James and Casey's Proposal at the Mayan Ruins

They say best friends make the best partners in crime and in Casey and James’s case – partners for life.  Casey and James first met through mutual friends during their years together in college. At the beginning of their friendship, James was a little unconvinced that they would be a good match since their personalities were so different. “It wasn’t long until we found ourselves doing everything together from watching Modern Family to getting late night breakfast,” James said.

Fast forward seven years and James is searching online for “hours each week” to learn about diamonds, the 4C’s and some of the more intricate aspects of finding the perfect stone. “Brian Gavin is one of the most well-regarded jewelers in the industry. Equally as important, the diamonds in [Brian Gavin Diamonds’] inventory are of a much better quality than most of the competition for an equal or sometimes even a better price,” declared James after much research.

James knew from the moment he contacted our team that we offered “unmatched exemplary service” he could trust. “Emily and the entire Brian Gavin Diamonds team was incredibly helpful in answering the specific questions I had and offered further recommendations.”

With selecting a custom and engraved Tapered Classic Style Half Round 18K White Gold, James started to planning how he would pop the question. Since Casey and James are both avid travelers, he knew a trip to the tropics would set the stage for a perfect proposal.

Casey and James planned a trip to the Costa Maya, Mexico, to see the Mayan ruins. “Proposing in front of the Mayan ruins would be particularly meaningful and would exemplify how I wanted our love to endure as these thousands of years old pyramid-like buildings had,” he described. “From there it was just a matter of planning the logistics and managing to keep the ring a secret from the one person in the world I don't keep any secrets from,” James continued.

The two were trekking through the ruins with their tour group when James asked his friends to take a picture of him and Casey. Casey nervously rushed their friends to hurry with the picture because she was nervous the tour group would leave them behind. Little did she know, James also had a much larger reason to be nervous.

As the two posed for a photo, he dropped to one knee and said the words Casey was least expecting in that moment. Casey shared the intimate moment with us:

He said "Casey" in the most genuinely beautiful way, and I knew he was serious. I walked up to him shaking and in tears. I felt like I was blacking out, or in a dream, and I missed some of the things he said… but I heard his last words: “I love you today, I'll love you tomorrow, and if you let me, I'll love you for the rest of my life.” I said "YES,” and then the most beautiful ring was placed on my finger!

Casey was elated by James’ shocking proposal and her new engagement ring. “It was my dream ring come true! It honestly sparkled more than anything I had ever seen before,” she exclaimed. “The way the cut reflected the light was amazing, and I couldn't stop staring at it,” Casey continued.

James didn’t leave any detail untouched and made sure to personalize the ring with a sweet engraved message, “Head & Heart.” “When James showed me the personal engraving on the inside of the band, I cried at how sweet it was. It is beyond perfect, and I absolutely LOVE my ring,” Casey expressed joyously.

The newly engaged couple are already making plans for the day they say I do. While the two look forward to dancing the night away with family and friends, they are counting down to journeying on a whimsical honeymoon abroad. As such avid adventurers, it’s only natural that Casey and James’ dream honeymoon is a “mix between adventure and relaxation.” Their destination is undecided, but we know these two travelers will leave their mark on the world together.

We’re so thankful to have worked with Casey and James on their unique proposal. We’re even happier to have provided a special token that will travel miles and miles with Casey and James as a symbol of their love. If you loved Casey’s solitaire ring, see more on our website.

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