Destiny At Its Best: Caitlin and Ken

Ken and Caitlin’s love story started out as a blind date in college. Having both grown up in northern New Jersey, they soon realized that they lived across the street from each other as kids and never knew until that very moment! It was destiny their paths would cross again.

caitlin and ken

Six happy years later, Ken knew Caitlin was the one and began planning his proposal. Prior to the big day, Ken studied diamonds for months to learn what would be the best fit for his future fiancée. When he discovered Brian Gavin Diamonds, Ken was pleased with all of the help he received in the buying process. After deciding on what would be the perfect cut and shape for Caitlin, he chose the elegant Signature Round Solitaire diamond set in a tapered classic half round 18k white gold setting. With the ring’s amazing shine and sparkle, it would easily make Caitlin fall in love with it.

caitlin ring

Ken had been delaying the proposal for some time. His goal was to surprise Caitlin when she least expected it. After days of having the ring, he was dying for Caitlin to see it, and what better way to show her than down on one knee!

It was a sunny January afternoon when Ken decided to pop the question. For the proposal, Ken’s plan was to show off the beauty of the ring. He knew that the best way to do this was to be outdoors, where it could glisten and sparkle in the natural sunlight.

caitlin yes

The morning of the proposal, Ken tirelessly tried to convince Caitlin to go on a walk with him through the woods by her house. Caitlin kept refusing to go because she wasn’t having the best day. Not only was Caitlin feeling ill due to her Crohn’s Disease flare-up, she was also upset that the holidays had come and gone and there still wasn’t a proposal from Ken.

caitlin ring selfie

After hours of persuasion, Caitlin FINALLY gave in. Having just got out of the shower, and still dressed in sweatpants, Caitlin was completely unaware this day would soon become the happiest day of her life.

Once they reached a more private spot on their walk, Ken unexpectedly dropped down to one knee, pulled out a Brian Gavin Diamonds box from his winter puffer coat pocket and said, “Caitlin, this is the spot where I first fell for you. Will you marry me?” Caitlin was in complete shock! At first, she assumed it was another one of Ken’s fake proposal jokes until she saw the Brian Gavin diamond ring glistening in the sun. Once the shock wore off, Caitlin said yes and threw her arms around Ken. It was the perfect ending to a perfect proposal.

caitlin bgd ring

Caitlin and Ken will tie the knot on June 22, 2019 in New Jersey, and our team at Brian Gavin wishes the happy couple a bright future together as husband and wife. If you’re tying the knot soon, we’d love to be a part of your special day. Start your search at Brian Gavin Diamonds.

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