From A Gumball Ring to An Engagement Ring – Patara and John

For this lovely couple, Brian Gavin Diamonds has been with them through every important step of their relationship. Whether it’s an anniversary, birthday, or even a push present, John and Patara keep coming back to Brian Gavin Diamonds to help mark all of their special milestones. Although each of their unique jewelry pieces has its own special story, John and Patara’s engagement story is a must tell that will melt your heart. Patara and John One summer night, Patara was invited to an early screening of a new Transformers movie with her friend and her friend’s cousin. Patara had always heard stories about her friend’s cute, tall cousin, and upon meeting at the theater, Patara wondered if this was the infamous cousin. Although the two sat next to each other, there wasn’t much time for them to chat and they quickly parted ways after the movie was over. The next day, Patara was invited to a game night, and the handsome man she sat next to during the Transformers movie was there. The following day, Patara was invited to a Fourth of July barbeque and… (you guessed it) John was there, once again! After spending three consecutive evenings with each other, the two knew there was something special brewing. Patara's Ring The day John proposed to Patara was special for many reasons. Not only was it the day when he asked the most important question of his life, it also coincided with Valentine’s Day and the Vietnamese/Chinese New Year. While Patara was on the phone with her mom, John came home and tried to rush her off the phone, urging her to accompany him for a quick walk. In an effort to not seem rude and hang up abruptly, Patara followed John while continuing to chat with her mother. During their walk, John stopped at a tree that had always been a special place for the two to talk and connect. John sat down, and Patara remained on the phone with her mom. Glancing over she saw John take out one of those plastic containers that you get from a gumball machine. Initially confused, Patara finally realized that something might be happening. She quickly got off the phone and walked over to John. Patara and John Wedding After confessing his love, John explained that he didn’t have enough money to buy her a real ring yet, but still wanted to be with her and got on one knee to propose with a gumball machine ring. With tears in her eyes, Patara said yes as he placed the gumball ring on her finger! Little did she know, John had one more surprise up his sleeve. Remaining on one knee, John pulled out a wooden box that contained a breathtaking engagement ring from Brian Gavin Diamonds. With even more tears running down her face, Patara said yes a second time and accepted her real ring. Like so many, John wanted an easy, stress-free process for buying an engagement ring. After extensive research, he found Brian Gavin Diamonds and was educated about the four C’s. With the expertise of the Brian Gavin Diamonds team helping him, John was able to find the perfect engagement ring for Patara. He selected the Classic Truth ring with an embedded birthstone, which is Patara’s favorite feature! Patara BGD Ring The wonderful experience John received at Brian Gavin Diamonds has kept him coming back to pamper Patara with more beautiful jewelry pieces including earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. She’s certainly a lucky lady! The couple has been married for almost seven years now, and the Brian Gavin Diamond Family is happy to be part of each step of their relationship and we look forward to seeing what the future has in store for them – and their family! Patara and John Family

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