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Talking diamonds with Brian Gavin is like talking with Itzhak Perlman about music…

At the end of March we received an e-mail via my brianthecutter.com website inquiring about the possible purchase of a 3.61 E VS1 round brilliant diamond. The customer had been reading about diamond prices having dropped and wanted my opinion as to whether I thought that it was a good time to be making such […]

Customer Reactions to Brian Gavin's Diamond Recuts and Custom Designed Jewelry…

…Lesley, I have missed you so much and am so excited to have you back 🙂 I don't know what I want on settings, probably custom…. YOU HAVE SPOILED ME!!! How long will the bands take to create? I can't wait to post my new Brian the Cutter stuff :)… …Brian, Okay so… I just […]

How do inclusions in diamonds look close up?

Many times people ask about the nature of inclusions in diamonds, if they are dangerous, if they affect the durability and performance of the stone and if they are visible. Many question and want to know what they look like close up.  Here are some close up shots of  examples of typical inclusions in a […]