Sharon and Ryan: A Match Made in Heaven

Sharon and Ryan turned an online match into a blossoming love story. After the two went back and forth messaging each other, they finally set up their first date, which included a little introduction to Sharon’s girlfriends. Managing to win them over, Ryan took Sharon on their first official date to the Santa Monica Pier. Fast forward almost a year, and this pair is inseparable. It didn’t take long for Ryan to decide Sharon was the girl he would marry.

As it turned out, the pair used their apartment’s reconstruction project as an excuse to take a much-needed vacation to Lake Tahoe. Before all the planning for this trip, Ryan sought out Brian Gavin Diamonds for the perfect ring to stop Sharon dead in her tracks.

 “I told them exactly what I was looking for, and they recommended a diamond that had yet to be posted on the website. It differed from the specifications I had in mind, but it turned out to be much better,” Ryan said.

With a beautiful Brian Gavin Blue Diamond in hand, Ryan began planning their upcoming trip to Lake Tahoe because as Brian saw it, “nothing beats the smell of mountain pine and the scenic alpine lakes.”

After spending their trip to Lake Tahoe climbing up breathtaking mountains and enjoying nature, Ryan had a romantic picnic planned. As they looped back around lucky pier number 11, they found a perfect spot to enjoy the scenic view along with some wine and cheese until the beautiful day turned into a beautiful sunset.

It was during the sunset that Ryan asked Sharon, “Are you happy?” To which she replied, “Yes,” and wondered what could have prompted this question. Ryan proceeded to say, “there were a lot of decisions in his life that he had his doubts about, whether or not they were good or bad, but this is not one of them.”

Ryan got down on one knee and opened the little black box to which Sharon thought, “It was very shiny and captured the light so beautifully. I was in complete awe and could not stop admiring it.” The newly engaged lovers embraced as they shared this gorgeous moment together.

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