Customer Proposes with a Three Stone Trellis Ring featuring 3 Brian Gavin Signature H & A diamonds…

Munya  recently purchased an 18K White Gold 3 Stone Trellis ring featuring 3 Brian Gavin Signature H & A diamonds online. He had read enough about Brian Gavin Diamonds to feel comfortable moving forward without any questions prior to ordering! Denise followed up with him to set his expectations re the delivery date and we shipped his beautiful ring 3 weeks after he had placed his order. The center stone is 0.40 carats and each side stone is 0.24 carats.

We received the following heartfelt email and fabulous pictures in the gallery below:


I just want to thank you for all of your help with my ring order. Thank you for helping ensure that I received the ring early Friday morning when I needed it and for patiently answering my frequent questions. Even after reading all the reviews of your diamonds, I was still shocked by the QUALITY and BEAUTY of the stones! My fiance Lauren absolutely LOVES the ring. She was constantly staring at it all weekend 🙂 Thank you for helping us create a truly memorable weekend! I will be sure to recommend Brian Gavin to anyone who is ever looking for a diamond ring. I have attached a couple of images from our wonderful weekend together which you helped us create =)

Thank you again Denise!

Best Wishes, Munya

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