Another Amazing Diamond Recut by Brian Gavin!

In April, Greg emailed us about a diamond recut project that he had in mind. He had originally purchased a three stone diamond engagement ring from a different diamond e-tailer years earlier, before he had heard about Brian Gavin. We were not able to recut the side stones due to their small size, however, the center stone was a perfect candidate for a recut. He sent us the ring and we got to work. When the project was complete, we sent him photos of the finished product.

WOW!!!!!!!!!! Catherine, based on the before and after images of the diamond coupled with the fact only .03cts were lost in the recut, this is incredible! The carat weight lost and resulting size is an almost imperceptible difference while the net result of the stone's symmetry and new ability to reflect more light is on a scale magnitudes higher.  Not to mention I’m still above the 1.5ct magical mark with weight to spare! Now the final test is to see how it performs in person. I’m almost certain the difference will be seen and felt.

The before and after shots of the diamond recut can be seen below.

But while Greg was waiting for his new and improved diamond to arrive, another stone caught his eye on the Brian Gavin Diamond website. It was a gorgeous 2.245ct Brian Gavin Blue that he planned to set in a Classic Tiffany Style Half Round setting for his wife. Just like before, his reaction was priceless.

Hi Catherine, My wife was completely mesmerized by the ring! She couldn’t believe it was actually hers. She loves the classic look. It’s a welcome change from her previous setting. She said with the ring on she feels like she has some sort of super power with all the sparkles beaming everywhere. We had the opportunity to go out to dinner that evening and the diamond in that classic Tiffany style half round was on fire! To see her so pleased with it makes me extremely happy. Oh, and I didn’t want to leave out the setting. The setting is absolute perfection. I can’t find any fault with it. I’ve enjoyed the total BGD experience and want to thank you Catherine for your excellent customer service. You have been extremely helpful and patient in assisting me throughout the process. Any and all future jewelry needs I have, BGD will be at the top of my list. I have an appraisal scheduled for next Tuesday. I’ll just drop you a quick note to let you know how that turned out. Thanks! Greg

Greg has yet to decide what he will do with his recut diamond – he could save it for a future piece or even sell it for more than he originally paid for it.

Photos of the beautiful solitaire can be seen below.

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