Margaret's Brian Gavin Blue Becomes a Work of Art

Moving to a different country is a huge accomplishment in and of itself, so Margaret only found it appropriate to commemorate her 10th anniversary of living in the Netherlands with a beautiful diamond. She searched long hours online looking for the perfect cut with blue fluorescence until stumbled on Brian Gavin Diamonds. Margaret chose a scintillating round stone from our Brian Gavin Blue® line. Her 0.15 G VS1 Brian Gavin Blue® Signature round diamond exhibits a high-level of optical symmetry and superior cut quality, featuring an AGS laboratory grade of “0” ideal for light performance. When it came to making this decision, she knew our diamond was the one. “What more could I want?” Margaret rhetorically questioned. She later decided to choose a pendant to exhibit her diamond and wear it proudly as an emblem of her life in the Netherlands. Margaret has enjoyed wearing her pendant throughout her travels and daily life in the Netherlands. While she gets compliments regularly, she never knew what a conversation started the Brian Gavin Blue® diamond pendant would be. On a visit to Amsterdam with her boyfriend, the couple made a stop at the Electric Ladyland Fluorescent Art Museum. Unlike any museum in the world, the Electric Ladyland is a fully fluorescent museum that invites its guests to be a part of the art. Focused on fluorescent mineral artwork, Margaret expected that the museum was an incredible opportunity to learn about geology in art. Who would have guessed Margaret and her pendant would steal the show? “When the tour guide saw the strong blue fluorescence [in my BGD diamond], he said he’d never seen one like this and called the other visitors for a look,” Margaret proudly remembered. “It was quite a sight, seeming to be an even stronger blue.” Margaret enjoyed the trip so much and received a flourish of compliments from marveling onlookers. The diamond carried a unique beauty in the dark and a magnetic brilliance in the light, making it a truly special choice to commemorate her milestone. “Thank you to the Brian Gavin Diamonds team for helping me find such a spectacular diamond. My jeweler was incredulous to learn that I trusted a company on the internet to buy a diamond but I obviously chose well!” It was such a pleasure to create Margaret’s beautiful diamond together and be a part of her special moment. Have you fallen in love with Margaret’s Brian Gavin Blue®? Visit our website for other stunning stones to choose from.      

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