Monthly Archives: January 2009

CAD Design and New Custom Work in the Jewelry Workshop

Over the past couple of weeks things have been gearing up in the jewelry workshop. Brian has been working closely with the designers to create many new custom jewelry designs, many of which will feature A CUT ABOVE diamond melee. These include engagement rings, solitaires, diamond bands, pendants and earrings. Since we have received so […]

Brian Gavin and Lesley Harris Partying with the Stars in Beverly Hills, CA……..

Brian and Lesley went to Los Angeles to party with some of the local stars at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills. They shared beautiful gold and platinum diamond jewelry, much of which featured A CUT ABOVE diamond melee. Lesley wearing the custom designed platinum diamond ring I gave her for our 20th wedding anniversary. […]

Creative Colored Stone Designs by Brian Gavin………

Here are some magnificent colored stone pendants I created in 2006. The green citrine pendant "Mint on Ice" was made but the yellow sapphire pendant, "Lemon On Ice", never came to fruition as I had to leave suddenly for South Africa, where my late mother Femma was terminally ill. The diamond melee used is all […]

Brian Gavin and Richard Homer – the two cutters meet……

Brian Gavin, "Brian the Cutter" and Richard Homer recently met at a meeting arranged by Wink Jones of Winfield's in Boise, Idaho, and a good friend of both men. Homer is an Award-winning gemstone faceter who had his exquisite gemstone collection on hand for Gavin to enjoy. Although Brian had read about and seen numerous […]

Brian Gavin and Gabi Tolkowsky meet in Russia……..

When I traveled to Russia for the International Diamond Cut Conference (IDCC) in 2004, I was fortunate enough to meet up with Gabi Tolkowsky, one of the world's most renowned diamond cutters and the sixth generation of the Tolkowsky family to make his name in the trade. We met in the customs area of Sheremetyevo […]

Buying Rough Diamonds in Russia

I've had many requests over the years to describe what it is like to purchase rough diamonds I went on a trip to investigate the purchase of rough diamond material in Moscow, Russia for the creation of A CUT ABOVE's The invitation came from Alrosa, which is the diamond sorting and marketing division of the […]

Dreams of Africa*- The Story Behind It.

"Dreams of Africa* is beautiful, and Brian's idea is wonderful and refreshing." Marjorie Andrade, UN Goodwill Ambassador, Brazil. In 2006, interest in the origin of diamonds was fueled by the new Hollywood movie, "Blood Diamonds" which denounced the illicit practices of the diamond industry. In 2006, I went back to South Africa twice to visit my terminally […]

How do inclusions in diamonds look close up?

Many times people ask about the nature of inclusions in diamonds, if they are dangerous, if they affect the durability and performance of the stone and if they are visible. Many question and want to know what they look like close up.  Here are some close up shots of  examples of typical inclusions in a […]

Brian Gavin and Martin Rapaport discuss….

Brian Gavin and Martin Rapaport discuss Conflict Diamonds. The JCK Jewelry Show in Las Vegas, the industry’s annual premier buying event, takes place over the first weekend of June every year. On the Monday morning of the show, Martin Rapaport, delivers his “State of the Industry” address to a standing room only crowd.   On Monday, […]

More Images Of True Love

Many of you have requested in emails and on the blog for more images. Here goes… enjoy