Customer Flies in to Houston to Meet with Brian Gavin to Select Her Signature Hearts and Arrows Diamond…

At the beginning of June, Dalia wrote in asking about our Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows diamonds and, in particular, if the lower color diamonds exhibited any visible color or tint. We discussed her questions in depth, she had a phone appointment with Brian and then she decided to fly in for the day to meet with Brian and actually look at some of our beautiful stones. She selected a magnificent 2.21 ct. I color Brian Gavin Signature H & A diamond, marveling at how white it faced up, and then got to work with Brian on the custom ring. She e-mailed in a sketch, some inspiration pictures and notes and it took a couple of renditions to get the CAD just right. After her approval the ring went to casting. It was finished a few days earlier than predicted, so we got in touch with Dalia’s husband and arranged to ship it directly to him without her knowledge.

We received this e-mail from her yesterday which says it all – she was thrilled!!

Dear Gavin Gang, Attached are a couple hand shots of my fabulous ring!!!  Karlon took me to dinner Friday night and gave me an early suprise, and said he would do it all again after 31 years of marriage!!!! Thanks for all your help and patience.  Yes, Brian my diamond is as white as you promised, but more than that the sparkle and fire is just excellent!!!  I told Karlon it is the most beautiful diamond I had ever seen.  The setting is just perfectly simple and elegant with a touch of difference. I was having fun in the car flashing all the prism of colors the diamond was making around inside the car.  Karlon said I better not aim the diamond flashes at oncoming traffic because I might blind them and cause a wreck.  Ha!!! Seriously, I appreciate you all and I highly recommend Brian Gavin Diamonds. Thanks, Dalia

And here is the ring creation process and Dalia’s hand pictures:

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