Brian Gavin Creates Custom Platinum and Diamond Ring for Customer’s Colored Stone…

At the beginning of October we were pleased to receive an e-mail from a customer who had already done two colored stone projects with us:

The two times you've done projects with me I've been pretty solid on the design but this time I'm kind of waffling about what I want. How firm of a design idea do I need to have before I can jump back into the ring making process? I'm thinking I might need some design help with this project. The stone in question is a 1.97ct 6.8mm pale yellow/green asscher cut chrysoberyl.

Brian suggested either trapezoids or half moon shaped diamonds for the side stones and then some Brian Gavin Signature melee down each side of the shank. In the first CAD rendition the shank was too straight, so he adjusted it and made the shank more tapered. It was still hard to see the final form in the CAD so he milled the wax. This helped to confirm that he was on the right track. The ring was cast in platinum and was finished off with claw tipped prongs and 2 bands of 18K yellow gold around the shank.

Hi Lesley, The package got delivered to me around noon but I haven't had a moment to myself until now. I absolutely love it! The design came out just perfectly. It was a pleasure working with you and Brian again. Best Regards, Amy

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The process in pictures:

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