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  • Lesley and Brian, I'm sorry this message is being sent so late to you, but I've just been swamped with my move. The ring blew both of us away, and she now is a proponent of Brian's work. Everyone wants to see the engraving and surprise sapphire on the inside, but she refuses to take it off. She says it looks better and better every day. One of my Signal buddies from Georgia heard my ranting and he should be ordering too. Thank you for all your help, Steven
  • lesley,we picked up the earrings and i am absolutely blown away!! they are so beautiful, more than i could even imagine. even my husband was thrilled with them. i don't get them until valentine's day, so when the pictures are ready, please do email them to me so i can stare at them! these were actually supposed to be my 1 step closer to having 3 ct on each ear, but not sure i want to upgrade these…so gorgeous!! and they are WHITE!  sincere thank you to you, brian and all your staff for the earrings!! benita
  • Lesley and Brian, Thank you so much for your hard work! I was *thrilled *to receive it on Tuesday. It looks perfect, and the extra jump ring is very handy. My husband loves my pendant as well–he says it's pretty and classy. I am very pleased. It's a perfect piece to wear in honor of my grandfather; I think he would have liked it a lot. Thank you for your wonderful customer service–it was a real pleasure to instant message and chat on the phone with you Lesley, and Brian, you did an amazing job on my pendant. The Barbara setting is great because my diamond doesn't flip at all. I'm planning to go out tomorrow and take a few pictures outside. It is usually before dark when I leave for work and after dark when I return. Once I do, I'll pass them along! I know it is always helpful for other customers to see neck/finger/wrist/ear shots =). I'm also anxious to post some pics to Pricescope. I hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day weekend! Best, Tamara
  • Hi Lesley, I finally received the earrings and they are gorgeous!!! I am in love with them! They should keep me very happy and tied over until the hubby invests in some larger studs! hahaha! Anyway thanks for all your help – they are amazing! Laila
  • WOW! I picked up the ring this morning and the smile hasn't left my face since I opened the package at the FedEx pickup site! Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you! I haven't felt this good about a purchase in a long time. Your service was awesome. I couldn't afford to spend a ton of money with you guys but I felt like you treated me as if I was a high priority customer. Bill
  • It's here and gorgeous!! I've never seen such a sparkly diamond! I absolutely love the setting too- it shows the diamond off in such a beautiful classic way. I know my mom is going to love it – I can't wait I until she sees her new stunning ring! This is going up on Pricescope as soon as I take more pictures this afternoon. Thanks so much to you and Brian for all your help and expertise. It has truly been a pleasure working with you guys! Mimi
  • We couldn't be happier with the ring! I can't tell you how many positive comments she's received on the ring. We expected friends and family to give praise, but I'm talking about perfect strangers who stop to compliment her on it all the time. Regardless of other's opinions, and more importantly, she and I are both extremely happy with the ring she'll be wearing for many years to come. The side stones sparkle so much more than any other setting I looked at in person, and the setting really compliments the fire and beauty of the signature diamond. I also want to thank you for making the process an exciting and enjoyable experience. Your responsiveness to my inquiries was always timely and I was very pleased with the level of customer service I received throughout the process. It was much more than a simple transaction with an on-line business as it should be for such a personal purchase. Eric
  • Hi Lesley, Just wanted to let you know that we received the ring today. Looks fantastic and Alexis loves it. Thanks for all your help and patience with this. Take care,Lucas
  • Hi Lesley and Brian, I just wanted to let you know that Lucas gave me the diamond and sapphire eternity band – it is beautiful and delicate and I just love it! Thanks for helping him throughout the process, I understand he had a few issues with our bank. Lucas and I have been in a relationship for 10 years this month, and this was a gift to commemorate that occasion, this is the first time Lucas has had the confidence to purchase something for me all by himself , which makes it extra special to me, and I think my great experience in purchasing my serendipity ring from you helped with his confidence (and the fact that I directed him to your website and said look how pretty this is). Alexis
  • Lesley, I just picked it up and its JUST beautiful. Thanks so much! The stones look amazing, I was surprised how clean and white they were. I'm thrilled – and so impressed at how fast you turned it around. Allison
  • Hi Lesley, Received ring today and I am absolutely delighted. It is better in person that I ever could have imagined and I am very glad I took the decision to buy online, and with yourselves. I look forward to handing this over as it is now sitting in my bag and I am very aware of this fact!  Delighted with the end product and very satisfied with the service that you have provided in such an important purchase. You can be sure I will be recommending you to anyone I know from the UK that may be thinking of purchasing a ring. Kind Regards, Graham
  • Hi Lesley and Brian, I had such a super exciting day on Friday, as you can imagine. I woke up to find these gorgeous glamour shots and as soon as it was available for pickup I rushed over to Fedex with my pajama's on! I swear! I got home safely and was so happy to see my diamond in its new home. The Grace setting is absolutely beautiful in person. All I see is the diamond, as if its floating. Everytime I look at the diamond, I am just blown away and the 4-prongs really shows it! It's truly an amazing stone. (Can you tell Im in love with it again!) I have to tell you the ring size and shank came out perfect-o! I know I asked for it to be set higher and can see compare to Lynn B's that mine looks a little tad higher, and I just love that! Darren and I went away for the weekend and I was so happy to have my ring on and he was too! I just want to Thank You both, from the bottom of my heart, for getting me my ring back so quickly and making it so beautiful 🙂 Big Hugs! Wanda
  • The ring is beautiful; I managed to sneak out of the hospital to pick it up. I'm glad that I decided to buy from Brian Gavin, we planned on naming my son Gavin and when my friend referred me to you I knew it was more than a coincidence. Thank you for everything. I know Kelly will love the ring. 2LT Jermaine
  • Hi Lesley, Rcvd the earrings – they are wonderful! The diamonds are truly brilliant. I'll be presenting them to Jenny tonight and that'll be the true test 🙂 but trust that she will love them as much I do. I will let you know the full results. Planning on posting on Pricescope as well. Thanks again! Sincerely, Ty
  • Hi Lesley, I got the earrings today and they are beautiful!!! Thanks so much for your help. I gave them rave reviews on Pricescope so you may get some more orders on these!!Liz
  • Hi Lesley, I cannot put into words how grateful I am to both yourself and Brian. I love the ring so much that upon seeing it, it actually brought a tear to my eye. The quality of service and craftsmanship you provide is second to none. I can honestly say that Brian Gavin Diamonds will be my exclusive jeweller for life. My only regret is that I never purchased the center stone thru you as well, but I'm new to this, and you live and you learn. I cannot wait to propose to my girlfriend with such a piece of perfection. Thanks again so much for all you and everyone at Brian Gavin Diamond's has done for me. Walter

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