Brian Gavin Creates the “Jurica” Custom Platinum and Diamond Split Shank Engagement Ring…

Ray contacted us towards the end of August, interested in purchasing a Brian Gavin Signature H & A diamond and a custom platinum split shank ring. His story can be read here. He had several calls with Brian discussing the setting and the different ways of creating the split shank and the result was magnificent.

On receiving the ring we were sent the following 2 e-mails:

Lesley, Hi, I just got home with the ring and it looks amazing. Thanks for all your help and advice. It's better than anything I thought I would get when I first started looking into shopping for engagement rings. I like the white gloves that came with it….now there's no chance of me putting my finger prints over the ring before I give it to her. I think I'll soon be asking Jurica to help with the shopping of wedding bands with you guys. Ray

Hello! So…the proposal went well….we couldn't stop looking at the ring. We walked around Philly some, sat around in the parks, near the fountains…and then drove off to check out the lighting under the store lights in Tiffany and Cartier. We also took that time to look at wedding bands. Thanks for being part of our special day. Jurica wanted to make sure I emailed you guys back today. I guess there really is no rush for wedding bands….but  Jurica wants to know if you guys had any ideas on what wedding band would go well with her ring. We're so excited…. Thanks again, Ray

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