Hitting the Jackpot in Real Life: Gary and Talia’s Proposal

The odds were in Gary and Talia’s favor on a summer night in 2013 when the couple met at a casino in Scranton, PA. Sparks instantly flew between the two, and to say the couple came out ahead that night is a bit of an understatement considering they hit the biggest jackpot life can offer – finding their soulmate.

Gary and Talia

Talia made the biggest bet of the night when she decided to start up a conversation with the tall man who caught her eye in a sea of people. Her bet certainly paid off because she knew Gary would be her husband someday. The couple fell hard and fast for each other but soon hit a roadblock. With Gary finishing medical school then moving to Tampa for a residency program, the couple decided to take a leap of faith.

Gary and Talia Proposal

Moving together was already a big step; therefore, it came very naturally for Gary to start looking for an engagement ring. He knew Talia wanted a simple timeless piece that sparkles to the skies and could go with anything she wears. Gary worked with the Brian Gavin Diamond team to pick out the perfect piece that would hold a special place in Talia’s heart forever – a Novela Platinum with a custom Hearts and Arrows Round diamond. The Novela’s "illusion-trim" bead set solitaire with four beads per stone makes any diamond shimmer and sparkle by enhancing its appearance to look larger. The dazzling ring certainly reflects the light that Talia brings into Gray’s life every day.

Talia Ring

In July, the couple celebrated their fifth anniversary at an elegant restaurant in Hyde Park. Little did she know, Talia actually scheduled their engagement photographer when she asked a friend who lived nearby to come by and take a picture of the two in front of a fountain then turned around to see Gary on one knee. Talia immediately started crying and got even more emotional when she saw the inside of the stunning ring was engraved with the date they met, July 10, 2013. Talia could not be happier with the ring Gary picked for her. She swears it sparkles even in the dark and she is constantly told by friends and even strangers that they have never seen a ring sparkle like hers.


Gary and Talia can’t thank the Brian Gavin Diamond team enough for being part of the most exciting moment in their life. The Brian Gavin Diamonds team continues to wish this beautiful couple the best of luck and was grateful to play a role in their journey by providing an amazing ring that they will cherish forever.

We’re happy to work together with you and work on a ring that will shine just like Talia’s by following our website.

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