Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

If you are looking for an engagement ring with the durability of a diamond combined with the individualism of a gemstone, a yellow diamond ring may be the perfect choice for you. Also known as the canary diamond, yellow diamonds have become increasingly popular over the decades. This stone offers beautiful and unique hues while also being an affordable, colored diamond option.

What causes the yellow coloring in these exquisite diamonds is the introduction of nitrogen during the formation process. Colored diamonds add up to only .0001% of all mined diamonds, which makes it a precious and exclusive stone! Celebrities such as Kelly Clarkson, Heidi Klum, and Carrie Underwood can be spotted rocking this style of engagement ring, and so can you! Here are some of our favorite yellow diamond engagement rings that your special someone will cherish forever.

Fancy Light Yellow Cushion 1.5ct Diamond Ring

This one-of-a-kind Fancy Light Yellow Cushion ring will have you looking, and feeling, like a movie star.

Fancy Orangy Yellow Cushion 1.20ct Diamond Ring

The Fancy Orange-Yellow Cushion ring has intricate orange undertones and exudes elegance.

Fancy Intense Yellow Cushion 1.02ct Diamond Ring

With a richer yellow hue, this Fancy Intense Yellow Cushion ring is vibrant and beautiful.

Although it's absolutely stunning and the perfect pop of color to any outfit, yellow jewelry isn't for everyone. If you fall into this category, Brian Gavin Diamonds has a large collection of colored gemstones and classic silver and gold jewelry to choose from! Visit our website to pick out your next sparkling piece.

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