A Picture-Perfect NYC Proposal

Sometimes it only takes a New York minute to find true love. Our customers Barbara and Phil first met at the unique Mermaid Oyster Bar in New York City. A special love soon formed and the two became inseparable. Their love was put to the test one year later when Phil was forced to relocate to Washington D.C. for a job opportunity.

He found himself trekking the hour and a half commute to the Big Apple to see Barbara every weekend. Withstanding nearly two years of a long-distance love, Barbara took the plunge and moved to Washington D.C. to be with Phil—she soon realized that is was one of the best decisions of her life.

With Barbara in D.C., there was absolutely no question that she was the one for Phil. He immediately began searching for the perfect engagement ring to symbolize his undying love for Barbara, leading him straight to Brian Gavin Diamonds.

Phil scoured the vast selection of engagement ring styles in our online gallery. Halo, three-stone, pave and side stone settings—all glamorous and lovely options. When he set his eyes on the solitaire Classic Style Half Round engagement ring, his search was over. The classic style 6-prong solitaire with half round band was the ideal setting for Barbara.


Classic Style Half Round engagement ring


With the setting picked out, he worked closely with the Brian Gavin Diamonds team to choose a stunning finish and an immaculate diamond to complete the ring. Phil opted for the 18K yellow gold finish. Upon recommendation from the BGD team, he selected a sparkling Black by Brian Gavin diamond, truly making Barbara’s engagement ring a divine treasure. With ring in hand, Phil began to plan the proposal of a lifetime!

“I started planning the proposal late in 2016,” Phil said. “We had a weekend trip planned once to see the ‘Book of Mormon’ on Broadway, but unfortunately, Snowstorm Jonas forced us to cancel. I told Barbara that we should plan another trip to New York City and visit the Mermaid Oyster Bar before seeing the play,” he continued.

Barbara knew they’d have a great time in New York, but what she didn’t know was that Phil had contacted the restaurant letting them know he planned to propose in the same spot they met. “I asked them to create a special cocktail menu with the names of the cocktails swapped out with personal notes. The last cocktail on the menu would read, ‘Will you marry me?’” he explained.

Phil also arranged for an undercover photographer to sit at the table directly across from theirs so the couple could remember the proposal for the rest of their lives.

As the loving couple arrived at the restaurant, Phil tried his best to remain unfazed by the anticipation he was feeling inside. The waiter nonchalantly took them to a specific table in a more private area of the restaurant and brought out the special, customized menus.

Barbara began to read the menu and soon realized what was happening. Phil bent down to one knee and asked for her hand. Through smiles and tears, Barbara said “yes!”

“I never knew what I wanted in an engagement ring until Phil presented such a beautifully designed ring when he asked for my hand in marriage,” Barbara beamed. “My ring is such a masterpiece that I will treasure forever,” she continued.

“I love a classic style and prefer gold over silver, so the ring Phil chose was more than I could have ever dreamed of,” Barbara said, “Our engagement felt truly magical, which I believe is a sign that we were always meant to be.”

The couple jovially toasted their flutes filled with champagne and Phil’s photographer captured every blissful second. As Phil and Barbara finished their meals, they walked outside to find a light snow beginning to fall on the street, making it a picture-perfect proposal!

Our team takes pride in helping beautiful love stories like Barbara and Phil’s come to life. Visit our website to see other glamorous engagement ring styles and start your own love story.

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