Easy Methods to Clean Sterling Silver

Sterling silver jewelry is a staple for every jewelry box, but nothing is worse than when one of our favorites pieces becomes tarnished and discolored. Why this happens is quite simple. When oxygen and sulfur make contact with the silver, overtime, jewelry begins to lose its luster as a result.

Don’t start worrying yet! There are many affordable at-home remedies to get your sterling silver sparkling once again. Here are some of our favorite DIY tricks to help keep your sterling silver jewelry dazzling bright and looking good as new.

Wearing the Jewelry

This method is a no-brainer! An easy way to avoid your favorite silver pieces from going dull is to wear them often! The oils from your skin act as a cleaning agent and can help maintain its brilliant shine (and you will be looking glamorous in the process.)

Soap and Water

Warm water with a mild dish soap is one of the oldest tricks in the book. This easy, at-home method is a great way to safely clean your favorite sterling silver pieces. With the use of everyday products that you have in your kitchen, it’ll save you money while being effective in removing tarnishes!

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil

Lemon juice is commonly known for its powerful cleaning properties, so it’s no surprise that this ingredient is used in washing sterling silver. To do this, mix together ½ cup of lemon juice and 1 tsp of olive oil in a small bowl then use a microfiber cloth to rub the solution on your jewelry. Soon enough, your silver will be back on its A-game.

Baking Soda and Water

If the above solutions aren’t working for cleaning your jewelry, try using baking soda and water. By creating a baking soda paste and rubbing the solution on your jewelry with a toothbrush, your sterling silver will be brand new in no time.

The History of The Engagement Ring

When we think engagement rings, we think love, happiness, and forever spent with our significant other, but little do we realize the history behind this small piece of jewelry. The engagement ring has been a symbolic token for centuries. Journey with us through time as we uncover the history and evolving meaning of the wedding ring.

2000 B.C

The history of the engagement ring can be dated as far back as Ancient Egypt! Rings were considered to be symbols of eternity and worn on the third finger of the left hand, which was believed to have a vein that ran directly to the heart. This was the first known culture where people exchanged rings in honor of love.

200 B.C.

In Ancient Roman times, men gave betrothal rings to their wives to signify ownership. Women would have two separate rings, one made out of iron that they wore around the house, and one made out of gold that they would wear in public. Historians believed this to be the first instance where rings were used to symbolize marriage.

200 B.C

Middle Ages

During Medieval times, wedding rings worn by the wealthy were adorned with various gemstones and considered as symbols of social status. Poesy rings, wedding rings engraved with religious and inspirational messages, also became popular.

middle ages


It wasn’t until 1477 when diamonds were first introduced to the engagement ring. Archduke Maximillian of Austria was the first to commission an engagement ring adorned with diamonds in the shape of an “M” for his betrothed, Mary of Burgundy.


Victorian Era

The Victorian era was a highly recognized time for its influence on jewelry, especially the wedding ring. Engagement rings were typically adorned with large, colorful gemstones, such as opals, rubies, and emeralds, and had bold designs. After the discovery of diamonds in South Africa, it became more common for diamonds to be used in engagement rings. Rose and Old Mine cuts rose to popularity and were placed in flower or clustered settings.

Victorian Era

20th Century

Although popularity for diamond rings declined after the first World War and even more so during the Great Depression, the diamond cartel, De Beers, profoundly influenced the diamond industry. Their slogan, “A Diamond is Forever,” helped persuade both men and women that diamond rings were indispensable and the ultimate motif of an eternal bond.

20th century

Present Day

Now, with hundreds of shapes, cuts, and settings, the options for that perfect ring are endless. With a rich and intimate history, engagement rings have proven themselves to be the utmost symbol of love and matrimony (and that’s something we can definitely get behind)!

Milgrain Halo Engagement Ring


Check out our collection of unique diamond engagement rings that we individually handcraft to perfection. We are so proud to be a part of an industry founded on romance, love, and eternal devotion. Visit our website to see it all.

7 Brian Gavin Diamonds Must-Haves for Your Jewelry Box

Just like the little black dress hanging in your closet, every woman needs her go-to jewelry staples. Whether it’s for a last-minute date night, work meeting, or lunch out with the girls, jewelry is essential for adding that extra glam to your everyday outfit. From evening wear to business casual, here are our 10 must-have pieces for every woman’s jewelry box.

Detached Braid Hoop Earrings

Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are essential when it comes to dressing up or dressing down an outfit. Paired with your favorite denim jeans or cocktail dress, hoop earrings are the best compliment for any outfit. These silver Detailed Braid Hoop Earrings from Nambe are a fun and unique spin on the classic hoop earring and are a must-have accessory for any season.

Split Four Prong Studs

Diamond Studs

When it comes to simplicity, diamond studs are the perfect way to accessorize without making too bold of a statement. Pair them with a white blouse and pencil skirt or jeans and a tee, these Split Four Prong Studs are great for every occasion.

 Dharma Cuff Bracelet


The Ancient Greeks were definitely trendsetters when it came to adorning their outfits with elaborate and beautiful cuffs. These historic bracelets are timeless and come in a variety of styles. The Dharma Cuff Bracelet is a modern take on this classic accessory and is sure to be a showstopper for your next holiday party.

Love Pendant

Pendant Necklace

Pendant necklaces are our favorite accessory when you are looking for that stunning, yet simple piece of jewelry. The Love Pendant is perfect when you need an understated necklace for your every-day wear (and also makes a great love gift for your special someone).

Marquise Earrings Mother of Pearl

Pearl Earrings

As the world’s oldest gemstones, we can see why the pearl is considered the queen of gems. From studs to drops, pearls add an additional level of elegance and class to any outfit. The Marquise Earrings Mother of Pearl is a unique twist on this extraordinary jewel and are a true statement piece you will want to wear every day.

Pearls No 10

Pearl Necklace

With pearls being a timeless jewelry piece, a pearl necklace would enhance your current lineup. Whether you are channeling your inner Audrey Hepburn or need to dress up for a formal occasion, the Pearl No 10 pearl strand necklace should be your new best friend. Pearls are a classic staple that will definitely have you feeling like a glamorous movie star.

Multi-Band Ring

Oval Random Cut Amethyst

Statement Ring

From boho chic to sleek and elegant, statement rings are one of the best ways to accessorize any outfit. Our Muli-Band Ring is great for making a bold statement and giving off the illusion of a trendy stacked ring set. On the other hand, if you are looking for something to truly wow the crowd, our Oval Random Cut Amethyst will definitely be a showstopper at your next dinner party.

November's Birthstones: Citrine and Topaz

Tis’ the season where the leaves change color, you cozy up to a loved one and, most importantly, bring out your favorite fall accessories. Topaz and citrine are THE hit stones of the season and a must in every closet. As the birthstone of November, topaz and citrine have vibrant tones and come in a variety of shades and colors. From royal blues to deep sunset oranges, these jewels make the perfect addition to your fall wardrobe. Topaz originates from the Greek word Topazios, a small Greek island off the Red Sea. Many believed the name originated from the Sanskrit word ‘tapas,’ meaning fire. The stone can be found in modern day Brazil, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Russia. The Ancient Romans believed topaz to be a stone of great healing power while the Greeks believed it to be a source of strength and vigor. Citrine is very similar to topaz in terms of its variety of warm hues but is a yellow member of the quartz family. Natural citrine can be found in modern day Russia, Madagascar and France. In Ancient Greek times, citrine was used a decorative element for armor and jewelry. Some even considered citrine to hold the warmth of the sun, burning out negative energy and fears. While there is a lot of history and folklore behind these classic stones, there is one thing we know for sure, they are strikingly beautiful. Here are a few of our favorite Brian Gavin pieces that are sure to be showstoppers for your next holiday get-together: Square Cab Citrine ring bgd This Square Cab Citrine ring, adorned with 66 pieces off White Topaz, will make the perfect accessory to your favorite fall sweater. Oval Checkerboard London Blue Topaz Leverback Earrings bgd A Brian Gavin Diamonds favorite is our Oval Checkerboard London Blue Topaz Leverback Earrings. Set in a 14k rose gold setting, featuring a 0.26 ctw diamond melee, they will definitely have you feeling like a princess. Square Cab Citrine earrings bgd Your ears are sure to sparkle in these 7.57 ctw Square Cab Citrine earrings, adorned with 70 pieces of White Topaz. For more beautiful pieces, whether it's a sparkling diamond or colored gemstones, visit Brian Gavin Diamonds to see our large collection!

22 Reasons Why We’re Thankful

Life’s greatest moments are meant to be spent with the ones you love. Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours! In honor of Thanksgiving, we’re warming up our thankfulness muscles here at BGD to share all the reasons why we’re grateful in 2018.
  1. We're thankful for customers who are like family.
  2. “I’m thankful and grateful that Brian Gavin Diamonds has the opportunity to make two people happy, and we are the catalyst that makes that happen. It feels really good.” – Brian, CEO
  1. We’re thankful to work with a partner who loves Game of Thrones as much as we do. Furrer Jacot brought every G.O.T fan’s dream to life this year with a new collection that was inspired by the series.
  1. We’re grateful that we had to spoil Charlie, the most adorable dog in the world, with some pet swag and help his parents choose the wedding bands of their dreams.
  1. We’re thankful to work with an amazing partner like Nambe to sell their beautiful jewelry and home goods to our customers.
  1. “I am thankful to be a part of the Brian Gavin family and watching our family grow with every new customer. The knowledge I have gained from Brian Gavin and being able to pass it along to our customers who are making such an important decision is invaluable.” – Nicole, Diamond Consultant
  1. We’re thankful that we had to the opportunity to expand our beloved 810 collection to now include beautiful diamond bands to match its ring counterpart.
  1. We’re so lucky that our customers have chosen us to be a part of their happiest moments, from when they say “Yes!” to “I Do!” to celebrating children and the many years spent together.
  1. We’re thankful for the launch of our Avigdor line with Kabbalah inspired rings.
  1. We’re grateful to be part our customers’ love stories from beginning to end like with Elizabeth and Bradley!
  1. We love creating custom work and bringing our customer's visions to life.
  1. We’re grateful to have such loyal customers who trust us to find the perfect gift for life’s special moments.
  1. We’re thankful to be part of fairytale proposals that our customers do for their special person.
  1. “I'm thankful for the creativity customers bring to their custom design ideas and the hardworking staff from sales to jewelers and everyone in between who ensures there’s a great experience from start to finish.” – Avi, CAD & Design
  1. “I am thankful to work with clients from all over the globe and have a small hand in the celebration of their biggest milestones, whether it be an engagement, the birth of a child or an anniversary.” – Brie, Diamond Consultant
  1. We’re grateful to give a lovely couple the chance to win a piece of jewelry that best represented their love for one another.
  1. We loved “traveling” the world with our fans and being part of their special memories this past summer!
  1. “I am most thankful for the individuals, who I work with that have both guided, and educated me on my path to success at Brian Gavin Diamonds. These individuals are more than just work colleagues, they are great friends, and we all share a love for diamond jewelry.” – Emily, Diamond Consultant
  1. We enjoy sharing our knowledge through monthly livestreams and getting to answer fans’ questions!
  1. We love reading the amazing reviews and feedback from customers around the globe. It makes what we do feel even more important and meaningful!
  1. “I am grateful for Brian Gavin's vision. In an industry where many companies get complacent, he continues to pioneer and push for even better. We never settle!” – Jamie, Diamond Consultant
  1. Above all, we are so thankful for YOU, our customer and fan, for filling our days with so much joy.

Time is Running Out! Enter to Win a Dream Proposal.

Ready to pop the question? Our Put A Ring On It Giveaway ends next Wednesday, November 21, and there's still time for you to enter! The person of your dreams deserves the proposal of their dreams, so why not make it a reality? Let us help turn your engagement proposal into an unforgettable moment. From the romantic setting to the radiant sparkle, we have everything planned just for you. We've partnered with incredible brands from around the world to give you the chance to win the proposal of a lifetime.

Proposal_Competition_roll_outInstagram 1080x1080

One lucky couple will win the Put A Ring On It grand prize, featuring:

As you prepare to ask the question of a lifetime, we have one question for you: why should you win the Paradise Proposal Giveaway? To enter, visit Brian Gavin Diamonds by November 21.

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Destiny At Its Best: Caitlin and Ken

Ken and Caitlin’s love story started out as a blind date in college. Having both grown up in northern New Jersey, they soon realized that they lived across the street from each other as kids and never knew until that very moment! It was destiny their paths would cross again.

caitlin and ken

Six happy years later, Ken knew Caitlin was the one and began planning his proposal. Prior to the big day, Ken studied diamonds for months to learn what would be the best fit for his future fiancée. When he discovered Brian Gavin Diamonds, Ken was pleased with all of the help he received in the buying process. After deciding on what would be the perfect cut and shape for Caitlin, he chose the elegant Signature Round Solitaire diamond set in a tapered classic half round 18k white gold setting. With the ring’s amazing shine and sparkle, it would easily make Caitlin fall in love with it.

caitlin ring

Ken had been delaying the proposal for some time. His goal was to surprise Caitlin when she least expected it. After days of having the ring, he was dying for Caitlin to see it, and what better way to show her than down on one knee!

It was a sunny January afternoon when Ken decided to pop the question. For the proposal, Ken’s plan was to show off the beauty of the ring. He knew that the best way to do this was to be outdoors, where it could glisten and sparkle in the natural sunlight.

caitlin yes

The morning of the proposal, Ken tirelessly tried to convince Caitlin to go on a walk with him through the woods by her house. Caitlin kept refusing to go because she wasn’t having the best day. Not only was Caitlin feeling ill due to her Crohn’s Disease flare-up, she was also upset that the holidays had come and gone and there still wasn’t a proposal from Ken.

caitlin ring selfie

After hours of persuasion, Caitlin FINALLY gave in. Having just got out of the shower, and still dressed in sweatpants, Caitlin was completely unaware this day would soon become the happiest day of her life.

Once they reached a more private spot on their walk, Ken unexpectedly dropped down to one knee, pulled out a Brian Gavin Diamonds box from his winter puffer coat pocket and said, “Caitlin, this is the spot where I first fell for you. Will you marry me?” Caitlin was in complete shock! At first, she assumed it was another one of Ken’s fake proposal jokes until she saw the Brian Gavin diamond ring glistening in the sun. Once the shock wore off, Caitlin said yes and threw her arms around Ken. It was the perfect ending to a perfect proposal.

caitlin bgd ring

Caitlin and Ken will tie the knot on June 22, 2019 in New Jersey, and our team at Brian Gavin wishes the happy couple a bright future together as husband and wife. If you’re tying the knot soon, we’d love to be a part of your special day. Start your search at Brian Gavin Diamonds.

One For The Books: A French Love Story

Here at Brian Gavin Diamonds, we know better than anyone the pressure of finding the right engagement ring and understand the hesitation some might feel about purchasing such a large item online. However, our team of expert diamond consultants is more than happy to take the time to call, email and communicate with you to ensure you are getting exactly what you want.

Read how Nicolas’s Brian Gavin Diamonds experience showcases the ease he had with his diamond purchase, even though he was in another country.

Nicolas and Anne-Sophie’s romantic love story sounds like a real-life romance novel. The two met at university in the south of France and will be together for eight years this November. However, their love story was not always easy. The couple lived long distance for most of their relationship and spent weekends trying to see each other by any means necessary to be together whether it was by plane, train or automobile. The couple met in different destinations such as Toulouse, Saint-Etienne, Nantes, Lyon or Paris, and were lucky enough to be from the same hometown and could be together when they visited family. Through the ups and downs of their long-distance relationship, Nicolas and Anne-Sophie finally were able to move together to Dallas. Unfortunately, this was short-lived as life and work had different plans for them and distance crept back into their lives.


After doing this again, the couple put a deadline on being and decided to move back together to the South of France by the end of 2018. During this process, they also discussed engagement but decided that they would wait to settle down. However, Nicolas had a surprise up his sleeve. After doing much research online and hearing about Sophie-Anne’s ring preferences throughout the years, Nicolas came across Black by Brian Gavin, our most exclusive line of rings. The idea of buying a diamond was both exciting and stressful for him, but once he was able to get in touch with the Brian Gavin Diamonds team, any concerns he had were soothed. Nicolas is overjoyed with the hard work the Brian Gavin Diamonds team put into his ring and truly believes we live up to our reputation of creating stunning custom rings.

Anne-Sophie Ring

To propose, Nicolas whisked Anne-Sophie away on a weekend getaway to Zanzibar. After a nice meal at sunset, the two relaxed in their bungalow terrace to enjoy a beautiful starry night sky and that is when Nicolas asked Anne-Sophie to spend the rest of her life with him. With tears and lots of emotions, Anne-Sophie, of course, said yes! She was absolutely stunned by the beauty of the ring and its story. Nicolas always wanted something refined, elegant and modern, not a ring that any other girl would have on her finger, which is why he entrusted BGD with this piece.

Ring Close-up

The ring is a magnificent piece and is a 14K Rose Gold Tension-like paved ring mounted with a beautiful 0.72 GVS2 Black by Brian Gavin Diamond. They were blown away by the details that were clearly made into making this ring sparkle and were impressed at how the melee diamonds on the sides shined so vibrantly.  Although they aren’t sure on all of their wedding details just yet, one thing is for certain, the couple will work with Brian Gavin Diamonds team to create their perfect pair of wedding bands.

2018 Fall Jewelry Trends

Fall has arrived! Cue the cooler weather, pumpkin spice and some gorgeous new fall trends.  Although we might not be able to tell you what boots to wear this season, we do know a thing or two about the latest trends to hit the jewelry scene. Whether you want something timeless and classic or modern and chic, Brian Gavin Diamonds’ team of jewelry experts can help you select the perfect piece that goes great with any look. Read on to see the fall jewelry trends that’ll turn heads and keep you in the know for this season.

Precious Pearls

Pearl Drops

Pearl Drops

Pearl Huggies

Pearl Huggies

Pearls are a timeless piece that compliments almost any occasion, but a more modern take on the classic stud is what trendsetters will be aiming for this fall season. Pearl earrings make an incredible gift for all occasions. Combining pearls and diamonds in these magnificent pearl earring settings is a guaranteed recipe for a gift that your special person will remember and cherish forever.

Gorgeous Gems

Blue Topaz Bracelet

Blue Topaz Bracelet

Oval Random Cut Amethyst Ring

Oval Random Cut Amethyst Ring

As colored gemstones are taking center stage this fall, keep an eye out for jewelry that has a pop of color! With outfits shifting towards darker colors to reflect the season, a bright gemstone will break up the monotony and can incorporate your personality through your chosen piece.  No matter if it’s bracelets, earrings, rings or necklaces get ready for a piece that will stand out in a crowd.

Chunky Chains

Falling Water Necklace

Falling Water Necklace

Wheat Necklace

Wheat Necklace

Slim simple jewelry will always have its place, but this fall, the clunkier, the better! These chunky chains will serve as statement pieces, so don’t be afraid to show off a big piece this fall. We recommend these pieces from Kelim that utilize nature elements to really highlight the fall season.

As with any jewelry purchase, it is critically important to know and trust your jeweler. The expertise and many years of experience of the team at Brian Gavin Diamonds is enough on its own to make you feel very comfortable with your shopping. Add to their knowledge the fact that they take great joy and pride in helping you find the perfect piece of jewelry for any occasion. Visit our website to see other fall pieces that you’ll love.

Push Presents from Brian Gavin Diamonds

A push present is a present a father gives a mother to mark the occasion of giving birth to their child. If you were to ask someone what a push gift is 25 years ago, they might say the wonderful child born that day, but now, a push gift is described as a piece of jewelry or another luxury item. Although some people might mock the idea of a push gift, many see it as a sign that men are beginning to understand women more. Here at Brian Gavin Diamonds, we like to be a part of every step in your journey from engagement rings to birthday gifts and everything else in between, including push presents. If you’re about to become a new parent, make your new mommy feel special with our push present gift suggestions.

Birthstone Pieces

These personalized jewelry pieces can make a push present even more special. Each birthstone represents different things depending on the month, so a customized birthstone gift can be a reminder of the time she became a mom. If this isn’t her first rodeo, just add on to her collection. Gift her one piece of jewelry, such as a necklace or bracelet, with birthstones for every member of your family.

Round Ruby Pendant

Round Ruby Pendant

Cushion Cab Amethyst Pendant

Cushion Cab Amethyst Pendant

Cushion Checkered Blue Topaz Studs

Cushion Checkered Blue Topaz Studs

Charm Bracelets

Charms are a very versatile gift. Whether you want a charm with birthstones, initials, or symbols, each charm bracelet is unique and special for the whole family. It’s also a great gift for other occasions, like birthdays and anniversaries, that can remind mom of special moments with her children.

Alternating Diamond Hearts

Alternating Diamond Hearts

Bezel Charm Bracelet

Bezel Charm Bracelet

Milgrain Bezel Bracelet

Milgrain Bezel Bracelet


Earrings can be a unique and a subtle push present. You might want to get birthstone earrings, but even if you don’t, classic diamond earrings can always be a wonderful reminder of the love she has for her child.

Hearts Jacket

Hearts Jacket

Fiorella Earrings

Fiorella Earrings

Diamond Quads

Diamond Quads


Necklaces are great gifts in general as they can be mixed and matched and dressed up or down for any occasion. Once again, you can add something that has to do with the birth or keep it simple. No matter what you decide, the necklace serves as a wonderful memento of being a mother.

Cushion Morganite Pendant

Cushion Morganite Pendant

Pearls No 26

Pearls No 26

Leaf Necklace

No matter the gift you choose, your loved one will be excited about the new adventure the two of you are about to embark on. Thank you for letting Brian Gavin Diamonds be a part of this special moment! Visit our website for more gift ideas.