Customer Feedback on a Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows Diamond…

In mid August we received a call from a very discerning customer searching for a 1.50 ct + high color/clarity Brian Gavin Signature diamond for an engagement ring. It took us a couple of months to fill his order, but we shipped out the diamond of his dreams last week. With his permission, we reprint part of his e-mail giving us feedback on his reactions to his diamond.

Dear Brian and Lesley,

I had some time last night to inspect the diamond. I have an Idealscope, ASET viewer and the hearts viewer you provided as well as a light table and 8x loupe. I prepared by examining the CZ calibration stone that ships with the Idealscope just to get a feel for how to manipulate the gem and what to expect. After I gained confidence with this, I put on the white gloves and opened the package with the diamond. I have to say that it was really quite something. Not being familiar with precious stones and with limited experience going to actual bricks and mortars, I would say that the experience was somewhat novel. I put the stone on the black plate and viewed the arrows first, using the viewer you provided. The symmetry was superb, really something. I then tried the ASET and Idealscope. Just as in the photos, the arrows were distinct and perfectly aligned. I then flipped the stone over and viewed the hearts. I think I have been spoiled by the images you provided as I noticed that the hearts image would shift as I moved my head or changed ever so slightly my angle of view. However, it was still really magnificent. I know that the 8x loupe would not prove sufficient nonetheless I pulled it out to see if I could discern any inclusions. The grading report shows the inclusions in the center third of the table. I could not make anything out.

I spent quite a bit of time just admiring the cut. Afterwards, I pulled out an LED flashlight to see what would happen. In fact, I viewed the stone under different lighting conditions. I am very happy with the purchase and believe that after it has been set and I can compare it to other real world diamonds, its beauty will stand out the more. Suffice it to say that I am thrilled. I will spend some time thinking about the setting then touch base again…I have enjoyed working with you and really appreciate your time and counsel for this important purchase.

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