Brian Gavin and Martin Rapaport discuss….

Brian Gavin and Martin Rapaport discuss Conflict Diamonds.

The JCK Jewelry Show in Las Vegas, the industry’s annual premier buying event, takes place over the first weekend of June every year.

On the Monday morning of the show, Martin Rapaport, delivers his “State of the Industry” address to a standing room only crowd.   On Monday, June 5, 2006, Martin Rapaport addressed an international audience on the plight of artisanal diamond miners in Africa. Rapaport's JCK proposal centered on the diamond industry using economic purchasing power to create market forces which can drive out exploitation and poverty in Africa's poorest countries.


Following his address, Brian Gavin discussed the African situation with Rapaport for a camera team from the Discovery Channel.     He discussed the political obstacles to creating free, fair and competitive markets.

Beyond what the protectionist work Kimberly Process, the USA Patriot Act and the Council for Responsible Jewelry Practices are doing, he discussed whether the information age presented an opportunity to work toward more people-centered solutions.

Being born and raised in South Africa and having traveled extensively in the war torn areas of the African continent, Brian Gavin was in a unique position to add his comments resulting in a passionate and animated discussion.

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