How do inclusions in diamonds look close up?

Many times people ask about the nature of inclusions in diamonds, if they are dangerous, if they affect the durability and performance of the stone and if they are visible. Many question and want to know what they look like close up.  Here are some close up shots of  examples of typical inclusions in a VS2 graded diamond.

Photo micrograph of Diamond Inclusions

Photo micrograph of Diamond Inclusions

Definitions of inclusions.

Cloud –  a tight grouping of pinpoints which might be too small to distinguish individually.
Crystal – mineral crystals which are typically trapped in the rough diamond material when it is forming.
Needle – a thin, elongated crystal that looks like a tiny rod at 10x magnification.
Feather –  is caused by cleavage planes or internal stress fractures that have the appearance of wispy feathers.

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