Customer from Finland Purchases Brian Gavin Diamond Solitaire as Upgrade and Baby Gift…

Tanja contacted us all the way from Finland at the end of June. She was coming to the USA in August and wanted to start discussing the purchase of a Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows diamond and setting as an update for her engagement ring and as a present from her husband for their first baby boy.  She originally wanted to purchase a stone with a color no lower than an H.  After we explained to her that Brian’s stones face up one or two colors whiter than graded due to their perfect symmetry and maximum light return, she started considering I colored stones to maximize the size. Jamie worked with her to narrow down her options and she decided to purchase a 1.70 I VS2 Brian Gavin Signature H & A. For the setting she selected the 5336 Platinum Classic Tiffany Style Knife Edge Solitaire with a “surprise” blue sapphire set inside the shank to represent her son. The ring was ready a few days before Tanja and her husband were coming on their trip to California, so we e-mailed her the Glamor Shots to enjoy in the meantime.

Hi Jamie, Thank you for the glamor shots! We were so excited that we woke up at 6 a.m to check the e-mail and there they were !The ring is perfection! It is absolutely stunning 🙂 Now i cannot wait to have it on my finger and adore, so i'm counting days 🙂 and hours!!!

We shipped the ring with a Brian Gavin Blankee for their baby son.  When she received the ring she sent us the following e-mail:

Hi Jamie! Thank you so much for all the help! We have picked up the ring yesterday. Wow, to say that the ring is beautiful would be to say nothing! Though the expectations were high and i've received glamor shots, i went speechless, never seen more stunning ring, stone seems bigger than i've expected, sparklier and brilliant and the setting is perfect for this stone, emphasizes the diamond allowing to draw all the attention to it 🙂  Brian Gavin is brilliant in his work and service i've received from you is top class!!!!  As soon as we will be home i'll send you my shots.  Best regards, Tanja

We received Tanja’s pictures last week – the first one was taken in Union Square, San Francisco August 2010 and the rest are from Rovaniemi, Finland taken in September 2010!

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