Brian Gavin’s Classic Truth Solitaire Continues to Wow our Customers…

Joseph wrote in at the end of May, “Heard great things about you guys so I figured I would get some opinions from the experts. Looking for some assistance in locating diamond for engagement ring.” He listed his preferences. He wanted a round brilliant with excellent cut, polish and symmetry, no lower in clarity than an eye clean SI1 and J+ in color.

“I appreciate any and all help you can give me. I have read up a little bit but after awhile it starts to become jibberish so it helps to have a professional opinion.”

Jamie suggested several beautiful Brian Gavin Signature hearts and arrows in Joseph’s budget and he decided on a beautiful  0.80 G VS1 Brian Gavin Signature hearts and arrows set into an 18K white gold Classic Truth Solitaire. We e-mailed him his Glamor Shots prior to shipment and a few days later we received the following e-mail along with a beautiful picture of the proposal:

Jamie, Just wanted to say a huge THANKS for all your help finding an amazing stone and engagement ring. I proposed this past weekend and caught her totally by surprise as you can see from the picture I captured from the video of the proposal. Jamye loves the ring and it looks so perfect on her finger. Your suggestion to go with a Brian Gavin Signature Diamond was spot on. As a matter of fact the first thing she could mutter after looking at the ring was "It's so shiny!", which we both laughed over for the rest of the weekend. Jamye sends a BIG thanks too… Thanks again for all your help and of course the amazing engagement ring. I have already recommended you to several of my friends who have mentioned they will be looking soon. I make sure to note that as skeptical as I am of trusting online vendors for something as difficult to price and confirm the quality of as diamonds they won't have to do anything of the sort with you guys. Thanks again for making what was supposed to be one of the hardest decisions of my life one of the easiest and most comfortable, Joseph G

The Proposal:

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