Danielle and Alan’s Angkor Wat Temple Proposal

Danielle knew her vacation to Southeast Asia with her long-time boyfriend Alan would be unforgettable, but she didn’t realize he was going to change their lives forever.

The stars aligned one warm, summer night when Danielle and Alan first laid eyes on each other. Danielle had been on a dragon boat team for over a year and Alan had just joined. Having an intimate conversation on a 20-person rowboat is no easy feat, so the two got to know each other better at a teammate’s birthday party. Just six years later, Alan found himself searching for the perfect engagement ring at Brian Gavin Diamonds.

Danielle and Alan

Alan decided on a Novela Patientia ring, adding glimmering emerald gemstones within the band. He even had their initials engraved on the inside of the band to ensure Danielle’s ring was one-of-a-kind!

Danielle's Ring
Emerald Cuts featured in Danielle's Custom Ring

With Danielle’s engagement ring ready to go, the couple packed their bags and whisked across the world.

“I wanted the proposal to be on our trip to Southeast Asia but I didn't know which stop I wanted it to be on,” Alan said. “Most of my planning went into worrying about concealing the ring during the trip and getting it through airport security.”

They started in Hong Kong, traveled to Thailand and Singapore and finished their excursions in Cambodia.

“I finally decided on the Angkor Wat temples of Cambodia as the backdrop of the proposal. We had a two-day tour set up for exploring the temple,” Alan continued.

The temple, though breathtakingly beautiful, was becoming more and more congested with the crowds of people who decided to take a trip to the traditional landmark that day. Alan and Danielle kept moving forward to different areas that were less crowded, but couldn’t escape the extreme humidity. Losing their way because of the layout of the temple and the unbearable heat, they were forced to start on their way out to find their driver.

Soon crowds cleared, humidity subsided and they found themselves on a hidden path just outside of the temple—Alan knew that was the moment! Alan bent down to “tie his shoe” and when Danielle turned to look back at him, she was beyond surprised to see him down on one knee.

danny and alan1
“My sweat was met with tears, then hugs and kisses,” Danielle said. “I guess he never technically asked, but I don’t care! It was the ultimate surprise and I’m so happy it was that way.” On their drive away from the temple, Danielle had a chance to examine her ring more closely. “(It’s) gorgeous, sparkly and such a match for me,” Danielle exclaimed.
dani and alan passports
We wish nothing but the best for Danielle and Alan, who radiate love and happiness. To see more engagement rings like Danielle’s, visit our online gallery.

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