5 Customer Proposals We Love

Being in the business of love we get to take part in just a little slice of people’s happily ever after. Sometimes we get couples that come through and we can’t help but fall in love with their story, here’s five of our favorite!

Barbara and Phil


Barbara and Phil's Proposal


How They Met: The Mermaid Oyster Bar in New York City was where these lovebirds met and they soon became the apples of each other’s eyes.

The Proposal: After two years of long distance dating, Phil knew Barbara was the one and wanted to take her back to where their love started. Phil created a personalized cocktail menu at the Mermaid Oyster Bar with a, “Will you marry me?” at the bottom. Barbara and Phil’s love came full circle when Barbara joyfully said yes to forever with Phil in the same exact spot they met.

The Ring: “My ring is such a masterpiece that I will treasure forever,” Barbara said dreamily. Phil worked with our team to design a 6-prong Classic Half Round setting in 18K gold.

Their Story: Read the rest of their love story here.

Katelin and Matthew

How They Met: Matthew and Katelin met in a high school economics class and have been crazy about each other ever since.

The Proposal: Matthew began planning an Alaskan proposal and expertly hid it from Katelin. On a helicopter glacier tour Matthew popped the question with the stunning Alaskan wilderness behind them. Katelin was completely surprised and said yes with tears of joy running down her face.

The Ring: Katelin’s finger is adorned with her dream ring, a Classic Three Stone open basket platinum setting featuring a center diamond from Brian Gavin Diamonds’ Signature Collection. The ring also features two surrounding diamonds from the Black by Brian Gavin Collection.

Their Story: Read the rest of their love story here.

Stephen and Angelina


Stephen and Angelina's Wedding Day


How They Met: Stephen and Angelina met in a college chemistry class where they went from lab partners to partners in crime.

The Proposal: After a long business trip away from his love, Stephen had plans to make Angelina his wife. Angelina got home and walked to their home office to welcome Stephen home. Upon opening the door, she saw “Will you marry me?” in Christmas lights, chocolate covered strawberries and the man of her dreams holding a ring.

The Ring: Stephen had specific standards for the ring and with the help of our team he chose our popular Classic Style Half Round engagement ring setting.  Stephen added a special inscription to express his love adding a unique touch to a stunning ring.

Their Story: Read the rest of their love story here.

Casey and James

How They Met: They say opposites attract, James and Casey can agree. After meeting through mutual friends, these two very different personalities fell in love.

The Proposal: In front of the Mayan Ruins in Costa Maya, Mexico, James endearingly asked Casey one of the most important questions of their lives. The ruins represented the thousands of years he wanted their love to withstand, just as the ruins have.

The Ring: With smiles on their faces James slid one of our Tapered Classic Style Half Round in 18K white gold onto Casey’s finger. With a personalized inscription on the inside, Casey’s ring dazzled as much as her smile. Their Story: Read the rest of their love story here.

Sabrina & Dana

Sabrina & Dana's Wedding - Brian Gavin Diamonds

Sabrina on her wedding day


How They Met: After meeting through a group of mutual friends Dana couldn’t let Sabrina go. Dana did some investigating and found out Sabrina was going to be at the library the next day. Dana “randomly” showed up at the library and surprised her the rest is history.

The Proposal: On a chilly Minneapolis evening after dinner, Dana and Sabrina went for a stroll to a frozen waterfall. Before they froze like popsicles Sabrina headed back to the car and Dana didn’t follow. She turned around to see Dana one on knee with a Brian Gavin Diamond ring. She eagerly ran to him and completely forgot about the below zero temperatures around them.

The Ring: “I couldn’t take my eyes off it,” Sabrina exclaimed. Our Valentine Micro Pave 1 engagement ring, set in 18K white gold, found its perfect home on Sabrina’s left ring finger.

Their Story: Read the rest of their love story here.

These lovely engagements are just a handful of the romance we get to encounter here at Brian Gavin Diamonds. Designing one-of-a-kind engagement rings is our passion because we know an engagement ring is so much more than jewelry; it's a promise. If you’re ready to take the next step with the love of your life, visit our website to start building a ring as unique as your love story.

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