Wedding Wishlist Giveaway Winners Tie the Knot in BGD

It’s commonly said that the best love stories are those that evolve from friendship. That’s certainly the case with Ayana and Vagner—our winners of last year’s Wedding Wishlist Giveaway, who received their very own fairytale wedding. Wedding Wishlist Giveaway Winners Tie the Knot in BGD It was a special moment when fate intervened one beautiful day and the couple met in the same youth group at their church. Vagner waited two years before mustering up the courage to ask Ayana on a true first date. With a stomach full of butterflies, Ayana accepted the invitation with absolutely no hesitation. “I truly couldn’t wait and even used a dry-erase marker to write a countdown on my bedroom mirror,” Ayana beamed, “At the end of our first date, he asked if I wanted to be his girlfriend. It was the perfect moment and everything felt so right. I said YES!” Ayana & Vagner - Brian Gavin Diamonds' Wedding Wishlist Giveaway Winners It wouldn’t be the last time Ayana would say “yes.” Enchanted months turned into unforgettable years. Their love grew stronger with every passing day. Knowing for quite some time that they’d both found the one, Vagner bent down to one knee and asked for Ayana’s hand in marriage in the fall of 2014. While planning her dream wedding, Ayana found Brian Gavin Diamonds online and fate stepped in at the exact right moment. We had just announced our Wedding Wishlist Giveaway, a prize package awarding a lucky couple with an incredible prize package and two BGD wedding bands. Ayana and Vagner didn’t waste a minute entering the giveaway. They waited anxiously to hear the results, knowing that this opportunity would make their wedding even more special. When the contest wrapped up, we were so excited to share that Ayana was our chosen winner. Ayana & Vagner - Brian Gavin Diamonds' Wedding Wishlist Giveaway Winners The couple was gifted with two complimentary Brian Gavin Diamonds wedding bands, an exotic honeymoon stay in Mexico, wedding planning must-haves from Tulle La La, an exceptional Redbeard Brand groom kit, and one-of-a-kind Nib and Pixel wedding invitations. Ayana worked with our team to choose two platinum Legera Pave Matching Bands, a stunning option to compliment her halo ring. Brian Gavin Diamonds Wedding Band “When my wedding bands arrived in the mail, I was honestly speechless,” Ayana described. “I had no idea how I’d find a wedding band to complement my engagement ring, and thanks to BGD’s generosity, I was able to get two simple bands that fit my ring beautifully.” Ayana and Vagner were married in January 2016 in a gorgeous ceremony surrounded by family and close friends. Vagner even serenaded his sweet bride with a special love song that he played on his guitar! Ayana & Vagner - Brian Gavin Diamonds' Wedding Wishlist Giveaway Winners We love providing opportunities for customers to have the wedding of their dreams, beyond the engagement ring. Our Wedding Wishlist Giveaway was an amazing chance to be a part of Ayana and Vagner’s happy ending and we’ll cherish it for the years to come. To stay updated on special contests and announcements, sign up for our newsletter.

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