National Proposal Day Contest Highlights

Oftentimes, the most memorable moment of a person’s life is the day they decide to make someone a permanent part of it. Proposals are the prelude to one of the most significant life events a person can experience: their wedding day.  No matter where you were or how it happened, proposals are always the special start to a path together. Engagement rings are wonderful, but it’s the stories behind them that make them magical.

To celebrate National Proposal Day, we asked our fans to share their exciting and meaningful proposal stories and photos on social media and through our online entry form for a chance to win a $1,000 gift certificate to Brian Gavin Diamonds.

Our fan, Leah, was randomly selected as our grand prize winner on April 17 after submitting the below story and photo:

National Proposal Day Contest Winners

“I'm a teacher. My fiancé is a pilot truck driver and is always on the road. He came home Monday evening and was leaving again Tuesday afternoon. Tuesday morning at school, I received a text from him asking if I was in class. Next thing I know I am being paged. I go out to the office and there he is in the hallway. I gave him a hug and a kiss. I thought it was sweet he came to see me before he left town again. Then he said, "I have a question for you," and he got down on one knee right there in the hallway in front of my students. I was stunned. Of course I said yes!” –Leah

Leah may have taken the winning title, but we saw some truly incredible entries. Each had us laughing, crying, smiling, and all the in-betweens. We received an incredible response to the giveaway. Out of our 428 entries, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorites:

Brian Gavin Diamonds National Proposal Day Entry

“At the end of the trail, we reached the Fire Wave, a special place where layers of different sediment created stark contrasting red and white striped wave structures. In the middle of the Fire Wave was a beautiful dome where the tip was beginning to light up with the morning sun. We thought it would be neat to sit at the top to watch the sunrise. Just as the sun lit up the whole Fire Wave, Ben proposed to me, saying the sweetest words…. which I can't recall since I was in shock! It was a perfect, peaceful moment shared by just the two of us amidst 150 million years of natural beauty.” – Teresa

Brian Gavin Diamonds National Proposal Day Entry

“Epic Geocache Find (I thought were just having a day of geocaching, until I found a ring in one of the caches!)”

Brian Gavin Diamonds National Proposal Day Entry

“While on a Safari in Zimbabwe I had a dinner for us set up in the bush next to a watering hole. While sipping champagne under the stars I asked the big question with the silhouette of thirsty elephants and the laughter of hyenas in the distance.”

BGD National Proposal Day Entry

“We decided to hike the Oneonta Gorge, about 30 miles outside of Portland. We made it to a clearing in the gorge where you can see the waterfall. We asked our fellow hiker if he could take a picture and as soon as he did, Mike proposed. I couldn't believe it, such a beautiful place and so private and in tune with nature! I'll never forget it and I'm so grateful for the hiker (Jared) to capture the biggest surprise of my life.” – Nikki

National Proposal Day Entry

“Darrell and I took off to Disney California Adventure after a long day of work.  I went with the intent of riding the Hollywood Tower of Terror, one of my favorite rides. When we got off the ride, I immediately walked toward the monitors that display pictures of riders.  I found ours and saw what I thought to be Darrell giving me a thumbs up; I couldn't clearly make it out since I couldn't see very well with the monitors being too far 

When I still gave no reaction, I felt a tap on my shoulder, followed by Darrell spinning me around and that's when it happened.  Darrell dropped down to one knee, ring in hand and asked me to marry him.  Dazed and elated, I said yes.  When we went to purchase the photo of us, that's when I realized what "silly" face he was making:  Darrell had held up the ring to propose to me upon the first drop.” – Lyda

Thank you to everyone who participated. We’ve loved learning about your special and unique proposals—wishing you all the best in marriage!

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