Brian Gavin Diamonds Customer Proposes in NICU

Wedding proposals are always special, beautiful moments; as the leading diamond engagement ring retailer, we feel honored when we’re able to be a part of them. When our customers share their photos and stories of these proposals, we feel blessed to share them with our readers, especially this amazingly strong couple from Canada. His story left us with tears in our eyes and we couldn’t be more humbled that he chose Brian Gavin Diamonds to help him tie the knot.


Joe came to us a few months ago looking for the perfect engagement ring for his soon-to-be wife and mother of his children. He ultimately chose a 1.05 ct Brian Gavin Signature cushion cut set into a Platinum Legera Pave setting; it was stunning.

Brian Gavin Diamond Platinum Legera Pave Setting

Brian Gavin Diamond Platinum Legera Pave Setting

We received the following email from Joe last week:



Just wanted to say thanks again for all of your help getting the ring. I ended up proposing in the neonatal intensive care unit with our twin girls right beside us. I had snuck in beforehand and typed up a letter from the girls to mommy. In it was my humor and feelings spoken through the girls.

Then, in a bag, I had two pink onesie's I had made saying “future flower girls for mommy and daddy.” I proposed at that point. She and I both love the ring. The quality is apparent in comparison to some of her friends’ rings.

I'm not sure if it's standard to put a baby blanket in with each ring but it was a nice touch.

Just wanted to say thanks again. I'll be in touch at some point to get the matching wedding band.



We are so glad to hear that mom, dad and babies are all doing well, and we can’t wait to see photos of them walking down the aisle soon. No, baby blankets are not standard with each wedding ring sent to customers, but we just couldn’t resist after hearing about Joe’s family. We do, however, send our Baby Blankee when customers indicate they are purchasing push presents, and you can find them for sale on our website.


We love being a part of our customers’ most important life moments and had to give something special for the little ones too. We’ll report back with photos of the matching wedding band, which we are excited to help design!.


As you can tell, we love hearing your proposal stories! If you have an engagement story with a Brian Gavin Diamond ring, please share them with us!.

Future flower girls for mommy and daddy

Future flower girls for mommy and daddy

Joe proposing in the NICU

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