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I Will Always Call It My “Brian Gavin Ring”……

We are working on several exciting projects and this is part of an e-mail we received this week that was most heartwarming. The customer is purchasing a beautiful hearts and arrows diamond set into an antique style custom made ring. Hi Brian, I want to thank you so much for talking to me this morning and giving […]

The History behind the Hearts and Arrows Images of Brian Gavin's Diamonds.

These familiar purple-pink hearts and arrows (H&A) signature images date back to 1999, just after I introduced A CUT ABOVE hearts and arrows diamonds in my company, Alpha Creations. My father, Ben Gavin, cut this diamond, which was one of the first perfectly cut H&A diamonds, and these are its H&A images. This set the […]

Mr. Le and Brian Gavin create a Magnificent Custom Colored Stone and Diamond Ring for a customer…

Here is a beautiful colored stone and diamond ring that was created this week by Mr. Le and his talented team of jewelers. The customer was e-mailed the CAD renditions first for approval and then the ring was cast and hand finished, including the milgrained edges. The center stone is a 2ct triangular blue sapphire […]

Brian Gavin and Lesley Harris are Working on Several Exciting Diamond Jewelry Projects….

In response to the numerous inquiries that we have received, for those visitors to the blog who are wondering if we are “in business", the answer is yes! Even though our e-commerce site is not up and running yet, we have been contacted directly by many people and we are working on several exciting projects. Last […]

Brian Gavin’s Colleague, Sandra Amadio, Visits Namibia………..

I heard from one of my colleagues in South Africa, Sandra Amadio, this week. Sandra recently visited Kolmanskop in Namibia. Kolmanskop is a ghost town in Southern Namibia which developed after the discovery of diamonds in the area in 1908. The following video journal portrays this fascinating journey….I thought that you would all enjoy learning […]

Customers Write to Brian Gavin and Lesley Harris…….

When we launched our new blog and website, we started receiving huge volumes of e-mails daily…we were so touched by the incredible comments that were coming in and would love to share a small sampling of excerpts with you….. …My heart dropped when I heard that you and Brian had left. You made the diamond buying […]


Just after I launched this website, I was contacted directly by a customer who had previously been looking forward to working with me on her diamond recut. She was thrilled to have found me by typing 'Brian the Cutter' into the Google Search feature. After a couple of phone discussions and e-mails, she decided to […]

Brian the Cutter Presents “Centrifugal Casting of Gold” by Mr. Le…

Here is a fast paced video clip showing how Mr. Le, our master gold and platinum smith, casts gold using a Centrifugal Casting Machine. The gold is then fashioned into different pieces of jewelry, many of which will be set with our A CUT ABOVE hearts and arrows diamonds and diamond melee.

Brian the Cutter and Lesley visit the Alamo…

We decided to get away this past weekend for a short break and a change of venue (away from our computers), so we headed west to San Antonio, Texas. Our daughter is spending the year there on a teaching internship and it is only a three hour drive, so we try to grab the opportunity […]