An Architect Designs The Perfect Engagement Ring

Andrés met his best friend and partner, Avery, while they were both pursuing graduate studies in architecture. They even became licensed architects at the same time! Over the years they traveled the globe together, exploring the most amazing architecture that the world has to offer. Somewhere along the way, Andrés realized that there was no one else that he wanted to grow old with; Avery was the one. That’s when the search for the perfect engagement ring began.

There are so many choices, big and small, that go into selecting an engagement ring. Some customers come to Brian Gavin Diamonds for the quality of our craftsmanship, and some come for the value that we offer, but what really won over Andrés was our superior customer service. We helped him with every question he had, every step of the way, and he ended up with a gorgeous Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows Round 1.113 J VS2 diamond in a classic style knife edge platinum setting.

All that was left was for Andrés to pop the question.

“We flew to my home country, Uruguay, and drove to a site (Casapueblo) that was built by one of Uruguay’s most famous artists: Carlos Paez Vilaro. The beautiful white structure was built by hand, without plans, over many decades. It is the work of an artist that is inspired by nature and the sun and the building reflects it perfectly. It has been a favorite site of mine ever since I was a small child, so It was the perfect place to pop the question and make it a very special site for the both of us.”

Congratulations to Avery and Andrés! Thank you for choosing the Brian Gavin Diamonds Team to be part of your Happily Ever After.

Lu-Ann's 1.826 H VS1 Brian Gavin Diamonds Signature Hearts and Arrows Round Diamond

When it was time to celebrate her 20th wedding anniversary, Lu-Ann found the perfect ring but knew that it was never going to shine its best without the perfect diamond center stone. She came to the Brian Gavin Diamonds team for help. We talked with her over the phone to figure out exactly what she needed, and we were able to recommend something jaw-dropping, a 1.826 H VS1 Brian Gavin Diamonds Signature Hearts and Arrows Round diamond.

When Lu-Ann had the diamond set in her dream ring, she made sure to write to us and tell us how much she loved it.

“I am so happy with my ring and am very thankful that I chose to buy my center stone from Brian Gavin. Not only does it sparkle and show bright white, I have the knowledge that I have a diamond with the highest cut quality. Thanks again for helping me create a beautiful ring to celebrate my 20th wedding anniversary.”

Congratulations to Lu-Ann on 20 years of marriage; we wish you many happy years to come!

A Request From Hong Kong For Custom Wedding Rings

Paul lives in Hong Kong with his wife, Vicky, and their children. He reached out to us in May on a mission to upgrade the princess cut diamond from his wife’s original wedding ring. When we started talking with him about what he wanted from the upgrade, we were able to advise him to switch to a round stone, which performs better than a princess cut and gives more face up value for its carat weight. After talking it over on the phone with Brian Gavin himself, Paul chose a dazzling 3.241 J VS1 Black by Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows Round diamond to set in a brand new custom platinum engagement ring.

Paul was also looking to replace Vicky’s wedding ring, which had been misplaced for a while. Our experts were able to help him choose the perfect compliment to Vicky’s new engagement ring, an Open Gallery 5 stone Platinum complete with five .2 D VS2 Black by Brian Gavin round diamonds.

Each of the rings was custom made for Vicky, and our expert team took care of all of the details of getting the rings to Hong Kong in time for Paul to surprise Vicky with how quickly they’d been made.

“The rings are beautiful. Please extend our thanks to Brian and the team. I will be in touch in the future (a pair of earrings are in the pipeline, I am also very partial to Brian’s Cape collection :)”

We’re thrilled that Paul and Vicky are thrilled, and we’re so grateful to them for trusting the Brian Gavin Diamonds team to craft such beautiful and special rings for them.

Cameron's Black by Brian Gavin 1.307 G VS1 diamond engagement ring

When Keith was ready to buy his future fiancée, Cameron’s engagement ring, he did his homework. All of his online research led him to our website, but he knew he needed to see the diamonds in person before he’d know which one would sit on Cameron’s finger forever. We invited him to our showroom so that he could see all of his diamond and setting options, and he knew when he found the perfect combination.

Keith chose a round Black by Brian Gavin 1.307 G VS1 diamond in a platinum setting with G VS diamond melee 75% around the band. The results speak for themselves, and Keith and Cameron loved the engagement ring so much that they decided to buy their wedding rings from us, too!  

A Diamond That Stands Apart

Tevin got in contact with us last April in his quest for an engagement ring for his girlfriend, Ebony. He told us multiple times that he wanted a ring that stood apart from everything else. Nothing but a luminous fireball of a diamond would do, so we knew right away that one of our Black by Brian Gavin signature collection of diamonds was just what he was looking for! He was willing to wait until the perfect diamond arrived in our inventory. Based on his description, we contacted him the moment we received new diamonds that matched his description and he secured an absolutely stunning .870 G VS2 Black by Brian Gavin diamond.

“The diamond is a firecracker , I think she looks at it more than she looks at me now lol. I wish I was jokin! Ebony wanted to thank each person involved in her diamond and ring process. Thank you for helping me with the design and making the ring come to life! Meeting Brian Gavin and working with him directly was an experience in itself and something I won’t forget. I appreciate the in depth diamond consultation, along with the life advice and the tips and tricks on diamonds and what it really means to go above and beyond. The diamond is absolutely beautiful.”

Congratulations Tevin and Ebony from the entire Brian Gavin Diamonds team! Thank you for choosing us to be a part of your love story.

Chelsea Receives a Ring that is Better than Any Dream

When Derek was ready to propose to his girlfriend, Chelsea, he began the search for the perfect custom engagement ring. He browsed our online inventory and narrowed down his search to a few gorgeous options. With a little help from us, he chose a 2.341 J VS1 Signature Hearts and Arrows diamond in a platinum Legera Pave setting.

There was only one problem: Derek wasn’t sure what size ring would fit Chelsea! He came up with a brilliant plan to get her sized and throw her off his trail as he worked with us to create her ring: he took her to Tiffany & Co. to be sized! Chelsea never suspected that Derek was getting a superior diamond at a superior price by coming to us!

When Derek finally proposed, Chelsea was thrilled with her ring:

“She absolutely loves it and said it was way better than any dream ring that she had pinned on Pinterest (I didn't know she was doing that). Everyone has gawked nonstop over the ring and has been the entire focus of our engagement so far (every comment has been it is stunning, absolutely gorgeous, and beautiful)”

Congratulations, Derek and Chelsea! We’re so happy that you love your custom engagement ring!

Anastasia's 1.945 J VS1 Signature Hearts and Arrows round Pave Platinum engagement ring

1.945 J VS1 Signature Hearts and Arrows round Pave Platinum engagement ring Eliot and Anastasia were best friends growing up, and in their senior year of high school, they started dating and fell in love. Nine years later, Eliot was ready to propose and he came to Brian Gavin Diamonds to create the perfect custom engagement ring.

“I knew I wanted to hit a certain size but at the same time meet a certain budget. I was very grateful to the Brian team that they kept me in mind when our stone hit their inventory. It was exactly what I was looking for!”

Eliot and our team chose a 1.945 J VS1 Signature Hearts and Arrows Round Diamond in a 3/4 Eternity Pave Platinum setting. “Meeting Brian in person was a true pleasure, his passion shone through as he educated me on diamonds. He made sure that I didn't just settle for good but I went and got the best. Everyone talks about how much fire Anastasia's diamond has and that is no accident, her stone is truly a one of a kind work of art.”

All that was left was the proposal! Eliot and Anastasia discussed her dream proposal ahead of time, but that didn’t make the execution any easier for Eliot. “I gave Eliot the impossible task of a private proposal and having everyone there at the same time, and he certainly rose up to the challenge. My 25th birthday was coming up and I told him that I wanted to do a big vacation in NOLA with all of our friends. We ended up having 26 people come down to NOLA and celebrate with us for the whole weekend.”

Eliot saw the perfect opportunity to propose on Anastasia’s birthday weekend. He told her they were going to have a romantic dinner, just the two of them, on Saturday night. They both got all dressed up, and Anastasia didn’t suspect a thing! Eliot had booked a private room at a diner, and it was full of their friends waiting to surprise Anastasia. When they arrived at the private dining room, all of their friends screamed “surprise!”

“Little did I know, the night of surprises was just beginning.” Anastasia said.

Eliot surprised her with a beautiful video featuring all of their friends and loved ones wishing her a happy birthday, and then he surprised her with a trip to one of their favorite places on earth, Universal Studios, Orlando. With so many surprises coming her way, she never suspected what Eliot had planned next.

There was a professional photographer there to “photograph the birthday party”, and Eliot convinced Anastasia to go to the perfect proposal spot by telling her that the photographer had to leave soon. He led Anastasia away from the group of partygoers in pursuit of the perfect New Orleans birthday picture.

“We took pictures all through the city, ending at a gorgeous rooftop at sundown, which was laid out in roses, candles and huge letters spelling out: Marry Me. A few minutes after he proposed all of our friends joined us on the rooftop and that’s how I got my perfect private/public proposal.”

And what did Anastasia think of her new engagement ring?

“The first time I saw the ring, I was blown away. It was exactly the ring I've always dreamed of but it was better than I could have ever imagined in person! In every type of light, it shines and glistens from within.”

Congratulations to Eliot and Anastasia from everyone on the Brian Gavin Diamonds team!

1.945 J VS1 Signature Hearts and Arrows round Pave Platinum engagement ring 1.945 J VS1 Signature Hearts and Arrows round Pave Platinum engagement ring

A Picture-Perfect Legera Pave for a Picture-Perfect Proposal

DJ reached out to us about a year ago when his search for a stunning engagement ring for his girlfriend led him to our website. He’d been browsing our inventory and found a 1.212 F VS1 Signature Heart and Arrows Cushion diamond that he thought would go perfectly with a Legera Pave 18K White Gold setting. We couldn’t agree more!

After we shipped DJ the gorgeous custom ring, we sent him a few glamour shots of the finished product to show off to his friends and family. When he received the pictures, DJ said, “Thank you so much, I picked the ring up this morning and it looks just as pretty in person. I am so excited to pop the question this weekend.”

That weekend, he took his girlfriend on a gorgeous autumn hike in the mountains. He found the perfect moment to propose at a scenic overlook, and she said “yes”!

Congratulations to the happy couple! We're honored to have been a part of creating a beautiful ring to mark the beginning of a beautiful life together.

Roxanne’s Custom Dream Full Eternity 14K Rose Gold Wedding Ring Upgrade

Phil came to us six years ago to purchase a custom engagement ring for his future bride, a 1.775 I IF Signature Hearts and Arrows cushion cut diamond in a custom 14k gold setting. The happy couple was married in June of 2014, and Phil reached out to us again last March to do something very special for their fifth anniversary! Phil wanted to give his wife, Roxanne’s wedding ring a big upgrade!

He chose a Custom Dream Full Eternity setting in 14K Rose Gold featuring .15ct Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows F/G VS diamonds, the perfect complement to Roxanne’s engagement ring. With full eternity settings, it is important to get the sizing exactly right because it’s not possible to resize them once they’re made. Roxanne came into our office so that she could be properly sized, a quick and easy process that allowed them both the peace of mind that their brand new ring was going to fit like a glove!

The finished product is stunning, the perfect complement to Roxanne’s engagement ring!

Congratulations to Phil and Roxanne on their fifth anniversary! Here’s hoping for many more!

The Search for the Perfect Diamond ends at Brian Gavin Diamonds

Austin, a military veteran from Nebraska contacted us online in search of the perfect diamond to fit his budget. He’d shopped around at local jewelers and found that their diamonds just weren’t up to snuff. He had his eye on the Black by Brian Gavin line, nothing but the best for his future fiancée Taylor.

With some help from our expert associates, Austin selected a .695 D VS1 Black by Brian Gavin Diamond and was able to use his military discount to keep his purchase within his budget.

We kept in contact with him and once he’d set the diamond in the perfect halo setting, he sent us a picture of the stunning results.

“I must say it has been a pure delight to get to show off my impeccable stone to some of the local jewelry stores when looking for a place to set my stone. Obviously many have tried swaying me to purchase a stone through them, but every one of them have had to admit my Black was a perfectly cut stone that was absolutely stunning and couldn't believe what I paid for it as well! I look forward to picking out an eternity ring from BGD in the future as an eventual anniversary gift. Thanks for all your help.”

Congratulations to Austin and Taylor! If you’d like to learn more about our military discount, contact us today.