right amount of tradition. A halo engagement ring is turning into a classic style that is a favorite among lovely brides. The magnificent platinum Kristin Split Shank Halo engagement ring features 1.25 ctw Brian Gavin Signature F/G VS diamond melee and is a great combination of elegance and tradition. Pair this beauty with the platinum Kristin Matching Band on your big day!

Exquisite Side Stones

Josette Side Stone Ring

The custom-made platinum Josette Side Stone engagement ring is a gorgeous setting that isn’t short on glamor. The exquisite side stones leading up to the center stone add a unique detail that any woman would cherish. No matter how elaborate and picturesque the proposal, this engagement ring steals the show.

Fabulous Eternity Bands

Michelle Engagement Ring

The 18K White Gold Michelle engagement ring is a customized half eternity setting with F/G VS Brian Signature melee. Eternity bands are a timeless trend that adds a delightful sparkle to every day. This Michelle ring is anything but simple and its diamond encrusted eternity band is a charming treasure.

Sweet and Simplistic

18K Yellow Gold Honey Engagement Ring

18K Yellow Gold Honey Wedding Band

Simply put, the 18K yellow gold Honey engagement ring is a beautiful design by Jeff Cooper. Taking notes from the eternity band, the Honey ring adds elegant elements while keeping a modest air of chic. The 18K yellow gold Honey Matching Band is the perfect match to the sweet Honey engagement ring style.

With National Proposal Day right around the corner, take a look at the many engagement ring styles on the BGD website to find the perfect ring for you to drop the hint with. If you need further inspiration, check out our Instagram filled with exquisite sparkle to make you swoon.

Happy National Proposal Day!


Feeling Glamorous from Day to Night

Ever have those days where your hectic schedule keeps you on your toes without time to take a relaxing breath at home? You start the day off at the office, have lunch with coworkers, head to the gym for a yoga class and end the day at a romantic dinner with your significant other. You may remember to pack a change of clothes, but do you give your accessories a second thought? We get it! Life’s busy and sometimes your ensemble reflects that.

We’ve selected a few stunning Brian Gavin Diamonds sparklers that will combat those crazy days and keep you looking glam from day to night.

18K Yellow Gold 3-Stone Complete Earrings

With an incredibly hectic schedule, 18K yellow gold 3 Stone Complete earrings may be the piece for you! Both simple and elegant with just enough detail, these beauties stun in every light and at any time. Wear them in the office with that corporate pantsuit and when running to the grocery store in sneakers. Eyes will turn and for all the right reasons.

18K Rose Gold Square Honey Comb Earrings

This gorgeous set of 18K rose gold Square Honey Comb earrings is a little more fashion-forward than the traditional stud. These beautiful diamond earrings come in four metal types and feature 37 1.3mm G/VS diamond melee in each. The other moms at little Sally’s gymnastic class will need to know where you got such fabulous gems and how you keep them looking fantastic after a long work day.

14K White Gold Round Green Quartz Halo Ring

Alternating Diamonds Bracelet

The 14K white gold Round Green Quartz Halo ring features a 12mm round double-sided checkerboard green quartz center stone, accented with diamonds. We recommend pairing this statement ring with an 18K white gold Alternating Diamond Hearts bracelet. The hint of color on the ring complements the elegant bracelet, making even a pair of denim jeans and a plain white t-shirt look gorgeous. This combination is the perfect addition to any errand you may be running!

14K Rose Gold Cushion Lond Blue Topaz Pendant

Your Sunday brunch outfit will look so much more amazing when you’re wearing the radiant 14K rose gold Cushion London Blue Topaz pendant. Over mimosas and waffles, your girlfriends will envy your sophisticated day look with this gorgeous pendant complementing your favorite sundress. From the sundress to the little black dress, your pendant will flatter any look your style. No need to go overboard with accessories—this pendant says it all with just one look.

18K White Gold Pearl Huggies

A traditional and all-time favorite is the 18K white gold Pearl Huggies. It’s hard to wear pearls “wrong,” and these earrings are no different! These dangling beauties have approximately 0.40ctw diamond melee and two 10mm pearls. Pearls will look amazing with your pretty-in-pink dress or with the burgundy evening top that’s been hanging in your closet. No need to wait for a special event when these pearl earrings are perfect for any occasion.

Jacob's Key

The platinum Jacob’s Key pendant makes such a statement on its own and is the perfect blend of edgy and romantic. This magnificent diamond key was created in celebration of life and features approx. 0.87 ctw F/G VS Brian Gavin Signature melee with a 16" cable chain. Try this out with a navy blazer and matching pencil skirt—the boardroom is sure to be impressed. When you’re finally home, this key pendant will unlock compliments from your spouse.

For other versatile pieces to transition your look from day to night, visit our website.