Brian Gavin Customer flies an American flag over Afghanistan in honor of BGD!

Ronnie wrote in to us in May: Do you carry any military discounts or specials? I am currently deployed in support Operation Enduring Freedom and was interested in purchasing a diamond and/or engagement ring from you.

Denise worked with him to create the beautiful engagement ring for Anna – A magnificent 1.27 J VS2 Brian Gavin “Blue” set into a platinum 4 prong solitaire.

While they were working together he wrote in:

Also, if you're interested, I can fly an American flag over Afghanistan during an Operation New Dawn combat sortie and send it to you as appreciation for all your help. If so, just let me know what name to put on the certificate (i.e. – "Brian Gavin" or "Brian Gavin Diamonds" etc.) and a good mailing address. He kept to his word and shipped us an American flag and a certificate with the following:

This flag was proudly flown for Brian Gavin Diamonds aboard ab E-8C Joint STARS C2ISR aircraft. Mission E1D1OA was flown on the 10thday of May, 2012 over the hostile skies of Afghanistan by the 7th Expeditionary Airborne Command and Control Squadron in support of OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM

We were all so excited to receive the package!!

On his return he proposed:

Brian Gavin/Denise: The proposal went great! She said yes, of course 🙂  We are both absolutely stunned by the engagement ring! It is above and beyond what we ever could have imagined. Everyone who see's this ring can't keep their eyes off of it. It's unlike any diamond we've ever seen. Now for the story. First of all, I have always pushed Anna to do things that she really doesn't want to do. The one thing she is most afraid of is heights. So where do I take her for the proposal? None other than on a helicopter ride. We started in Seattle, made our way down Vashon Island, across the Narrows Bridge, and ended at Chambers Bay in University Place, WA. She thought we were just out enjoying some alone time, but it was there I had a huge sign (made by my dad) that read the words, "ANNA WILL YOU MARRY ME?". She turned to me only to find a beautiful Brian Gavin Signature Blue Diamond set in a stunning platinum solitaire. Anna couldn't believe it. It was something that we both will never forget. Thank you all for making that day unforgettable. Here's a link to the YouTube video we made:  (see below), Sincerely, Ronnie & Anna

Thank you Ronnie and Anna and ALL our wonderful customers that made 2012 such a successful year!


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