Meet BGD’s Youngest Customer

Over the many years that Brian Gavin Diamonds has been in business, we’ve seen and worked with clients of all ages from around the world, but never have we had one as young as Hayden.

We had the chance to help Hayden create a beautiful and unique eternity band to share a little piece of their father-son trip to Thailand for his mother. It was during this Thailand trip that Hayden first became interested in gemstones—at the tender age of six. His father, Adam, describes that Hayden “fell in love with gemstones" after they visited the Gemstone District in Bangkok. The two purchases some small sapphires after looking at hundreds. "Seeing so many sapphires, Hayden learned about the effect of a great cut on the beauty of a gemstone," his father said. "We decided to take some of the sapphires from Thailand and create a diamond and sapphire eternity band for his mom as a memory of our trip,” Adam continued.

The father and son set out on a mission to create the eternity band once returning to the States. “I wanted to ensure we used the most perfectly cut diamonds, which led me to Brian Gavin,” Adam described.

Touched by the sentiment, Brian Gavin created a perfect eternity band using nine Brian Gavin Signature diamonds along with nine of Hayden's sapphires from Thailand. After this creation, Hayden’s fascination continued to grow. He requested a Brian Gavin Diamonds Signature signature round diamond for his seventh birthday and his family did not disappoint.

With five generations of diamond cutters in his family tree, Brian grew up with a fascination for diamond cutting that’s quite similar to Hayden’s own. We loved Hayden’s enthusiasm for diamonds and gemstones so much that we invited him for a personal meet-and-greet with Brian to learn more about the precision and light performance in our Black by Brian Gavin line. After his visit, Hayden walked away with an engraved Black by Brian Gavin hearts and arrow viewer.

“After that visit, Hayden told me he wants to keep upgrading his Brian Gavin diamond every year and present his future fiancé with the final upgraded diamond and a book showing each of the diamonds that led up to the final diamond before engagement.” His father goes on to say, “So, I guess you could say he is a young romantic.”

With a .728 carat diamond in his possession at a young age, some may wonder why Hayden wants to continue to upgrade his stone year after year. Aside from having exceptional taste at such a young age, Hayden is already planning the day he’ll get on one knee with his Brian Gavin Diamonds stone and we look forward to greeting him with open arms on that day!

We’re so happy to have inspired Hayden to continue learning about diamonds and are thankful to have him as a life time customer until the day he says, “I do.” We know Hayden will have a bright future; we're just honored that he's invited us to add to his already brilliant sparkle. If you loved the eternity band Adam and Hayden created, you'll love the similar options on our site.

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