Another Successful Diamond Recut Project by Brian Gavin…

A few months ago we received an e-mail from a longtime customer whose mother had dropped her ring and the diamond was chipped. She asked us if I could take a look at it and see if I could salvage it for her. On receiving it, I did my usual workup on the diamond and provided our customer with my predictions for the outcome. The diamond started off weighing 2.223 ct and was poorly cut. After the recut process, I predicted that the diamond would weigh approximately 2.028 ct – a 10% weight loss, but that I would retain the measurement of the diameter or “footprint” as much as possible.

We ended up with the diamond weighing 2.01 ct. In order to retain the weight above 2 carats I did not concentrate on ending up with a hearts and arrows diamond. As you can see our customer ended up with a beautiful ideal cut diamond which was clearly a better performer. The images below tell the whole story (please click on images twice for full view).

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