Houston Symphony/Opera Violinists Thrilled With Their Brian Gavin Diamond Engagement Ring…

Frank recently purchased a magnificent 2.23 carat Brian Gavin Signature hearts and arrows diamond set into our platinum Tiffany Style Half Round Solitaire size 4.5. Following is their story and her reaction!!

Frank and I met for the first time when he visited my hometown of Atlanta to perform with my dad's orchestra as a violin soloist; it's funny to think he was 19 at the time… and I was 11!!! Years later, we crossed paths at music conservatory during Frank's last year but never spoke to each other the entire time. He was a superstar senior and I was in a high school "young artist" program- needless to say, he was too cool for such a newbie. Six years later, while working as a substitute violinist in the Houston Symphony, Frank visited for a trial week as concertmaster. Long story short, he was offered the position and we ended up playing violin in the same orchestra. Over the next few years, we became friends and started to date. I ultimately moved across the street as a member of the Houston Grand Opera and Ballet but we still try to carpool to work as often as possible- and after witnessing how distracted I am by the new sparkle on my finger, he insists on being the one to drive!

Hi Denise,

Thank you all soooo much!!!!

You're right, we're engaged YAAAAAYYY!!!!!!

I've been maximizing my free day taking tons of photos and posting them all over the internet!! It is gorgeous and I'm beyond happy!! I even started a ring thread on pricescope because I felt a responsibility to share how awesome BGD is!! (http://www.pricescope.com/forum/show-me-the-ring/thank-you-brian-gavin-i-m-in-love-t199562-30.html)

It was a great experience working with you and being able to meet with Brian twice; I am so grateful that we did our homework and found the best possible place to make this purchase!! The people who have seen it in person can't believe how sparkly it is and I am going to need a nicer wardrobe to match 🙂 You guys are the best!!!


P.S. Frank is obsessed with the ring too!!! (sometimes I let him wear it on his pinky…)

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