Kerry’s Stunning BGD Custom Creation

Jewelry making is an artisan craft that’s engrained in our history. From the time human beings started wearing clothing and flirted with the idea of accessorizing, jewels were crafted and worn for show. Time has passed, tools have become more advanced, and jewelry design has come a long way. At Brian Gavin Diamonds, we love pushing the boundaries in jewelry making and bringing unique concepts to life. With over 30 years of experience designing intricate custom jewelry, our team specializes in creating the finest and most extravagant pieces.

Kerry's Ring
Kerry's Ring in the Sunlight

Our customer Kerry envisioned a dazzling and different custom ring style and sought out Brian Gavin Diamonds to see her vision come to life. When she contacted us, we responded ready and excited for the challenge.

Customer Sketch

She worked with our design team to draw up the initial renderings of the ring. Her heart was set on a half eternity band featuring marquise and princess cut diamonds. Kerry sent numerous photos of bands with design elements she wanted her ring to emulate, but ultimately came up with a ring design unlike any other!

Kerry's Custom Ring

The design process entails many decisions to ensure the end result is nothing less than perfection. Kerry fell in love with the 18K rose gold metal type for her special-tailored ring, but juggled back and forth between different diamond settings and prongs. Our designer showed her the aesthetic differences of the rings with prong set diamonds and bezel set diamonds. After seeing both ring styles, she chose to have the diamonds bezel set and moved forward.

Cad Design Without Ridges

The last piece of the puzzle was to decide the finish of the band. Our design team showed Kerry a mock-up of a rose gold band with ridges and without. After a bit of thought, Kerry finally decided on a smooth finish to complete her dreamy creation.

With Kerry’s stamp of approval, our team went to work on transforming the renderings into an extraordinarily ornate ring. Kerry received the beautiful creation just in time to celebrate her and her husband’s 15th wedding anniversary.

Our team really enjoyed bringing Kerry’s ring to life. There’s nothing better than truly getting to see the magic start from a single idea and end in a beautiful reality. For more custom ring design inspiration, visit

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