One For The Books: A French Love Story

Here at Brian Gavin Diamonds, we know better than anyone the pressure of finding the right engagement ring and understand the hesitation some might feel about purchasing such a large item online. However, our team of expert diamond consultants is more than happy to take the time to call, email and communicate with you to ensure you are getting exactly what you want.

Read how Nicolas’s Brian Gavin Diamonds experience showcases the ease he had with his diamond purchase, even though he was in another country.

Nicolas and Anne-Sophie’s romantic love story sounds like a real-life romance novel. The two met at university in the south of France and will be together for eight years this November. However, their love story was not always easy. The couple lived long distance for most of their relationship and spent weekends trying to see each other by any means necessary to be together whether it was by plane, train or automobile. The couple met in different destinations such as Toulouse, Saint-Etienne, Nantes, Lyon or Paris, and were lucky enough to be from the same hometown and could be together when they visited family. Through the ups and downs of their long-distance relationship, Nicolas and Anne-Sophie finally were able to move together to Dallas. Unfortunately, this was short-lived as life and work had different plans for them and distance crept back into their lives.


After doing this again, the couple put a deadline on being and decided to move back together to the South of France by the end of 2018. During this process, they also discussed engagement but decided that they would wait to settle down. However, Nicolas had a surprise up his sleeve. After doing much research online and hearing about Sophie-Anne’s ring preferences throughout the years, Nicolas came across Black by Brian Gavin, our most exclusive line of rings. The idea of buying a diamond was both exciting and stressful for him, but once he was able to get in touch with the Brian Gavin Diamonds team, any concerns he had were soothed. Nicolas is overjoyed with the hard work the Brian Gavin Diamonds team put into his ring and truly believes we live up to our reputation of creating stunning custom rings.

Anne-Sophie Ring

To propose, Nicolas whisked Anne-Sophie away on a weekend getaway to Zanzibar. After a nice meal at sunset, the two relaxed in their bungalow terrace to enjoy a beautiful starry night sky and that is when Nicolas asked Anne-Sophie to spend the rest of her life with him. With tears and lots of emotions, Anne-Sophie, of course, said yes! She was absolutely stunned by the beauty of the ring and its story. Nicolas always wanted something refined, elegant and modern, not a ring that any other girl would have on her finger, which is why he entrusted BGD with this piece.

Ring Close-up

The ring is a magnificent piece and is a 14K Rose Gold Tension-like paved ring mounted with a beautiful 0.72 GVS2 Black by Brian Gavin Diamond. They were blown away by the details that were clearly made into making this ring sparkle and were impressed at how the melee diamonds on the sides shined so vibrantly.  Although they aren’t sure on all of their wedding details just yet, one thing is for certain, the couple will work with Brian Gavin Diamonds team to create their perfect pair of wedding bands.

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