Brian Gavin’s Diamond Earrings, Pendants and Rings Continue to Get Rave Reviews….

January has been a very busy month filled with orders for our beautiful diamond earrings, pendants and settings. Following are a handful of testimonials and pictures of our ever increasing following of very satisfied customers.

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  • Lesley –  I picked up my earrings yesterday.  They are absolutely exquisite.  They are far more beautiful than the one's they replaced.  Maybe I should have the cat's throw more of my jewelry in the recycling bin.  The workmanship is beyond compare.  The trellis work is so delicate and the diamonds so beautiful.  Do you have tiny little leprechaun's working as your bench jewelers creating magic in your shop?  I can't wait to work with you again. Thanks so much.  Susan
  • Hi Brian/Lesley, I just wanted to touch base with you both now to say thank you again – though it was tough holding onto the ring for those weeks between its arrival and the proposal, I'm happy to report that everything went just as planned. We were both thrilled with how the setting turned out, I can easily say that it exceeded my own expectations which, as I'm sure Lesley can attest, were quite high. Even the smallest stones in the setting sparkle as if they were on fire, and I still catch her (and people around her) staring at it for minutes at a time without even realizing it: it's just that hypnotizing. As a special aside to Brian; the first thing she said upon detailed examination of the ring was how much she loved the milgrain finish on the sides of the ring, which of course proves once again how dead-on your sense of aesthetic is (as if it needed any confirmation). So thank you both again for all your help along the way – I truly appreciate it and will happily return as a customer in the future (though I'm done with the engagement rings now – what's next? Earrings?) Best, Patrick
  • Hi Lesley, I just picked up the set and it's beautiful!! Thank you so much!! It has been an absolute pleasure working with you!! Thank you so much for being so patient and reassuring when I have questions and concerns!! Kelly
  • Lesley, finally my friend brought me the package I was waiting impatiently for! The earrings are gorgeous, very brilliant and sparkling, the size is just perfect for my ears. I am so glad I decided to purchase my first diamonds from Brian Gavin, my experience was excellent, thank you very much! Best regards, Zoryana
  • Lesley, Picked up the earrings after work today. Of course, they were gorgeous and stunning. I haven't had a chance to try them on yet but sure they will be stunning on. Too bad they'll be on my ears where I can't constantly oogle them! Thanks for sending the pictures of the earrings with the jackets. How much are the jackets again? After seeing those pictures…. well, let's just say it's sooooooooo tempting. Best, Julia
  • I love them! I can't believe they are K's! They are so white and supersparkly! They are the perfect size for my ears, although I can't guarantee I won't upgrade them at some point! I might as well take advantage of the upgrade policy 🙂 Warm regards, Shelley
  • Lesley! The pendant is beautiful. Absolutely stunning. I am wearing it now (is that wrong??) Lol. Not sure I will be able to pry it off my neck. Thank you sooo much! Tanya
  • lesley,i love, love, love the necklace. it is perfect, just the way i thought it would be. and i love the blue topaz on either side. thank you so much to you and brian for completing such a personal piece for me. Benita
  • Hi Lesley, I love my diamond pendant! Thank you for all your help as I made a decision. BrianGavinDiamonds offers a unique, unhurried, and most of all personal shopping experience. It was a pleasure working with you. Thanks again! Virginia
  • Thank you Lesley, I am so excited for them to be almost here. I'm sure everyone at Pricescope will enjoy having some new eye candy and I will never take them off! Maren 🙂
  • Hi Lesley, The bracelet is fabulous! I've gotten so many compliments on it already. It's exactly what I had pictured in my mind. Thanks so much for everything. I'm so pleased. Karen
  • Hi Lesley, I just made the proposal tonight. It was excellent; the answer was 'Yes!'. She was over the moon and really appreciated the time and effort put into the making of the ring. Thanks so much! Warm Regards, Alexander

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