Brian Gavin’s Magnificent Custom Platinum Tourmaline and Diamond Ring…

In October we received an e-mail from an Australian customer who had purchased a beautiful 4.27 carat supernova oval cut by Barry Bridgestock and was interested in having Brian design a setting for it. She was not really sure what she wanted re: metal color and design, but had collected several pictures and had created a Word document which she e-mailed in.

I have seen that Brian has a wonderful design aesthetic, so am hoping that he will be able to help me out with design, since I haven't been able to work out what I'm wanting.

Brian had a couple of long phone conversations with her and then we made arrangements to help her ship the stone to us. Having the stone in hand helped Brian to finalize the design.  He suggested a design that he had been working on for a while and she loved it. The final ring was created to the specifications of the stones using CAD and the renderings were e-mailed to her for approval. The finished ring, which included bezel set Brian Gavin Signature melee and marquise diamonds, was breathtaking. We managed to ship it out in time for her to receive it on Christmas Eve:

Dear Brian and Lesley, This will just be a quick email as I am on my i phone I just wanted to let you know my ring arrived today (and before Christmas yay!) and it is truly exquisite really a work of art. I thought it looked magnificent in Brian's photos but it somehow manages to look more amazing in real life. I'm thrilled with it and my husband thinks it looks like a fancy designer jewellery house – but couldn't think who he was thinking of – but I'd say that is a compliment from him 🙂 I have been thrilled with the process of buying from Brian Gavin Diamonds. I would like to write more but will go and admire my ring some more for now. I will try and take some hand shots over the next few days to send through. I can't thank you and your team enough I just love this ring. Wishing you very happy holidays. I hope you now have a few days to relax. Kind Regards Alexis

After Christmas we received this follow up e-mail:

I have to tell you I have really been enjoying my ring. I haven't stopped admiring it since I got it on Christmas eve. At first I thought this ring is so amazing, I may never need another ring in my life. Then I came to my senses, and thought, well if this ring can turn out so amazing, what fun it will be to do further projects 🙂 But really, I just adore this ring so much, it really looks like a work of art to me, the workmanship is just so exquisite… Thank you again Lesley and Brian and to your team, I really am an overjoyed customer, and have no doubt I will be back in the future. I decided I would like to work with Brian Gavin Diamonds on this project, because I wasn't sure what design I wanted, but had heard Brian had a knack for getting inside a person's head and helping work that out. He also has a great design aesthetic. I wanted a ring that was beautifully made, and working long distance I wanted to feel confident and comfortable in the product and service I would receive. I knew Brian Gavin Diamonds has a stellar reputation for all these things, and my expectations were exceeded in every aspect, so thank you. Alexis

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This was a ring project that Brian and our jewelers really loved working on and it was hard to part with it and ship it out! Enjoy the story in pictures below:

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