To Forever in Paradise

Island sunsets and crisp ocean breezes set the tone for Cris and Krystle’s romance in the Caribbean. Before these wistful wayfarers packed their bags to turn miles into memories, they met in college years prior while studying at the University of Connecticut. Cris instantly had a crush on Krystle following their first time hanging out at the Filipino American Students Association.

Cris and Krystle BGD Engagement Photo 4

Fast forward nearly seven years and the two shared their first kiss together at a magical New Year’s Eve party. Since that intimate moment, the rest became history. In Krystle’s words, she “realized eventually we were weirdly perfect for each other.” One special moment at a party quickly evolved into meaningful adventures around the world.

When they first started dating, Krystle was deathly afraid of flying, but that didn’t stop Cris’ adventurous spirit from rubbing off on her. Before he knew it, Cris had convinced Krystle to join him for a destination wedding in Punta Cana, a gorgeous resort town in the Dominican Republic. The tropical trip was an absolute blast! So much so, that Krystle started researching which all-inclusive resort she’d want to visit for her 30 birthday.

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Before the loving couple jetted off to Punta Cana for Krystle’s birthday celebration, Cris heavily researched online for the perfect engagement ring. He ultimately landed on Brian Gavin Diamonds and our team worked together step-by-step to create Krystle’s dream engagement ring.

“My favorite part about working with the BGD team was that they made me feel like my proposal to Krystle had to be perfect, just like I wanted it to be,” Chris recalled. “They made me feel comfortable with the choices that fell within my budget. The prompt responses also made me feel very valued as a customer,” he continued.

Cris had taken careful notes on what Krystle would want in a ring and ultimately landed on a beautiful New Truth Solitaire Engagement Ring set in 18K rose gold with a Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows brilliant round diamond.

New Truth Solitaire BGD Engagement Ring set in 18K rose gold 3

With the ring safely packed away, Cris and Krystle jetted off to Punta Cana for her special day. Cris played it cool, not letting on to the hidden engagement ring that would confirm their future, but a mixture of excitement and nervousness set in on Krystle’s birthday.

Cris and Krystle BGD Engagement Photo 1

Despite Cris’ butterflies, Krystle didn’t catch on to his plans. “Right before it happened, our friend Geoff was posing us for pictures during the sunset, which wasn’t out of the ordinary since he’s always taking pictures. It wasn’t until we were back-to-back under a decorated canopy and I could notice our friends start to pull out their phones that I realized something was about to happen,” beamed Krystle. “Not only did Cris surprise me with the proposal, but he was able to keep it a secret from almost everyone else on the trip! It was definitely a moment to remember, surrounded by some of my closest friends,” she said.

Cris and Krystle BGD Engagement Photo 5

It was a sight to see, and thankfully Geoff (the couple’s close friend and creator of Take 220 Productions) captured every blissful second in photos and a beautiful video montage.

Cris’ diamond homework and beautifully planned proposal certainly left Krystle stunned. “I cannot get over the brilliance of my Brian Gavin diamond. The craftsmanship and care that goes into cutting a diamond to the exact measurements that will maximize its beauty are evident,” she marveled.

Cris and Krystle BGD Engagement Photo 2

We loved working with Cris and enjoyed crafting the ultimate birthday gift. We wish the happy couple many wonderful years to come. Visit our website to see other glamorous engagement ring styles and start your own love story.


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