Eric and Rosie’s Iceland Proposal

Eric was waiting for the “right” moment to propose to long-time girlfriend, Rosie. He decided that a romantic getaway to Iceland was the perfect setting for the proposal he had planned, and he chose Brian Gavin Diamonds to help bring that magic moment to life.

Eric's Ring

Knowing that Rosie is truly one-of-a-kind, Eric sought out a unique ring for his bride-to-be. Opting for a ring just as special as her, he chose a custom three-stone engagement ring with brilliant Brian Gavin Blue® stones.

Eric's Ring
Eric's Ring

The ring was finished just in time for its debut moment in Iceland. The happy couple planned a trip full of excursions, but Eric didn’t want to leave the ring out of his sight in fear that the perfect moment would pass and he would be empty-handed. He kept the engagement ring nestled safely in his pocket at all times, just in case.

They embarked on a trip to see beautiful waterfalls and followed with a breathtaking glacier hike. They even explored an incredible sea cave—truly making the most of the adventurous vacation trip.

Eric and Rosie

“Going on a glacier with the ring in my pocket was very stressful,” Eric confessed.

Soon after, they both found themselves atop a cliff with an amazing view overlooking the ocean, complete with a rainbow in the sky… and that was when he knew.

Amid all the beautiful scenery, Eric focused only on Rosie as he dropped to one knee. Rosie was in utter shock, but without hesitation said yes. It was the perfect moment, and one they would both remember forever.

Rosie's BGD Custom Ring

After their very eventful day, the newly engaged couple traveled an hour back to their hotel. As they drove, Rosie was undeniably distracted. They enjoyed the remainder of their trip before returning to that proposal spot three days later. When they returned to the special spot, Rosie finally recognized the beautiful islands seen on the drive.

“She kept remarking how cool it was to see the islands on the left hand side, which was a little confusing because we had seen them,” Eric said. “She was saying things like, ‘Oh isn't that cool, we can see islands!’ That was when I realized that she just hadn't looked up from her ring on the entire drive [back to the hotel] the day of the proposal,” he joked.

“My fiancée loves the ring. I find her just looking at it randomly—she loves how it sparkles and how dainty the band is,” Eric said.

Eric and Rosie returned back home and are fully captivated in their happily engaged lives. We’re thrilled to have been such a wonderful memory in Eric and Rosie’s life together.

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